OBJECTIVE OF WE’RE HAVING A BABY: The objective of We’re Having a Baby is to be the first team to bust all of your balloons. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4 or More Players 

MATERIALS: Balloons and Pins 

TYPE OF GAME: Baby Shower Party Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 10 and Up 


We’re Having a Baby is a perfectly fun baby shower game that is perfect for couples, but it can be played with any form of grouping. Couples are able to support themselves, fighting against other couples for the win. Working together, the players on a team will attempt to get finished faster than any other player. 


To setup for the game, begin by choosing teams. There should be at least two players on each team. Each player is then given a balloon, and each team are given a clothespin to pop the balloons when they get to it. Once everyone has their supplies, the game is ready to begin. 


In order to play the game, the players will line up beside their teammates. When someone says “go”, the first player on each team will begin by blowing up their balloon and sticking it under their shirt. Once they are finished, the next player on their team will do the same.  

Once everyone on the team has blown up their balloon and placed it under their shirt, the first player will pop their balloon with the clothespin, passing it to the next player immediately after. Each player will pop their balloons. The first team to get everything complete, wins the game! 


The game comes to an end once every player has popped their balloons. The first team to finish, wins the game!  

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