20+ Epic Outdoor Drinking Games


Summer is officially here, and depending on where you live, that could be a good thing or a bad thing. Either way, we know one thing that can always make summer better: Outdoor drinking games! Drinking games are fun by themselves, but playing them outside in the sun adds an entirely new layer!

We’ve put together a list of our favorite drinking games you can play outdoors. Whether they’re messy, or if you just need the extra running space, they are much better played outside.


Let’s get started first with the classic drinking games. Technically, you can play these inside as well, but there’s something more fun about the sun hitting your face when you drink a beer. These are the classics you’ve probably all played.


beer pong outdoor drinking games

This is a classic drinking game to play outdoors. In case you haven’t heard of beer pong by now, here’s a brief explanation. On two ends of a long table, some cups are set up in a pyramid pattern. Now, two or four players in teams stand on either side of the table. They must try and throw a ping pong ball into their opponent’s cups. 

If they make a cup, you must drink it. This continues until one team has made all the cups. There are so many fun rules added to this game. Jus be sure to have extra ping-pong balls on hand. 


Drinking games outdoor

Flip cup is also a fun game you can play with cups. Simply line up as many players as you want and have them stand on either side of a long table facing an opponent. Then, they must fill up a cup with booze and place it in front of themselves.

The two people at the end of the table will start. They will finish their drink and then try and flip their cup from standing to upsidedown. Once they have successfully flipped it, then the next player may go. The first team to finish is the winner. 


quarters drinking game

Quarters is an easy game to play because all you need is booze and some change. The goal of the game is to try and bounce, yes bounce, a quarter from the table into a shot glass. Then, you get to assign drinks to other players. This game is loads of fun on a hot day.


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Jenga is a pretty simple game. All you do is try and remove a tile from the tower without knocking it over. However, this game becomes much more entertaining when it’s 5 ft tall. Another fun component is that the grass makes it ever so slightly unstable, making Giant Jenga much more challenging and fun.


Charades outdoor drinking game

Did you know you can incorporate booze into charades to make it more entertaining? Play the game as you normally would, but when your team makes an incorrect guess, they must drink. 


stack cup outdoor drinking game

Rage Cage is definitely a fan favorite. It can get messy, so it is much better to play this drinking game outdoors. Basically setup about 30 cups filled halfway with booze. Then put a large cup elevated in the middle filled to the top. After that, have all the players stand around the table in a big circle and two players across from each other get one empty cup and a ping pong ball.

Now, the tow players with the ball must try and bounce the ball into their cup. If they get it on the first try, they can pass the cup and ball to any other player. If it takes more than one shot, then they pass it to the player on their left. The goal is to try and bounce the ball into your cup before the player on your left so you can stack your cup into theirs. Then they must take a cup from the center, finish it, and then try and bounce the ball into that cup.


Ok, now these outdoor drinking games are for the more competitive players. They will require a bit more activity from you as a player. So strap on your Crocs, and get ready for our sporty drinking games.


outdoor drinking games dizzy bat

Dizzy bat is so much fun, especially when you’re feeling a bit tipsy. Two players finish their drinks and then must spin around a baseball bat ten times! Then, a player will throw a baseball, and they need to attempt to hit it. Everyone will be rolling around in laughter… or dizziness.


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Cornhole is a classic, especially in the Midwest. It seems as if it’s always had booze surrounding it, but just casually. Now, you can incorporate it directly into the game. Simply assign a drink for every bean bag you make, and the loser must finish their drink.



Hammerschlages is a popular game in Germany, specifically during Oktoberfest. The goal of the game is to drive your own nail into a piece of wood with a hammer. Each player gets one swing per turn, and whoever can get their nail flush into the wood is the winner. Before you ask, yes, you can make the losers drink.


Lawn twister is extremely fun to play, but it is much harder after a few drinks. It is just like the classic game, but it is only bigger. You can play with the regular game mat, but we suggest using washable paint to paint circles on the grass. 


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Kan Jam is a super fun game somewhat similar to cornhole. The difference is that you are trying to throw frisbees into a large can. You get a teammate who can help you deflect the frisbee. The team with the most points wins, and the losing team drinks for the amount of points they receive.


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Yes, you can add booze to a game of spike ball. Spike ball is the same as roundnet. The game is somewhat similar to volleyball, except you use the net to bounce the ball on. It is shaped like a small trampoline, and players can move 360 degrees around the net. The losing team will obviously have to drink.



Finally, we have baseball. Normally, you drink beer while watching the game, but now you get to drink while you play! You can change the rules around however you like, but a good way is to make the opposing team drink for every home run your team makes and vice versa.


All of these outdoor drinking games are great, but what about when you have a large group? Do not worry; we have the games you need. You can play all of the next games with an unlimited number of players, so nobody will get bored.


outdoor drinking game king cup

Kings Cup is one of the best drinking games you can play, whether indoors or outdoors. Grab a deck of cards and spread them out in a circle around a large center cup. Then, each player pours a bit of booze into the center cup. 

Now, each player takes a turn drawing a card. Each card has a specific rule or mini-game. Then, the player who draws the final king or breaks the card circle gets to finish the center cup.


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Thunderstruck is a very easy game to play, but warning: it can get you drunk quite quickly. You play by first playing the song “Thunderstruck” by ACDC. Then, each player must drink when they hear the word “thunder.” Then they continue to drink until the next, “thunder,” where they can stop and the next person can start. It’s essentially a giant waterfall that goes till the end of the song.


Most Likely

Most likely is great no matter the size of the group. However, we always say the more, the merrier. Everyone stands in a circle, and one player asks, who is most likely to … This can be any question such as most likely to blackout or most likely to cry tonight? Everyone points at who they think is most likely. However, many people are pointing out how many drinks you take. 


funny never have i ever questions

Never Have I Ever is another fun outdoor drinking game you can play in a big group. Everyone holds up five or ten fingers, depending on the group size. Then you go around and say something you have never done. If someone in the group has done it, they drink and put a finger down. It’s a great way to really get to know people.



Two truths and a lie is a good outdoor drinking game, even if you don’t know the other players well. Stand in a circle, and then one player goes first and says three statements, two of which are true and one of which is a lie. The rest of the group must vote on which one they think is the lie. If they guess incorrectly, they drink. If they guess correctly, however, you drink.

19. 21


21 is one of our favorite outdoor drinking games because of how simple it is. Have everyone go around in a circle and say one number out loud till you count to 21. Whoever says 21 gets to make a rule about another number. For example, the rule can be that instead of “4,” you should clap your hands, or instead of “7,” you should say car.

Then you count again, keeping the rule in place. If you mess up, you drink and start again from one. Keep playing until all the numbers are changed. 


pizza box

Pizza box is a great game to play and also a way to re-use those old pizza boxes you’ve been waiting to throw away. Gather all of your friends and have them write their names on a pizza box. Then, write a few random rules on the box as well. Now, players take turns flipping the coin into the air, and if the coin lands on a name, that person drinks. If it lands on a rule, it goes into effect. Finally, if it lands in an empty space, the thrower gets to create a new rule. 



No, don’t worry, you don’t have to set up any lights for this outdoor drinking game. All you need are your friends, some booze and some cups. Place all the cups in a circle around an elevated center cup. Yes it looks like a chandelier, hence the name!

Now, give two random players a ping-pong ball. They have to try and bounce the ball into another player’s cup. If they make a ball into your cup, you must finish your drink, refill it, and throw the ball. If it bounces into the center cup, you must finish the center cup.

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