left right center game rules, left center right game rules

OBJECTIVE OF LEFT, CENTER, RIGHT: The objective of this game is to be the only player with chips remaining.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 to 5 Players

MATERIALS: 3 Dice and Poker Chips

TYPE OF GAME: Strategy Dice Game

AUDIENCE: Ages 8 and Up


Left, Center, Right is a dice game that may be played anywhere! It is a simple game of luck and strategy. After all, all you have to do is keep some chips. The last player that has chips, wins the game! It is simple and perfect for all ages!


Position players so that they create a circle around the playing area. The center is referred to as the pot, and this is where players will play their chips when they need to. Players will then collect three poker chips.

Numbers on the dice are designated for Left, Center, and Right. One, two, and three will be dots, four will be left, five will be center, and six will be right. The game is ready to begin.


To determine who is the first player, each player will roll the dice. The player with the most dot becomes the first player. In the first roll of the game, each player will roll three dice. Players will move their chips during their turn. The gameplay continues clockwise until everyone has completed their first turn.

Each round after will consist of the players rolling the number of dice that matches the number of chips they hold. If any player does not have any chips, then they will not get to roll. The game continues until only one player has chips.


4- pass one chip to the player on your left

5- pass one chip to the center pot

6- pass one chip to the player on your right

Any Dot- keep the number of chips equal to the number of dots


Gameplay continues until all players but one has lost all their chips. The only player that still has chips, wins the game!

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Left Center Right Wild is a produced board game but can be played at home with regular dice as well. The official game has special dice with one side marked with a wild symbol, but you may play at home by using the 1-side of the die to represent a roll of a wild.

The rules are the same as the standard Left Center Right dice game rules, with the following exceptions. If a player rolls one or more wilds (aka 1s) then there are special actions done by that player. When one wild is rolled that player will choose another player and take 1 chip from them. If they roll two wilds, the player may either take 2 chips from another player or take 1 chip each from two separate players. If a player rolls three wilds that player takes all the chips from the center pot and immediately wins the game.


Left Center Right Wilder, takes the LCR dice game variant above and adds an additional rule to it.

On a player’s turn, before they roll the dice, they may choose to pay 3 chips into the center pot. if they do then it changes the rules of rolling dice. Every instance of “give” is changed to “take” and vice verses. This means if rolling a 6 you would take a chip from the player to your right, but this also means if you roll a wild you must give a chip to another player. this also means if you roll 3 wilds you would have to give all your chips to the center pot.

Once a player pays to change the rules it does not change back until another 3 chips are paid to the pot by a player.


In this variation, a player must put their last chip into the pot in order to win. This means a player cannot win unless they only have one chip remaining and roll a 5 on the die. as long as one chip remains outside of the pot all players have the chance to win.


Dot to Win is a fun variation of LCR but is best played when playing with stakes. In this variation a player does not automatically win once they have all the chips, instead, they must roll all dots in order to win. if they pass any chips then the game continues, and if they pass their last chip to the pot then a new game is started for double stakes.


This is another variation that is played in games using stakes. In this version, each player may choose how many chips they start out with. For each chip they request, they must pay a stake to the center pot. For example, if a player wanted to start with 5 chips and each stake was one-dollar then that player must pay 5 dollars into the center pot. The remaining game si played the same as the traditional Left Center Right.


How many people can play Left Center Right?

Left Center Right is usually played with 3 to 5 players but may be played with any number of players of 3 or more.

Games with more than 5 players may take longer, and for a traditional game, each player will need 3 poker chips apiece.

Can you play this game as a betting game?

This game can be played with stakes! However, if playing this game with bets, please make sure no one is underage if playing for real money.

Playing Left Center Right as a betting game is as simple as having each player pay an ante to the pot before the game begins. The winner of the game gets the pot! There are also a couple of variations that involve stakes that I have mentioned above.

How does a player win Left Center Right?

Traditional Left Center Right is won once only a single player has chips remaining. This player wins the game.

What happens if I lose all my chips in Left Center Right?

As long more than one person has chips remaining you are still in the game! You will just have to wait for a player to roll a number that passes you a chip to continue playing.

Nakoa Davis