STRIP TEASE rules title

OBJECTIVE OF STRIP TEASE: Roll 2 dice, strip a piece of clothing on an odd roll and take a drink/shot on an even roll.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4+ players, but the more, the better

MATERIALS: Alcohol, 2 dice

TYPE OF GAME: Drinking Dice game



STRIP TEASE dice overview

The name of the game, Strip Tease, is pretty self-explanatory. So, it goes without saying that if you want to play this game, make sure everyone is pretty comfortable with their bodies. Thankfully, you’ll also get some liquid courage while playing this game since there will be shots and drinks involved! This game can definitely get spicy and interesting.


STRIP TEASE gameplay

All players sit in a circle and take turns one by one to roll 2 dice. The first player rolls the dice, and if they roll an even number, they must take a drink/shot. And if they roll an odd number, the player must remove a piece of clothing! Then, the person on the left gets a turn to roll the dice. And keep going around the circle in turns.

Simple enough, right? Well, hold onto your horses. There are just a few more rules to keep in mind, and they all relate to double rolls:

  • Double of 1: The player can either take a drink/shot or strip a piece of clothing.
  • Double of 2: The player on the right must take a drink/shot.
  • Double of 3: The player can skip their turn, and they do not need to take a drink/shot or strip.
  • Double of 4: The player can ask a truth or dare to anyone within the circle.
  • Double of 5: The player can put back a piece of clothing that they previously stripped.
  • Double of 6: The player must kiss the person on their right.


The game ends when a player runs out of clothes to strip!