You Can Reduce Your Daytime Stress with Online Gaming

You Can Reduce Your Daytime Stress with Online Gaming

A report by the American Institute of Stress shows that over 50% of Americans struggle with stress daily, while some 80% of American workers contend with work-related stress.

Whether you are experiencing work-related stress or other forms of stress triggered by some personal challenges, playing online games is an effective solution you should consider.

Some find that being immersed in a game can provide relaxation and ease your stress if something’s bothering you. Depending on what type of person you are will determine whether or not a game suits you. If you’re only looking for something lighthearted – you might want to try browser-based games which you can find at you can find a variety of CSGO games which you can play for skins.

What is Work-Related Stress?

Sometimes, you may be working towards meeting an important deadline at work or dealing with a difficult boss. Either of this can trigger work-related stress. If you fold your arms and watch as the stress takes over your life, you won’t only be physically affected; you will hurt yourself mentally too. Sometimes, you may consider a career switch to cope with it.

You may even sacrifice your breaks to get your job done quickly. While some may consider you a workaholic or a productive employee, the reality is that the stress may be eating deep into you, controlling your work life.

Your lunch break may even increase your stress level as it gives you sufficient time to think about the situations or people who trigger the stress. That may be hurting too.

Online Games to the Rescue

Online gaming is considered a crime in the workplace. Nevertheless, it may be the perfect antidote to work-related stress as it has the potential to boost workplace morale and improve productivity.

There is a growing misconception: gaming, especially mobile gaming, appeals to the younger generation only. That’s misleading. It has been revealed that adults play mobile games too. Some statistics show that players aged between 25 and 44 play mobile games more than other age groups. This set of people is also prone to workplace stress.

It is true that many American workers have effective stress management issues during the day, so how can they manage work-related stress? A study published in 2017 in Human Factors and Ergonomics Society gives an insight into how stress can be reduced with online gaming.

Participants were given 5 minutes to enjoy a guided relaxation activity, play a video, or be in silence without a phone or computer as a form of rest. Although all the participants experienced decreased stress, participants who played a video game recorded the best result.

Take a Gaming Break

While you may be tempted to devote a portion of your break time to some extra work, your brain deserves a mental break from work. Playing some online games is a better option.

A review by Royal Ace Casino gives a list of the best casino games you can get busy with to take your mind off work and work-related stress, check them out. Alternatively, engage your friends in a game of Words with Friends to change your mood.

There are better ways to spend your lunch break than checking work emails or ruminating over some workplace drama. You can play Pokemon Go or check Fantasy Baseball or Fantasy Football as a form of relaxation.

However, before you subscribe to workplace gaming, ensure your activities are within workplace rules. For instance, if you are using a shared workplace, wear earbuds or mute the volume while playing such games so that you won’t distract your co-workers.