OBJECT OF QUARTERS: The object of Quarters is to bounce quarters into a cup and make others drink.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Any number of players

MATERIALS: 1 Quarter, cups, and lots of beer.

TYPE OF GAME: Drinking Game



Quarters is a classic drinking game that can be set up in minutes. It’s a great way to start a party since it requires so little to get going. It can be a great addition to Beer Olympics as well. Let’s go over the basic rules and some of the variations of this awesome drinking game.


quarters drinking gameplay

Quarters is a super easy game to set up. All you need are a few cups, some friends, some booze, and, of course, a quarter. It doesn’t matter how many people play this game, but if you have a bigger group, you can add a quarter and a center cup to make it easier. 

Start by giving each player a cup and filling it with alcohol. After that, you can set up the center cup.


The center cup can be either a smaller cup than the rest or even a shot glass. Some variations fill up the center cup, but for this version, we’ll leave it empty. It’s also a bit less messy. Place the center cup in the middle of the table, at least 10 inches away from every player. Now, all players can stand in a circle around the center cup.


quarters drinking game

Now, give one person a quarter, and they can start the game. They must bounce the quarter off the table and into the center cup. Two things can happen:

  1. If the shooter makes it, they continue shooting until they miss.
  2. If the shooter misses, they pass the quarter to the next player, playing clockwise.

Whenever you make it into the center cup, you are allowed to assign a drink to any player. You can have them drink some of their own drink or some of yours. That means if you are very good, you can keep going and assigning drinks until you miss!


When you are shooting, if you miss, you can yell out, “Chance.” This allows you to go once more. If you make it, you can continue shooting until you miss. If you miss it during your chance, you must take a drink and pass the quarter.


As the shooter, you can keep shooting until you miss, but once you make the quarter into the center cup three times, you can make a rule. This rule goes for the rest of the game. Some fun rules can be “no pointing” or not saying the words “drink,” “drank,” or “drunk.” The possibilities are endless. If someone breaks the rule, they must drink.

It’s especially fun since the drunker players get, the more they forget the rules, so this game can get everyone drunk pretty quickly!



Another aspect of Quarters is the Challenge. This happens if you, as the shooter, hit the rim of the center cup. If you do, other players can challenge you, meaning they challenge you to get it in the cup. You can choose to accept the challenge or ignore it. 

If you ignore it, just pass the coin to the next player. 

If you accept, you have to shoot again. Shoot the coin, and if you make it in, each challenger must take a drink. However, if you accept and you miss, you must take a drink for each player who challenged you!


The game has no official ending. You can choose to end it when everyone wants to quit. Alternatively, once someone doesn’t want to drink, they can be disqualified, and the last player remaining in the game is the winner.


As we mentioned, this game has evolved to have many different variations. Some incorporate speed, strategy, or even just plain luck. Let’s go over some of our favorite variations. 


This variation is quite similar to Slap Cup. You have two empty cups, as well as a full cup, in the center of the table. Two players take turns bouncing the quarters into an empty cup. If they make it, they pass the cup and quarter to the player on their right. If you make the quarter on your first bounce, you can pass the cup and quarter to any player. Play continues like this until you get both cups in front of you.

If you haven’t made your quarter and you get the second cup in front of you, then you have just lost. You must take the center cup and chug it. Then, you refill it and set up the game again. 


This variation is similar to the drinking game Chandelier. There is a large cup in the center of the table, known as the big chug. Each player then sets their full cup around the big chug and remembers which cup is theirs. Now, players take turns bouncing the quarter into the cups in the middle. If you miss all the cups, you must take your cup and chug it, then refill it and put it back. 

If you make it into an opponent’s cup, they must do the same: take, drink, then refill. The worst part is if you make it into the big chug. If this happens, everyone at the table must grab their drinks and chug them. The last person to finish their drink must also drink the big chug.


The rules for quarters are quite basic, and there is always room for house rules. If you are playing this at your party, you can create house rules and set up the game any way you like. For example, you can add point values to different shots in the game and establish a winner based on points. As we said, the possibilities are endless, and the game is meant to be fun.

If you are not feelin like playing these kind of games, you can always have a chill evening and play a movie drinking game.

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