250+ Truth or Dare Questions

Truth or dare

Truth or dare is the way to go if you’re looking for a fun way to pass the time when you’re with your friends. There is no setup needed, and you can play anywhere you want. Your location can even make some of the dares much more fun. Truth or dare is a super simple game you can play during a slumber party, a game night, or even a picnic with friends.

If you ever have trouble coming up with fun Truth or Dare questions, then don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list of more than 250 Truth or Dare questions to suit any crowd. From juicy to weird to just straight-up hilarious Truth or Dare questions, we have all the questions organized neatly into categories. Pull out this list the next time you need a fun idea.


Before you start, you may need a refresher on how the game works. Let’s go over the rules of Truth or Dare.

  1. Sit in a circle with a group of friends.
  2. The first player asks the player to their left if they prefer Truth or Dare. Truth means they must answer a question truthfully, and Dare means they must do the dare proposed to them.
  3. The next player must answer the question or do the dare. Then, play passes clockwise.

That’s really all there is to it. If a player wants to pass on their turn, the group can decide on an appropriate punishment. This can be something simple like buying a coffee for all the players or taking a shot if you’re playing it as a drinking game. For a fun drinking game version of this game, check out the rules for Truth or Drink.


Here is our list of the best Truth or Dare questions. Keep this list handy for your next game night.


Truth or dare

You know you can’t ask some Truth or Dare questions with certain people around. This is a list of questions you can ask even when playing with strangers. They are great questions that aren’t too uncomfortable. Those questions and dares will come later.


  • What is your biggest regret?
  • When was the last time you stalked on social media?
  • Who was the last person you stalked on social media?
  • Tell us all the details of your first kiss.
  • What is your biggest pet peeve?
  • When was the last time you cried?
  • Have you ever cheated on a test?
  • Have you ever stolen something?
  • What’s your most controversial political opinion?
  • What is your guilty pleasure film?
  • Tell us about your most embarrassing date.
  • If you were granted three wishes, what would they be?
  • How many selfies do you take per day?
  • Do you believe in any superstitions?
  • Have you ever lied about your age?
  • What is your best pickup line?
  • What’s the longest you’ve ever slept?
  • What’s the shortest you’ve ever slept?
  • What’s your go to excuse to get out of plans?
  • What is your hidden talent?
  • Who was your first celebrity crush?
  • What’s on your ‘On Repeat’ Spotify playlist right now?
  • Where do you think you’ll be in five years’ time?
  • What is your love language?
  • Do you have a celebrity lookalike?
  • Who is your ‘The One That Got Away’?
  • Who in your phone book would you least like to call right now?
  • Where is the weird place you have gone to the bathroom?
  • Have you ever passed out from drinking?
  • What five things would you bring to a deserted island?
  • What’s the longest you have ever gone without showering?
  • Have you ever been fired from a job?
  • What is a dealbreaker for a potential partner?
  • Have you ever gone skinny dipping?
  • Do you pee in the shower?
  • Do you have any lingering feelings for any of your exes?
  • What’s the last movie that made you cry?
  • What’s the last song that made you cry?
  • Do you believe in ghosts?
  • Do you believe in aliens?
  • Who would you call to help you bury a body?
  • What’s your most embarrassing childhood memory?
  • What thoughts keep you awake at night?
  • Who in this room do you feel closest to?
  • Have you ever stood up to someone?
  • ​​What is one conspiracy theory that you actually believe?


  • Eat a bite of a banana peel.
  • Go to the restroom and wear your underwear over your pants for the rest of the evening.
  • Try to juggle three things of the group’s choice.
  • Keep three ice cubes in your mouth until they melt.
  • Hold your nose and sing the chorus of your favorite song.
  • Try and lick your own elbow.
  • Make your best impression of the person to your left.
  • Crawl around the room.
  • Choose a random Instagram friend and go like their last 20 photos.
  • Curse as much as you can for one minute straight.
  • Post the oldest photo on your phone on your story.
  • Show us your best magic trick.
  • Try to put your whole fist in your mouth.
  • Do a cartwheel.
  • Do 100 squats.
  • Empty out your wallet/purse in front of everyone.
  • Eat a snack without using your hands.
  • Yell out loud the first word that comes to your mind.
  • Hold your drink with two hands for the rest of the evening.
  • Chug the person on your right’s drink.
  • Make a rap about your favorite book.
  • Put ice in your socks and keep it there until your next turn.
  • Find a random contact on your phone, call them, and have a 30-second conversation with them.
  • Give everyone in the group a backhanded compliment.
  • You can only whisper for the next 10 minutes.
  • Say pickles at the end of each sentence till it’s your turn again.
  • Draw your favorite movie until someone guesses it like in pictionary.
  • Go on Instagram Live and film yourself without saying anything.
  • Find your very first crush ever on social media and DM them.
  • Jump in a pool or shower with all your clothes on.
  • Don’t stop humming until your next turn.
  • Grab a random item and try to sell it to the group in the next two minutes.
  • Drink a mystery drink made by someone else in the room.


juicy truth or dare questions

These are questions that will likely make you blush. These will be much harder to answer, and the dares will be difficult to accomplish. So remember, you can always take the punishment instead.


  • Do you have any fetishes?
  • What are your thoughts on polyamory?
  • Has anyone ever walked in on you doing it?
  • What is the first thing you would do if you woke up as the opposite sex?
  • Who would you choose if you had to get back with an ex?
  • What’s your biggest turn-on?
  • Have you ever been in handcuffs?
  • What’s your toxic trait?
  • Have you ever cheated on a partner?
  • What’s the best date you’ve ever been on?
  • What’s the worst thing you’ve ever said to someone?
  • Can you show everyone your browser history?
  • Have you ever shared a toothbrush with someone?
  • Have you ever had a crush on a boss or teacher?
  • Who in this group do you find the most attractive?
  • Have you ever said I love you to someone and not really meant it?
  • What’s the most inappropriate time you’ve ever laughed?
  • Who is the best kisser you’ve ever had?
  • Is cheating ever justified, and why?
  • Tell us about your first heartbreak.
  • What’s the longest you’ve ever driven for a hookup?
  • Tell us your most embarrassing, sexy time story.
  • Have you ever accidentally sexted the wrong person?
  • Have you ever snuck out of your house?
  • Who is your cartoon crush?
  • Who do you text the most?
  • Who are you most jealous of?
  • How would you rate your looks on a scale of 1-10?
  • Do you do it with the lights on or off?
  • What is your craziest one-night stand story?
  • Have you ever faked it?
  • What is the largest age gap you’ve had with a partner?
  • What is your favorite body part?
  • Have you ever been intimate with anyone in this room?
  • Have you ever had a crush on a friend’s significant other?
  • Do you believe in marriage?


  • Read out or show the last dirty text you sent.
  • Send a message to your ex saying you miss them.
  • Put an ice cube down your pants.
  • Ask a stranger for advice about a weird rash you discovered on your butt.
  • Do a seductive dance for the group for one minute.
  • Eat a banana seductively while making eye contact with the person on your left.
  • Tell one dirty secret nobody knows about you.
  • Search the dirtiest thing you can online and show it to the person on your right.
  • Add your exes to a group chat and ask what went wrong.
  • Show a photo of your most cringy outfit.
  • Tell everyone where you think you will be in 10 years.
  • Kiss a person in this group on the cheek.
  • Give the person to your right a foot massage.
  • Give a lap dance to the person on your right.
  • Update your Facebook status saying you are moving to China.
  • Call a person in the room’s dad and tell him you think he’s sexy
  • Update your relationship status to engaged.
  • Do a strip tease
  • Scroll through your phone book until someone says stop. You either have to call or delete that person.
  • Tell the group two truths and a lie, and they have to guess which one the lie is
  • Make out with a pillow for 45 seconds.
  • Read your screen time report to the group.
  • Go outside and wave at everyone who walks or drives by for 2 minutes.
  • Describe the most attractive feature of everyone in the group.
  • Put on makeup without using a mirror and keep it on till the end of the game.


hilarious truth or dare

These Truth or Dare questions are going to be straight-up hilarious. Make sure you have a towel in case someone spits out their drink!


  • Would you rather go on a date to Burger King or Walmart?
  • If your crush had bad breath, would you offer them a mint or stop pursuing them?
  • Who do you think the person to your left should date?
  • Have you ever eaten pet food?
  • Have you ever photoshopped a photo of yourself?
  • What is a strange smell that you secretly enjoy?
  • What’s the weirdest thing you have done in front of a mirror?
  • Did your parents ever give you “the talk”?
  • How often do you pick your nose?
  • Have you eaten food off the floor?
  • If you ran out of toilet paper, what would you do?
  • If you could only use one swear word for the rest of your life which one would it be?
  • What is the most useless piece of knowledge you know?
  • If you could come back as anyone in the world, who would you choose?
  • Have you ever blamed a fart on someone else?
  • What color is your underwear right now?
  • Have you ever been caught checking someone out?
  • Who do you think is the worst-dressed person in this room?
  • Did you have an imaginary friend growing up?
  • What’s your most embarrassing public moment?
  • What random topic could you give a Ted Talk in right now?
  • Have you ever tasted ear wax?
  • Would you trade your pet for a million dollars?
  • Would you trade a sibling for a million dollars?
  • Describe the strangest dream you’ve ever had.
  • If you could make out with one Disney character, who would it be?
  • Do you dance when you’re alone?


  • Breakdance for 45 seconds.
  • Post something on social media using only your feet.
  • Eat a raw egg.
  • Wear another player’s socks as gloves.
  • Try to make everyone in the group laugh within one minute.
  • Call a random person on your phone and sing Happy Birthday to them.
  • Say yes to everything for the next hour.
  • Sing like an opera singer for the next five minutes.
  • Spin an imaginary hula hoop for the next two minutes.
  • Talk without opening your mouth for the next five minutes.
  • Have a staring contest with the person to your right.
  • Exchange an item of clothing with the person on your right.
  • Serenade the person to your left.
  • Sing your favorite song out loud for 30 seconds.
  • Imitate your favorite animal.
  • Do your best celebrity impression.
  • Twerk for one minute.
  • Talk in a Southern accent for the rest of the game.
  • Let the person to your right give you a 5-minute makeover.
  • Like the first 15 posts on your Facebook newsfeed.
  • Let another player give you a tattoo with a permanent marker.
  • Read out loud the last five things you googled.
  • Allow one person to blindfold you and feed you one thing from the fridge.
  • Do a shot of vinegar.
  • Attempt the first TikTok dance that shows up on your feed.
  • Let the person to your left wax a part of your body.
  • For the next 10 minutes, if someone asks you a question, you can only bark.
  • Try to make yourself cry in front of the group.
  • Call the first person in your contacts and howl like a wolf.
  • Fill your mouth with a drink and gargle the answer to your next truth.
  • You can only pick Dare for the next five turns and not pass.
  • Make another player jump in the next 10 minutes.
  • Let someone else tickle you, and try not to laugh.
  • Reply to your crush’s story with the heart-eye emoji.
  • Text a selfie to a random phone number.
  • Dance for one minute with no music on.
  • Yell as loud as you can for 10 seconds.
  • Text the last person you messaged, “I love you.”
  • Draw a photo of the person on your right.
  • Dump a glass of water on your head.
  • Spin around 10 times and try to walk in a straight line.
  • Give each player a celebrity lookalike.
  • Call a parent and tell them you’re being arrested.
  • Try to order a pizza on the phone, but only talk in questions.
  • Do your best Michael Jackson impression.
  • Walk around the room like a chicken.
  • Give a dramatic Shakespeare reading.


weird questions

These questions are supposed to be absolutely weird. They are strange and will definitely make you think before you answer or accept the dare.


  • Do you have any fake social media accounts?
  • Would you punch your mom in the face for a million dollars?
  • What is a weird food that you love?
  • Who is your weird celebrity crush?
  • What is a weird habit you have when you’re alone?
  • Do you pee in the pool?
  • What useless superpower would you choose?
  • What is the strangest thing you’ve google?
  • How much money would it take for someone to be able to shoot you in the leg?
  • Have you ever spread a rumor about yourself?
  • What would the theme song be for your life?
  • What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
  • Share your worst vomit story with the group.
  • What is the strangest combination of food you’ve ever made?
  • What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever bought?


  • Smell everyone’s armpits and rank them from worst to best.
  • Swap shoes with the person to your left.
  • Talk backward for the next two minutes.
  • Play the air guitar for two minutes.
  • Crack an egg on your head.
  • Peel a banana with your feet.
  • Put as many snacks in your mouth as you can.
  • Wear all your clothing backward for the rest of the evening.
  • Smile as big as you can and hold it for two minutes.
  • Sit with your back to the group for the rest of the game.
  • Go take a time out in the corner for 10 minutes.
  • Let someone order something from your Amazon account (under $10).
  • Do your best impression of Shrek.
  • Eat a spoonful of black pepper.
  • Eat a teaspoon of hot sauce.
  • Post a Facebook status saying you’re pregnant.
  • Talk like Yoda for the rest of the evening.
  • Re-enact the best part of your favorite movie, and have everyone guess what it is.
  • Try to lick your own foot.
  • Perform a ballet routine for one minute.
  • Eat a piece of raw garlic.
  • Write a love song about an object in the room.
  • Show everyone your favorite picture of your crush.

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Alan Lemus