Why Stress Relief Toys Are So Popular All Over the World

Those who actively use social media know that each antistress toy becomes popular. It seems that it’s impossible to design a new toy that’ll attract people, but the result always exceeds expectations. Once we forgot about spinners, a new boost in stress-relieving toy popularity happened. This time, children and even many adults are thrilled about getting pop-it, simple dimple, and squish. We don’t know how long their popularity will last, but the creators of these toys are geniuses. 

We decided to tell you about these toys because the demand for them in 2021 is the highest over the past three years. The most notable fact is that all categories of people, regardless of age and occupation, like these toys. We are sure that children were initially the target audience, but then these toys outdid themselves. Let’s try to find the possible reason why anti-stress toys became so popular:

1. Pandemic and uncertainty

We mentioned that this year toys became especially popular. It’s not so difficult to understand that this growth is connected with a coronavirus outbreak. Some people still work remotely, stay at home almost 24/7 and just get bored. It’s okay to search for cheap ways to entertain themselves. Pop it, and a simple dimple turned out to be something new in the market and attracted people. Let’s not forget that toys claim to be anti-stress, and the pandemic made all people stressed. You understand the connection. Parents buy them for children and start playing with them together because it’s so hard to leave these colorful silicone toys. Don’t take these words literally, but simple dimple and pop-it appeared at the right time.

2. Developing fine motor skills

We don’t know whether the creators of stress-relieving toys thought about this benefit, but we got it. People who hate everything new may tell that toys do nothing besides making children obsessed with them. However, we are sure that this passion benefits children, especially when they are too young. Developing fine motor skills is important for each child, and the more they use pop, it, squish, and simple dimple, the faster they develop. That’s why we think that parents encouraging the use of anti-stress toys do only good for their children.

3. Eliminate stress

The older you are, the more stressed you become. It starts from high school and seems to continue to the end of life. Some people believe that school and college can’t cause stress, but they are deeply mistaken. Quite often, students don’t know how to tackle the mountain of assignments and can’t avoid stress. One friend advises to find a free sample on the website with free personality psychology research papers and submit one. Then the teacher states the paper is wrong; you find another helper or spend long hours browsing biology essays and papers samples and fail again. Fortunately, more and more students understand that it’s better to check international relations essays that are perfectly written and stand out from the crowd. Students use fidget toys to reduce stress. More and more office workers do the same because it’s an optimal solution to get rid of stress after the search for a reliable helper. 

4. Reduce distraction

Can you focus on something you should do for a long time without keeping your mind off? Guidelines and tips on the Internet recommend such people organize a quiet workspace, put the smartphone and other devices off, but it doesn’t always help. People who suffer from attention disorder note that none of the traditional ways to focus helps them. No one expected that fidget toys would be effective. If you’re studying in college, work on a computer and can’t focus on your tasks for a long time, buy a squish or a similar toy and use it while doing something important. We guarantee you’ll stop taking your phone and noticing what happens around you. The only thing you’ll notice is how fast your productivity grows. 

5. Help to recover after injury

Well, children may use stress-relieving toys to develop fine motor skills. If someone injured a hand or fingers that didn’t move for a long time, they might recover faster with a fidget toy. The effect is the same. Therapists usually offer to buy a stress ball and squeeze it, but it may be difficult enough for the injured hand, so squish and pop it come to the aid. No one is safe from injury, but you reduce the risk of being injured when you train your hand muscles and tendons. Unfortunately, ordinary life leaves no opportunities for training; you must care about yourself alone. 

Children and teenagers can benefit most from using these toys, and we hope that school authorities won’t prohibit them as they did with spinners several years ago. The advantages and positive effects of fidget toys became obvious for most conservative people. We suppose that each individual in this world should feel happy and know nothing about anxiety and stress. There was a little research on fidget toys and all of them proved these toys are useful. 

6. Stress-relief games

If you’re looking for another way to tackle stress, you may try various stress-relief games. If you like playing mobile games, check the app store and search for the match-three puzzle games and coloring apps. They can perfectly distract you from your anxiety. Pay attention to such apps as 

  • Candy Crush,
  • Heartstone,
  • Homescapes, 
  • 2048, 
  • Subway Surfers, 
  • Pigment. 

If these games don’t help you or you just appreciate the hands-on experience, purchase an anti-stress coloring book, bubble wrap, or something else you’ll find in store. It’s less convenient and portable than mobile games but sometimes even more effective in terms of stress-relieving. Cards, board games, puzzles, bubble wrap are good examples of offline stress-relieving games.