valentine's day game picks

If you have ever wanted to bring games to your Valentine’s Day tradition, I have some news for you. It is totally possible, and I have two stellar games to put on the table. Below I have a short review of Fog of Love and Star Crossed both fantastic games for an occasion but especially for a lovely romantic night in for your special someone. 

They both are two-player games so that you and your partner can play, just you to together, and make some beautiful, intimate memories together this Valentine’s Day. I picked these two to highlight because they are both vastly different, but also both really hone the “love is in the air” theme that makes this holiday special.


Fog of Love is a full-fledged board game with lots of role-playing elements scattered within it. You and your partner will make up characters together using the provided cards. You will also create stories about each other, what made you notice them for the first time, what about their personality you love most, and what makes you fall in love with them. The gameplay is your characters finding their way through various scenarios until they can complete their final destiny. 


Fog of Love is not a traditional board game by any means, but it holds all the comfort and fun of one while introducing players to role-playing aspects they may not be familiar with. The stories all have depth and are what you make of them. They don’t have to end happily either, so if you and a friend are alone this Valentine’s Day and want to throw down a little love day spite that’s possible too.



Star Crossed is an amazing role-playing game, where the only game-based mechanic is the stack of blocks you pull from. The rest id up to you and your partner to create. You and your partner will create characters who have feelings for each other but for some reason they cannot be together. Whether an alien and a scientist or a modern era Romeo and Juliet the possibilities are endless. Both players will work together to craft a dramatic and pining filled story, and in the end, when the tower finally falls, your characters will act on their feelings, creating an explosive climax.

Star Crossed is an alluring game giving couples a chance to play out some beautiful scenarios together. You can feel like you’ve fallen all over again or create a dramatic tragedy. It is all up to you and how you want to weave your tale.


Love is in the air and it is time to start thinking about how you and your partner should spend your time together. If you are looking for a fun, relaxing and engaging experience I highly recommend the games above. You can make of these games whatever you like so if you’re not looking to be mushy and love-dovey these games are great for that too. Any way you want to spend your Valentine’s Day these games will fit in perfectly.

Nakoa Davis