Your Guide to Online Scratch Cards

Online scratch cards are a fun product that are finding themselves on more and more casino sites across the world.

Like the real-world versions, online scratch cards have the same simple goal – scratch to win prizes. 

But how do they work, where can you find them, and most importantly, what can you win!

How Online Scratch Cards Work

It’s simple. Just find a casino offering scratch cards and select the card you want to scratch. You will find a wide selection, at various prices, and with different prizes.

Unlike casino games, you don’t set a stake when you get a scratch card, you just ‘buy’ the card for a fixed price. You then use your finger or cursor – depending on what device you are using – to scratch the card.

This reveals symbols or amounts which correspond to prizes. When you have completed scratching the card, any winnings are returned to you.

Let’s take the example of a €5 scratch card where you need to match three symbols to be a winner. You buy the card for €5, the amount is taken from your casino balance, and then you scratch the card.

If you reveal three matching symbols, you are a winner. If you don’t – better luck next time! 

The prizes will often depend on what the matching symbols are. Rarer symbols or numbers will equate to bigger prizes.

Once you have finished, you can rebuy, similar to a respin on a slot machine game. 

Most scratch cards normally have a ‘scratch all’ function that reveals all the symbols in one go, without you needing to scratch them yourself.

You will find a large range of scratch cards with different graphics, styles, sounds, animations, and of course prizes. Many offer jackpot amounts of hundreds of thousands of euros for the lucky winners.

Common scratch card games ask you to find matching symbols, but some offer instant prizes if you reveal a bonus symbol. Others work similar to casino dealer games in which if you reveal a symbol that beats the ‘banker’ or the ‘house’ then you win. 

Where Can You Find Online Scratch Cards?

Online scratch cards are available at more and more top online casinos, for example You should find them under Scratch Card Games, or the Other Games menu at popular casino sites.

What Prizes Can I Win?

Every scratch card is different. Typically, if you match symbols that equal a prize you win that prize amount. For example, match three footballs and win €100, or match three 20s to win €20.

Others offer jackpot-style prizes that can be worth tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of euros. Normally, the more expensive the scratch card, the higher the value of the prizes.

Why Play Online Scratch Cards?

Online scratch cards are popular because they are instant. You can play and win within seconds, in many cases life-changing prizes.

The variety is another great attraction. In the same way people love trying different slots, many enjoy trying new scratch cards. Online scratch cards are designed and created by the same great game providers that make slot games.

So you can expect cutting-edge graphics, realistic gameplay, and cool sound effects.

Also, the odds of winning prizes on online scratch cards can often be significantly lower than other popular casino games. 

What You Should Know Before You Play

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the prize table before you play any scratch card. Then you know exactly what you need to reveal to win and you won’t get that horrible feeling of disappointment when you are scratching.

Make sure you know what bonus symbols you need if you are playing that type of game, and remember to always play responsibly. 

You can’t win on every scratch card, so before you start playing, set yourself a limit for how much you are willing to lose and don’t go over it.