Governments all around the world impose the mandatory use of masks in public places to prevent the second wave of Coronavirus. However, how would these rules work in the establishments where covering face is normally forbidden? 

In Austria, like in Germany and Denmark, the speed of coronavirus infection spreading slowed down. Everything is coming back to normal little by little. Retail stores and schools are allowed to continue with their activities, even though with limitations. The entertainment industry is also getting ready to restart its operation. 

However, the governments want to prevent the second wave of the infection, as forecasted by some vorusologists. They want to prevent it by all means, thus, wearing a mask in public is mandatory. Researches show that it can prevent up to 70% of contamination cases. 

Special Rules for Banks and Casinos?

There are arguments about the new rules for banks and casinos. Basically, in both establishment types, covering a face is forbidden. Banks forbid it to prevent robberies. Casinos do it to compare the faces of their visitors with their in-house databases. “It helps to detect those visitors who have scammed the casino or were banned from visiting the establishment because of gambling addiction. Such visitors shall be prevented from entering the gambling establishment”. That is not a case in internet casinos like CasinoHEX.at, where there are no restrictions regarding wearing the masks. 

Wilfried Hopfner, a representative of Voralberg Bank, told that all the clients shall not be wearing a mask when entering the bank. A mask can be worn only in branch offices. But the branch offices are different. Some of them have a waiting hall, while others are very small and people start crowding automatically. Thus, this rule cannot be applied equally. 

Las Vegas Is Getting Ready for Reopening 

The situation is even more obscure with casinos. The anti-mask law is valid for every establishment. That`s why many providers are waiting for Las Vegas to reopen to check how this gambling monopoly in the Nevada Desert will behave after the reopening.

It is already clear that all the casino personnel, including dealers, will be wearing gloves and masks. However, what about the visitors? 

A MSNBS report informs that all the eyes are directed to the “Sin City”. There are talks about less gambling tables, more space between the slot machines, a limited number of clients that are allowed to enter, control by entering the casinos, including the fever control, and the provision of masks and gloves for visitors. Though this decision is not final yet. The main idea is to disturb the gambling industry as little as it is possible. It is known that, even though the harm of passive smoking is proven, clients in Las Vegas are allowed to light a cigarette because the providers want to prevent clients from moving away from tables for a smoking break.