If you love a good time, then you’ve likely played some really fun drinking games. They can vary from super simple to extremely complex games. However, sometimes, you just don’t have the patience to wait for a long explanation and setup. That’s where dice drinking games come in. 

Most of the games on this list require one or a few sets of dice. There are not a lot of long setups or difficult rules. So grab all the dice you can find, pour your favorite beverage, and let’s get going with the best dice-drinking games.

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Three Man Dice is a really fun dice game to play, whether there are three, five, or even ten players. The best part about Three Man is that you can create your own house rules to vary up the gameplay. You can think of Three Man as King’s Cup but with dice instead of cards.


To start, you have to choose someone to be the “three-man”. You can do this by rolling one die, and whoever rolls a three is the three-man. I like to give them a funky hat or sunglasses in order to keep track of who is the three-man.

Now, all the players take turns rolling the dice. If someone rolls a three, the three-man drinks. All the other numbers have rules, ranging from the person to the left drink, to drink, and re-roll. The possibilities are endless. You can choose the rules beforehand and write them down, or when someone rolls a double, they can create a rule. Once another player rolls a double three, they become the new three-man. The game ends once everyone has had a chance to be the three-man.


Any game connoisseur has heard of Yahtzee. However, if you’re a booze connoisseur, too, did you know that you can turn Yahtzee into a drinking game?


The rules of Yahtzee are simple: you try and create specific combinations of dice. These range from three-of-a-kind to straight, and many more. In the drunk version, whenever you successfully get a combination, you can then choose someone to drink. Just like in normal Yahtzee, the round ends when one player has completed all combinations.

You can play as many rounds as you want. Continue playing until everyone decides to end the game or when someone passes out!


If you are looking for a fast-paced dice drinking game that is simple and boozy, Sixes is the game for you. For this one, you need three pairs of dice or six in total. In this game, you get to decide when everyone else drinks, but be careful because the other players will get the chance for revenge.


Sixes is a super simple dice game. In order to play, the first player rolls the six dice. For every six rolled, they get to assign drinks. You can assign all the drinks to one person or divide them among the players. You can continue until you reach a certain number of rounds. 

I like to play this game at the beginning of the game night to get everyone tipsy and in the competitive spirit.


Midnight is a pretty unique dice game that’s simple and fun. It is a great icebreaker game to play at the beginning of the night and is great for socializing and getting to know new people. Normally, you would wager with poker chips or money, but this is a drinking game article, so we’re wagering drinks!


To play Midnight, you need 6 dice and at least one other player (though the game is best with 4 or more). You start by rolling all six dice, and after each roll, you must keep at least one die and set it to the side. The goal of the game is to get the highest score, so try to keep the highest number rolled. 

One caveat is that in order for your points to count, you have to have a one and a four-set aside as well. If you roll one of those during the first roll, try to keep those first. Then, if you have any higher dice, you can keep as many as you want or re-roll. You will only get up to six rolls.

The player with the highest score is the winner, and everyone else drinks based on their wager. The winner also gets to assign as many drinks as they won.


dice drinking game

Seven Eleven Doubles is another one of my absolute favorite drinking games to play with dice. It is fast-paced, and everyone is super competitive. For this game, it’s good to have some extra dice on hand and a towel for spills.


To start, you need to set up a cup in the center of the table and fill it up ¾ of the way with booze. Now, players take turns rolling two dice and try to get a seven, eleven, or doubles. Once you do, you choose a person to drink. Now, that person has to drink the cup, and you have to try and roll a seven, eleven, or double at the same time. 

If you roll one of those before the other person finishes drinking, they must refill the glass and try again. If they finish before you can roll one of those combinations, then the next player to the left takes the dice and assigns someone else to drink. This keeps going until you decide to end the game. 


This is another game that’s extremely simple to play and gets everyone ready for the night. I always stick to beer rather than mixed drinks since you may end up drinking quite a bit in a short amount of time with this game!


Dice Sip is extremely easy to play, so don’t worry. You won’t need to use all of your brain cells for this game. All the players take turns rolling two dice. Whatever the sum of the dice, it is the number of sips you need to take. You keep going in a circle until you decide to stop or until one player has rolled every possible sum.


High Low is a guessing game. It reminds me of the card game Ride the Bus because it’s purely a game of chance. It’s super quick and very easy to play.


To start, you will roll one dice. Then, you have to guess if the next die will be higher or lower than that roll. If you guess correctly, then you can pass the dice to the next player. However, if you guess incorrectly, you have to take a drink and go again. 


Ship, Captain, and Crew is a cool drinking dice game that I just recently started playing. It’s somewhat similar to the dice game Midnight. Best part of this game is that you can play it all night without getting overly drunk, since you don’t assign too many drinks throughout the game.


For this game, you need five dice. Each player takes turns rolling all the dice, and they have to get a Ship (6), a Captain (5), and a Crew (4) in sequential order. You only get five total rolls to try and assemble your dice. For example, if the first roll is (5, 4, 4, 2, 2), then you can’t keep any of the dice. If you were to roll (6, 6, 5, 3, 1), then you could keep the 6 and the 5 in order to get your ship and captain. Then, you roll the rest of the dice and try to get your crew (4). 

Once you get the crew, the sum of the last two dice is your “cargo.” Once everyone has taken their turn, the person who was able to assemble their ship captain and crew is the winner. If there are multiple winners, the one with the highest cargo is the winner. The winner gets to give out as many drinks as they have cargo.


poker dice drinking game

Poker dice is a great game that combines poker and dice if you can’t tell by the name. It’s normally played with poker chips. However, you can easily turn this into a drinking game.


In poker dice, each player takes turns rolling five dice and attempting to make the best poker hand. The hands are slightly different, but the idea remains the same. You can wager drinks, and the winner of the pot gets to assign the number of drinks. Alternatively, you can play where winning a specific hand will allow you to assign a certain number of drinks, no matter when in the game.


Dice Dare is a very simple game you can play with your friends. You can choose the challenges beforehand, so the game can be as tame or as wild as you want it to be.


The game is simple. Write down six dares or 12 if you play with two dice. Now, each player takes turns rolling the dice. The number they roll will correspond to a specific dare they need to do. If they refuse to do the dare, then they must take a drink.

The game ends when all the dares have been done or whenever everyone wants to stop.


six cups dice drinking game

Six Cups is another one of my personal favorite drinking games. It’s extremely easy to play, but It can get you quite drunk fairly quickly, so proceed with caution!


To set up the game, you take six cups and line them up on the table. Each cup will correspond to a number on the dice. Now, you take turns rolling a single die. When you roll the number of an empty cup, you fill the cup up with your drink. Then, pass the dice to the next player.

Once you roll a number of a cup that’s already full, you have to drink the cup and roll again. You keep rolling until you land on an empty cup again. Then you refill it and pass the dice. You can end this game whenever you want. 

12. PIG

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Pig is another great drinking game I like to play with friends. It’s a classic dice game that gets even more fun when you’re playing for drinks. 


Pig is really simple to play. Each player takes turns rolling one die and trying to accumulate points based on the dice rolls. You can keep rolling as long as you want to keep adding points, but if you roll a one, your score resets to zero, and you must pass the die to the next player.

You keep playing until someone reaches a certain score. Everyone else has to drink. There’s also a version of this game that uses pig-shaped dice, which is quite fun.


Chō-han is a Japanese betting dice game. It is pretty simple to learn, but it can get intense quite quickly since you’ll be betting drinks instead of money.


This is a basic betting game. Choose someone to be the dealer. They take the two dice and shake them around in a cup, then place the cup facedown on the table. Now, each player can place bets, in this case, a number of sips, on whether the sum of the two dice will be Chō (even) or han (odd).

The winners collect their “sips” and can assign them to other players.


how to play liars dice

Liar’s dice is a classic betting game. It’s been popularized in films such as Pirates of the Caribbean. Playing with booze can get intense as well since you’re betting drinks.


Liar’s dice is a game of deception. Each player rolls their own set of five dice and then looks at the total. Then, you try to bet on the specific value that all the players roll, not just your own. The next player can either raise the wager and continue or call out your bluff. 

You bet drinks instead of money, and depending on who is correct when someone is called out, the loser will have to drink.


LCR® Left Center Right™ Dice Game - Blue Tin
  • Number Of Players: 3-100
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Left Center Right is a game I’ve played many times, except with money. It’s a simple game, and it shows you how much fun you can have with three random dice.


Each player will start with three chips that come in the box. Then, you simply roll the dice, which have either a dot, L, R, or C. The L means you have to pass a chip to the player on your left, R means pass to the player on your left, and C means you put a chip in the center pot. The dot means you can keep your chips, and nothing happens.

The winner is the last person to have chips in front of them. They keep the pot, which is the amount of drinks they can assign to the other players. The rules are pretty simple, so you can add any variations you want to this game and make it your own.


Mexican dice is a game similar to liar’s dice that originated in Mexico. It’s commonly played as a drinking game and it really tests your bluffing skills.


To play Mexican dice, you need two dice, an opaque cup, and a large pint glass in the center of the table, filled with booze.

You start by rolling the pair of dice and secretly looking at your score. If you rolled a four and a two, then your score is 42. You can say your score or lie and say a higher score. The next player can then call you a liar and lift the cup. If they are correct, then you finish the center drink. However, if you are telling the truth, then they finish the drink. You refill the glass and keep playing. 

If the next player wants to believe your score, then they simply take the dice and cup and roll. They need to roll a score higher than yours either by truly rolling it or by bluffing. The game continues like this until everyone wants to stop.

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