Have you ever found yourself struggling to plan activities for certain special occasions in your life? Look no further! Below is a compiled list of all the games we recommended for nearly every occasion imaginable. 

This is in no way a complete list of all the games we have on the site but if you are just looking for some quick ideas for your next party, or are hoping to find inspiration for new games to try, we have you covered. 


KIds Games Occasion

Kids can be a handful and a party of kids even more so, but fear not we have just the solution! If you have a large group of children you might enjoy our list of field day games, or for smaller groups of children we have a wonderful list of outdoor games for kids. We also didn’t forget the rainy days or sleepovers. For indoor days check out some of our favorite kids card games! Either way, rain or shine, your kids will think these are the best party games!


When the summer hits and the parties start, we have some game lists for you. If you find yourself road tripping or long drives to your family vacations, try out our road trip game list. If you’re more of a homebody, or you would rather throw a backyard bbq we have a list of fantastic lawn games, as well! It wouldn’t be summer without a hang sesh by the pool so be sure to check out our fun pool party games too, and if you are looking to have fun outdoors without the kids, here are some outdoor adult games.


Bachelorette games occasion

If you are looking for games to play at your bachelorette party or you are planning one for your friend’s special day we have a list of perfect games to play at your next bachelorette party. We also have lots of general drinking games in our section below such as Ride the Bus and Never Have I Ever! Your bound to have a delightful night out with our adult party games


When you start planning for your next baby shower or gender reveal party be sure to check out our collection of games for these special occasions. If you find yourself struggling to plan something special for your gender reveal we’ve got a fun filled list of games and creative ideas. If you are looking for fun games to play at a baby shower, we have some incredible games for that too. 


There are times when we need to plan a quick get togethers or a last minute party. Here are a couple great lists for games that are great for any occasion. Here’s a great list of games for any typical house party. If you’re looking for some more competitive games these betting games will be great. Whether your group is large or small, we’ve got games for you! When the party needs livening up we have funny games, or relaxing games for winding down in the evening.


Drinking games are great for any casual occasion, or for any time you want to get a little rowdy with a ping pong ball. For parties where you are just getting to know each other, try our icebreaker drinking games! You can also find even more party games for adults, and any drinking game you can imagine, both in our drinking game page and this list of drinking board games! If your the type of person who likes games where the last person standing wins, or the next person to lose buys the round our drinking games are for you!

we even have games when you don’t have a deck of cards to play with!


With all the prep that a proper super bowl party takes, the last thing you want to spend time worrying about is games or activities. Whether or not you end up supporting the winning team you’ll have a great time! We have made a list of several great super bowl games. Leave your party guests happy, even if it wasn’t a great game on TV, with some fun games with friends!


Here at gamerules we love Halloween! We have several lists for all your spooky needs. If you are looking for a scary setting for a spooky season try out our chilling list of scary games. If zombies are your thing we have a dedicated blog for a few incredible zombie games. Finally if you are hoping to go a;; out got your Halloween party, there’s a curated list of great Halloween party games


Graduation games occasion

A graduation is an incredible feat and the party to celebrate should be just as fantastic. Here we have a list of games specially curated for this special and honorable occasion. 


If you are trying to plan a retirement party for a beloved coworker, here are some fun games to consider for the party!


If you are hoping to show your mother some extra love this mother’s day, plan her something special! We have taken the time to compile a perfect list of all sorts of games to play this Mother’s day.


Planning something special for your partner? Want to set up a terrific date night with food, good vibes, and games? Well we can help with one of those. Try out some of the games we think would work perfectly for a nice date night. If you are feeling a little more ambitious we also have drinking games for you and your partner to play.


New Year’s Parties are all the rage. What better way to celebrate the new year rolling in than friends, good food, alcohol, and some fun party games! If you are looking for some incredible games to play at your New Year’s party, check out our curated list here. 


When the holiday season is upon us it’s time to get planning for our holiday get togethers. Here we have a couple of lists to help with the entertainment for these events. In one list we have a fun assortment of games to play at any holiday party. On the other hand we have a second list that includes some games for Christmas, Hanukkah, and even some more New Year’s games!


Valentine's Day games occasion

When the lover’s holiday rolls around, and you can think of only the word love, it’s good to have a few special treats up your sleeve. If you want to connect and have a good time with your partner on Valentine’s day we have some lists for your adult game night. This list has two of the most romantic and love-exploring games on the market. If you are looking for lighter games that are just as sweet, try these games instead. 


Finally we have our game night’s section, for when a classic game of Monopoly, just is not going to cut it. Here we have a couple of lists to help when you are struggling to find house party games to play with your friends or family. When you just need a party game the whole family or friend group will enjoy, you can check out these games. If you are more of a card game person or are looking to have a poker night we have a list for that too! Now you are ready to have a fun game night!


If you find yourself wanting alone time but still wanting to play some games, we have you covered. We have a list of card games that can be played alone, as well as another list compiled here! Don’t want to worry about cards and clean up? We also have a list of online solitaire games to try. If you are not much for cards games, we also have easy to play word games.


When you and your partner or your roommate are stuck inside we have some games for you! We also have a list of virtual games you can play with friends! If your missing the party vibe though we also have awesome Facetime Games that are great for large groups.


Here at we love games, and it should come to no surprise that we have lots of game recommendations. Here we have compiled all our recommendations in one place for you to enjoy! Like Game of Thrones? We have games for you to try! Looking for a game that is going to last a while? Here are some legacy games that are great! On the flipside, if you want some easy going games, try these feel-good bad boys. We also have game recommendations for hidden role games, deck builders, and other role-playing games outside of DND. If your the type that continuously ends up going back to Cards Against Humanity for a party game, we have not 1, not 2, but 3 different articles of other fun part games.


Above are some of our favorite or most festive games available. We hope you enjoy our curated lists for any occasion and find both fun new, inspiring games, and some old classics you might have forgotten.