Game Pick Of The Week - 01/08/20

This week during my game night, someone brought a new delightful game for us to play. It was titled Obscurio and was made and designed by the team L’Atelier and Xavier Collette. This dynamic duo is also responsible for one of my all-time favorite games Mysterium.  The game was delightful; it had a whimsical theme, … Read moreGAME PICK OF THE WEEK

How Big Data Is Changing Board and Card Games

Big Data

Big data is gradually changing everything. From marketing to education, sports to gaming, nearly every industry is exploring how to tap on the new phenomenon. Described as the field that analyzes and methodically analyzes large subsets of information, big data has also made significant influences to board and card games. Here are some of them. … Read moreHow Big Data Is Changing Board and Card Games

Why You Should Always Read Online Casino Reviews


Nowadays, before choosing any product or service, people like to ask around to find the best possible deal. Whether it’s a car or a dentist, before putting your trust in anything, you write down a list of things you prefer, whether in your head or on paper, and then search for the perfect match. Finding … Read moreWhy You Should Always Read Online Casino Reviews

Poker Facts You Never Knew About Until Now

Poker is a favorite past time for gamers past and present. While digital poker is becoming more popular, the nostalgic activity remains a face-to-face sport as well. Imagine a poker table surrounded by friends, cigar smoke filling the room and a friendly competitive spirit moving through the air. On the contrary, picture serious faces, silence … Read morePoker Facts You Never Knew About Until Now

Three Card Games Guaranteed To Get You Drunk


That’s right, the below three card games guaranteed to get you drunk are not for the faint-hearted. There are a lot of classic drinking games that we’ve all dabbled in from time to time. The most popular ones are usually shot-related games that circle around the internet – like “take a drink every time someone … Read moreThree Card Games Guaranteed To Get You Drunk

History Of Drinking Games


WHAT ARE DRINKING GAME? Drinking Games are games (of any sort) which involve drinking within the game mechanism. Games can be card games or board games, interactive games using props like coins and cups, and games which involve drinking alone. Perhaps the marriage of innocent competition and consumption of sweet libations was inevitable, considering evidence and … Read moreHistory Of Drinking Games

Popular Games From Around The World: Pt. 4


POPULAR GAMES FROM AROUND THE WORLD: PT.4 – OVERVIEW In part four of Popular Games from Around the World, I am going to be talking about games from Portugal and China. The games are called Sueca, from Portugal and Dou dizhu from China. Both of which have many variations and are popular across the globe. … Read morePopular Games From Around The World: Pt. 4