rage cage

OBJECTIVE OF RAGE CAGE: Bounce a ping pong ball into your cup before the player to your left, and stack your cup onto theirs.


MATERIALS OF RAGE CAGE: 2 Ping pong bills, 10-20 red solo cups, Table or flat surface.

TYPE OF GAME: Drinking Game



If you’re a fan of drinking games, then you have to know the rules of Rage Cage. It’s a perfect game to get your night started since you have many opportunities to drink. It’s a fast-paced game and will bring out your competitive spirit while getting you a bit drunk. Let’s go over the rules.


Rage Cage is super easy to set up since it uses the same materials as beer pong. Gather your friends around a flat surface, and grab the booze of your choice.


In Rage Cage, you must first set the cups on the table. You should have at least 10 cups. If you have more than five people playing, add ten cups. 

Set the cups in a tight circle at the center of the table and fill each cup ⅓ of the way with booze. I recommend beer since you might have to drink several times. Choose one cup to be the center cup and fill it all the way up to the top.


Now, have all players stand around the table in a circle and choose one player to go first. You can choose any mechanism you want to choose the first player. Perhaps the youngest person in the group. The player standing directly opposite them will also go first.

Hand each of the two players a ping pong ball, and now you’re ready to start. If you want to keep score for Beer Olympics, you can designate a scorekeeper. They can keep track of how many times each player stacks.


rage cage game

Now everybody counts down from 3 to start the game. The two starting players must grab the cup closest to them and finish the drink. Now, they must try to bounce their ping pong ball into their empty cup. 

Once you bounce the ball into your cup, you pass the cup and ball clockwise to the person on your left. 


Let’s say the player to your left is having trouble bouncing the ball into their cup. If you make your ball in your cup, you now stack your cup onto the next player’s cup. This is the goal of the game, and this is what makes them drink.

That player now passes the stacked cups and their ball to the left and takes your ball and a new cup from the middle. They finish the new cup and now have to continue trying to bounce the ball into their cup.

The further the game goes, the higher the stacked cups get, so it’s harder to bounce the ball into them.


If you make the ping ball into your cup on the first bounce, then you are allowed to pass your cup to any player. It doesn’t have to be the player to your left.


rage cage rules

If, at any time during your turn, you accidentally bounce the ball into one of the center cups, you have to take that cup and finish the drink. Then, you stack it on your own cup and continue trying to bounce the ball into it. This is similar to Chandelier.

The closer you are to the end, the higher your chances of having to take the middle cup and finish it!


The game ends when all the cups are gone from the middle. If you are keeping score, then the person with the most stacks wins.


You might have noticed that Rage Cage is very similar to slap cup. They are often mixed up, but the games are different. In Rage Cage, the goal is to stack the cup onto your opponent’s in order to get them to drink.

In Slap Cup, on the other hand, the goal is to slap the cup away from your opponent to prevent them from bouncing the ball. This also makes them drink.

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Are Slap Cup and Rage Cage the Same Thing?

Rage Cage is sometimes confused with Slap Cup. They have similar setups and gameplay, but there are differences. In Slap Cup, instead of stacking the cup on your neighbor when you make the bell before them, you slap the cup off the table.

Is There a Strategy to Rage Cage?

The easiest strategy for Rage Cage is to try to pass the ball to the player next to the other player who is bouncing. If you get the ball in your cup on the first try, you can pass it to the player on the left of the person currently bouncing, so they will get stacked much quicker.

Can You Play Rage Cage with Two People?

You need at least three players to play Rage Cage. The game will not work with less than three players.

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