INTRODUCTION Hello and welcome back! Today I wanted to talk about deck building games and the top three that I enjoy the most. A deck-building game is structured so that building your deck is the main component of the game. each player will build their deck which will be used to compete either with game … Read moreMY TOP THREE DECK BUILDING GAMES

Newest Canadian Casinos

Finding the right online casino for you can be a frustrating task. This is especially true of new casinos, where, in the absence of reviews or heresy, you often have to take a leap of faith. To help combat that issue, we have curated a list of Canada’s newest casinos – comparing their features, welcome … Read moreNewest Canadian Casinos

The Most Played Variations of Baccarat


Baccarat was first played in middle-age Italy, and the name originated from a translation of zero, which was the worst hand a player could get. The game gradually gained attention throughout the world and thus, several variations emerged. While some of these variations weren’t riveting enough to maintain gamblers’ interest, games like Chemin de Fer … Read moreThe Most Played Variations of Baccarat

How to Save Costs Whilst Gaming


Gaming is not always a cheap pastime, considering how much consoles, PCs, the necessary peripherals, and the games that go with it! However, we have mapped out ways through which you can save money while enjoying your favorite games.  If PC gaming, more specifically Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of your best played titles, did … Read moreHow to Save Costs Whilst Gaming


INTRODUCTION I love, love, love hidden role games. They are some of the most exciting, different, and fun experiences I have while gaming with friends. There are lots of things that make hidden role games great. They are usually easy to learn and require less setup time. They offer varying playstyles and different scenarios, so … Read moreMY TOP 3 HIDDEN ROLE GAMES