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Celebrating the coming of a new baby is the perfect reason for family, friends, and even colleagues to get together and shower the new mother with gifts, whether it is a month from the due date or when they got the first baby photo from the ultrasound. Baby showers are something that every mother-to-be looks forward to.

Look no further; we have the best Baby Shower Games to liven up your all-things baby get-together! Some are goofy, leading to plenty of laughs, and others are more sentimental, allowing for bonding, storytelling, and sharing of baby photos.

You can choose whatever games fit the scene that you are going for with this awesome celebration. No matter your situation, there are easy baby shower games, games your guests will want to play, and games that will make all the baby shower guests get a laugh.

Quick note before we jump in: If you are playing some games at the baby shower, don’t forget to provide some prizes. Here are some baby shower game prize ideas!


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You might bob for apples at Halloween parties, but at baby showers, you bob for pacifiers. Jumping straight into one of the funniest baby shower games, Bobbing for Pacifiers is perfect for any age group and helps the guests get a little loose. This is a fun baby shower game for everyone involved. Although enjoying this game inside is an option, I recommend that you move this game outdoors, or else you better have plenty of towels on hand!  

Fill bowls with water and place a row of bowls with water on a picnic table. In each bowl, place a number of pacifiers floating on top of the water. When the whistle sounds, the players place their hands behind their backs and get to work bobbing for their pacifiers. The first player to get all of their pacifiers out of the water wins the game! This game doubles as a gift because you can sterilize the pacifiers and give them to the parents-to-be!  


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If you are looking for fun baby shower games that require little to no effort, then this What Am I is for you! What Am I plays like charades, with a touch of baby themes. This game will quickly have your guests laughing and mingling and see how much they know about baby gear. The preparer will write a baby item on a single notecard, ensuring that there are enough for all of the players.  

Some items like a dirty diaper may be funny, but others can be harder to guess, like a pacifier. As the guests arrive, the preparer will pin a notecard to the back of every player. Nobody will be able to ask what they are, so they have to ask “Yes” or “No” questions instead of attempting to guess the baby item on their back. Once the player makes a correct guess, their notecard moves to the front, or they take it off completely.  


Don’t Say Baby is a funny baby shower game that gives the false impression of ease, and it is super easy and cheap to put together. People immediately think that they will be able to win this game if they involve everyone. Why not play a game that is super easy to win? Well, they are dead wrong! This game will have everyone gritting their teeth before it’s up. 

Each guest will receive five clothespins at the beginning of the game, which begins as soon as they walk in the door. Place the clothespins somewhere so that other players can easily access them. Any time the players say the word baby, another player will confiscate one of their clothespins. Players should keep their ears open because whoever has the most clothespins wins the game! Mom and Dad will also appreciate this game because baby-related words have become all that their vocabulary is, and this will give each guest a chance to let them have a break.


Baby shower games

Let’s be honest: does anyone want to parent their children like their parents parented them? Because I Said So is a game that allows everyone to see how much things have changed over the years! This is not for the faint of heart because you will be laughed at, but you also get to laugh with everyone as the parents read the parenting advice.  

Give each player a paper. Ask guests to write down something they associate with their parents’ parenting style. This should be a short, sweet saying, or it could be something they often hear. After they have all finished, you will shuffle the papers in a bowl. Each player will then draw a piece of paper, reading what they say aloud to the group. After you read it, everyone will attempt to guess who wrote it, adding to the fun!


This game will have all of your guests laughing before it even begins! Players will attempt to decorate an egg like a baby. This task alone will have the players giggling as they create the most ridiculous-looking baby ever. After they are all decorated, the players will place them on spoons. You read that right, spoons.  

If you managed not to break your egg or drop your baby while placing it on the spoon, now you must run with it! This game has some flexibility here, and you may play it as a point-to-point or a relay race, depending on the group. Whoever makes it to the finish line first wins; whatever you do, Don’t Drop the Baby


Ice, Ice Baby is a fun game for baby showers that everyone can get involved in, regardless of age or gender! It requires no knowledge of babies, just body heat and plastic babies. The night before the party, fill an ice cube tray with water. In each part of the tray, place a little plastic baby. You can easily find these at most party stores.  

The next day, you will freeze these babies solid, and it is up to the guests to get them out. In each of the guests’ drinks, place a baby ice cube. The guest can then use whatever means necessary to remove the baby from the ice cube. Typically, the best bet is warming it up between your hands or allowing it to melt in the drink. Once you melt the baby, you will yell, “My water broke!” informing all of the players that you have won the game! 


This game works great with couples, but you can alter it to fit any guest list! We’re Having a Baby includes team-building exercises, lots of screaming, and a time-sensitive task. If you stress easily, then this is not the game for you. First, you will split the guests into teams and give each player a balloon.  

When the leader says “go,” the team must begin their ridiculous antics. Everyone will blow up their balloon and place it underneath their shirt, mimicking their pregnant friend, but they must do so in order! Players on the same team cannot complete the action simultaneously. Once they have their balloons blown up and under their shirts, the players will pass a pin and pop their balloons through them.  

If there are younger players, there may be better methods of popping the balloons than pins. Instead, the players can bump their bellies together to make them go “pop”! This makes this game more hilarious than it already was.  


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Diaper Change Relay Race is the game your male guests will be waiting for because they can finally show off their diaper-changing skills. This makes it the perfect game for consideration for any co-ed baby shower. Of course, everyone can enjoy the game, but watching new or upcoming dads attempt to change a diaper the fastest really makes everyone laugh. Divide the guests into equal teams and ask each team to stand in a line. Each team will have baby wipes, diapers, doll, and clothes. 

Once the race begins, the first person will change the diaper on their baby dolls, ensuring they wipe the bottom, put on a new diaper, and dress it. The next team member will do the same thing again with their baby doll! When all of the players on a team have completely changed the baby, that team is declared to be the winner! This is a classic baby shower game that the guests often look forward to. 


baby shower games

The Price is Right is a wonderful guessing game perfectly formulated for a baby shower celebration. To prepare, you will need pictures of various baby-related items, small gifts, like candy bars and pens, a sheet of paper for each guest, and a list of baby items. Some items may include simple things, like baby food or a baby bottle; you can ask your guests for ideas, too. If you are still stuck on what items to use, look at the registry that Mom and Dad made for some inspiration!  

The pictures are then laid out and numbered, aligning with the list of matching baby items. Each guest will receive a pen and paper. As you hold up an item, the players must write down the item number and how much they think it may cost. At the end of the game, you will go through the items, hearing everyone’s guesses. The player with the best answers wins a prize!  


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Diaper Notes is a diaper-themed baby shower game that is a huge hit for parents and guests! All you need to prepare for this game is a large box of diapers, and there should be plenty of those rotating around the party and permanent markers. Give each guest a diaper; on the backside, you instruct them to write whatever they want.  

Typically, some good ideas are a good joke, a funny quote, words of encouragement, or anything the guests think the parents may want to read in the middle of a diaper change. These personalized diapers are gifts to inspire the parents during those late-night diaper changes! 


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Big Belly Twister will put the baby shower guest and even the dad in mom’s shoes for a while. Players will love this game, and Mom will surely laugh. For Big Belly Twister, you will need to collect balloons, buy a party pack, or have guests bring their own and a copy of Twister the game.

Players will blow up their balloons and stick them up their shirts. Once everyone has their new big bellies, you will start a game of Twister. If mom is too far along to participate, we recommend her laying back and relaxing while the hilarity ensues. Anyone who pops their balloon throughout the game is out, and the last player remaining wins!

baby shower games

This is a game everyone will get a kick out of. To play Most Popular Baby Names, you will look up a few different years on a popular name website. You could use the mom and dad’s birth years or even the guests! Print a list of the top 10 baby names of the years you have chosen. You will also need some pen and paper for your guests.

To play, you will give each guest a pencil and paper and tell them to guess the names of the year provided. For each one a player gets right, they get a point. The highest point totals are the winners.

We also have created some awesome printable baby shower games with cute, customized designs!


Of all baby shower games, this one will get your heart racing! You will need a stroller and a baby doll in Baby Stroller Olympics. You will also need to set up a race course using obstacles like baby toys, bottles, and the like throughout the course. Then, racers get ready for a challenge.

Participants will line up one by one to run the course. Someone will count them down and start a timer. The player will have to buckle in the baby doll and then tear off through the course. You have 1 second added to your time for each obstacle you hit, and if you lose the baby, you’re disqualified!


To set up the baby shower game, Baby Sitter, you will need balloons, a pen, paper, and some chairs. The host should collect all the needed materials. Then, they will rip small pieces of paper and write the letters B, A, B, and Y on separate slips. There should be four slips per player of the game. Then, the host should slip the individual pieces into a balloon and blow them up. Players will have four balloons each.

Players will take their balloons and sit on them to pop them. Once popped, they must find their letters and place them to spell BABY. The first one to complete the task wins. You can make the game more challenging by adding empty balloons or letting players blow up their own balloons for popping.


For the game Bathtub Bounce, you will need a baby bathtub, which is a perfect gift to give to the mother-to-be later. You will also need to acquire some ping pong balls. Find a nice long table set, the baby tub on one end, and fill it with water. Keep the ping pong balls on the other end of the table.

Players will have a minute to bounce the ping pong ball off the table and into the baby bath as quickly as possible. The player who manages to sink the most balls into the tub wins.


Wipe Out is a fun baby shower game and will give the new parents tons of wipes to use later. Ensure you get a nice, clean space to play the game and a new container to place all the wipes used for the game. You will need a package of baby wipes per player.

Players will line up and place one of their hands behind their backs. On the other hand, they will have to open and pull out each wipe from the package. The first person to empty their package of wipes is the winner.


Blind Blocking will show which guests have the steadiest hands. The host will need to secure a blindfold for each player. You will also need to get some blocks. We recommend the children’s alphabet blocks so you can give them as a gift!

Each player will be blindfolded and sat in front of a pile of blocks. Each player should have the same number. The host will count down and start a one-minute timer. All players will rush to stack their blocks to be the tallest. If it falls, they must start over! The player with the tallest stack of blocks will be declared the winner.


Get ready for some bottle tossing! The host will need to secure a blindfold for each player. You will also need to get some blocks. We recommend the children’s alphabet blocks so you can give them as a gift!

Each player will be blindfolded and sat in front of a pile of blocks. Each player should have the same number. The host will count down and start a one-minute timer. All players will rush to stack their blocks to be the tallest. If it falls, they must start over! The player with the tallest stack of blocks will be declared the winner.


Find the Socks, is a great baby shower game, and is perfect for all guests old and young. The host will need to gather around 14 pairs of baby socks. I recommend a container to keep them in. These socks will make a perfect extra gift for the soon-to-be parents. You will unpair all the socks and mix them thoroughly.

Players will go individually and be timed. They must pair all of the socks together. The player with the fastest time will win the game. To increase the difficulty, you can add more pairs of socks!


This baby shower game will test your guest’s nursery rhyme knowledge. The host will look up some nursery rhymes and make a document that includes short segments of the rhymes with keywords missing. You should make a copy of the quiz for each player.

Players will take quizzes and test their knowledge of common and obscure baby rhymes. The player(s) to score the best are the winners. Add some old or strange nursery rhymes to increase the game’s difficulty.


This game should be a breeze if you have played Pin the Tail on the Donkey. The host must print a large picture of a baby’s face. Then, make several baby pacifier pins. You will also need a blindfold for the players. Hang the baby picture on the wall.

To play Place the Pacifier in the Baby’s Mouth, you will blindfold a guest and then spin them around gently a few times. The player will then attempt to place their pacifier pin as close to the baby’s mouth on the picture as possible. The player who gets the closest to the correct position wins the game.


For Hello My Name Is.., you must collect name tags, a pen, and a piggy bank. This game is also a great way to set aside some cash for the baby. The host will write a baby-related item on each name tag. They will also label the piggy bank with a dollar amount. This can be anywhere from a penny to a full dollar.

When guests arrive, give each of them a name tag. They must only refer to each other with the item name on the tag. Any time a player messes up, they must put the dollar amount on the piggy bank inside.


This game is sure to be a fan-favorite game for any baby shower. The host will get several jars of baby food and remove the labels. You will give each player a pen and paper.

The players must smell the baby food and try to guess what the flavor of the food is. If you want to increase the game’s difficulty, make the guest wear blindfolds. The player who guesses the most baby food correctly will win the game.


You will need to brush your teeth after this game. The host will gather enough Ring Pops so that every guest has one. You can optionally set a timer. Ring Pops come in various flavors, so reach out to your guest to get their favorite, or bring a variety pack.

The players will each unwrap and begin to suck on their Ring Pop like a baby. No biting the Ring Pop! The first player to finish their Ring Pop wins. For shorter games, set a timer for a few minutes, and the player with the smallest Ring Pop Left wins.


Everyone has eaten baby food in their life, but get ready for a refresher. The host must gather a jar of baby food, a baby spoon, and a blindfold for each guest. You will also need a timer for the game. You will let the players know that this is a partner game. We recommend spreading some plastic wrap or newspaper on the floor, as this can be a messy game.

Once each player has a partner, they receive their jar, spoon, and blindfold. Partners sit across from each other and blindfold themselves. Once the timer starts, players will have a minute to feed their partner as much baby food as possible with the baby spoon. After a minute, the team that ate the most baby food won.


This game is a super cute baby shower game. You will make a list of 10 or more animals for your quiz. The host will research and make an answer key for the animal and the name of the animal’s babies. All players will also need a sheet of paper and a pen.

The host will read off each animal, and the players must try to guess and write down the offspring is name. Once all the players have written down their answers, you will call out the correct answers and allow guests to score themselves. The player with the highest score wins!


There will be no actual dirty diapers in this game. The host will want to collect several small baby items. This could be baby socks, clothes, thermometers, pacifiers, etc. You will also need several diapers. Wrap the items gathered in the diapers, and number them so that you know which is which. You can give these items to the mother after the game as gifts.

The players will go through and feel the diapers, trying to guess what is in each one. Players that guess the most correctly will win the game. To make the game trickier, you can increase the wrapping with another diaper to make feeling the items harder.


Get ready to name that tune. The host will make a popular, obscure, funny baby song playlist. This list should include several different songs and no repeats. It is up to you as a host if you allow players to guess the song’s name or the next lyrics.

The host will play the first song when each player is ready and listening. Once you pause the song, the first player to name the song or the first player to complete the lyrics will score a point! When the playlist finishes, the player with the highest score will win!


Baby pictures are cute and sometimes look nothing like us. The host will need to plan for this game. You will need to contact each guest before the party and ask them to bring a baby photo of themselves. When guests arrive, you will collect all of these photos and make an answer list of who is who. You will give each player some paper and a pencil to guess with.

Once players are ready, the host will show the baby pictures individually. It is up to the guests to guess who is who. Once you show all the photos, you can reveal the answers. Whoever got the most guesses right wins!


Are you ready to make a baby? The host will collect several different colors of play dough for this game. There should also be some art supplies, such as shaping tools and pencils. Each player will also need a small baking dish.

Using the play dough, you will instruct each player to make the cutest baby. Guests will begin to craft their special creations, and once they finish, each player will bake their masterpiece. After they are done and cooled, each player will present their art to the expecting parents. They will determine the winner!


This is a game for mom to be to sit back and watch. Balloon Baby Twist is a ridiculous baby shower game that will leave guests in stitches. The host will need to collect some balloons and think of a few difficult/funny activities the expecting mother has faced.

Players will each get balloons to blow up. Then, players place their balloons under their shirts. The host will call out various activities for the players to attempt. This can be anything from bending to get a dropped item to jumping jacks. The hilarity will ensue. Allow the mom to judge each player’s attempt and determine winners.


This is one of the classic baby shower games. The host must print or draw out the full month of the estimated due date. They will also need pens for the players.

Once the guests arrive, the expecting parents will tell all the guests the estimated due date. Then, each player must guess what day and time they think the baby will be born. The winner(s) will be revealed once the baby makes their grand appearance, but once the answer is known, be sure to let the winner know! They have bragging rights.


For Guess the Famous Parent, you will need a pen and some post-it notes. Write famous parents on the post-it notes. They can be fictional, from history, or current celebrities. When guests arrive, place one name on their forehead without showing them.

Players will go around the party and, through the night, ask yes or no questions to try and determine who they are. Players who manage to guess before the party ends are the winners.


This game is less competitive than some others but will result in some precious souvenirs for the new family. The host will collect some mini canvases, paint, markers, and any other versions of art supplies they would like. I recommend some old newspapers as well for the table.

The players will sit together and create art for the baby’s nursery. If there are themes they should follow, tell them before they start. Then, allow the creativity of your guest to unfold. When all is done, the parents-to-be will have some art for their nursery and some great memories to share.


If word scrambles are your jam, this game will be your favorite. The host will make a list of 10 to 20 baby-related words. Some great examples would be Cribs, Onesies, diapers, etc. Once your list is curated, you will scramble the words, making them unrecognizable at first glance. An example of this would be Onesie turning to Senieo. You will then print out a list of the scrambled words for each guest.

Players will have a timer set for 5 minutes and will begin to unscramble the words. The winner will be the player who unscrambles the most words within the time limit or the first to finish the list!


Any baby shower can be a wonderful celebration, especially if they have been planned accordingly. It is time to celebrate the parents to be, while also getting plenty of gifts for the new baby and spending time with family and friends before life gets a little more hectic. Choosing the best baby shower games can add a lot of pressure on the planner.

These games will keep the guests smiling and laughing as they enjoy a celebration full of fun! If you are getting overwhelmed, feel free to ask guests to bring simple things to help you.

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