mothers day games

Mother’s Day planning can be a daunting task for everyone involved. How do you repay someone who gave you so much in just a single day? You want to plan something that is fun and special, ensuring that you make them feel appreciated, but you also want to make it personal and easy. One of the best ways to have fun with your mom on this special day is to play some super entertaining Mother’s Day games!

Here are 30 fun, exciting Mother’s Day games and activities for the whole family. With these activities, you will be able to make the most of any Mother’s Day celebration, or any family gathering, regardless of where you are.

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mad libs

Mad Libs, as we all know, is a party game filled with laughter, fictional stories, and LOTS of creativity. This is one of those games that does require some preplanning on the host’s part. To begin, write a story that is mom-themed, making sure it is missing some key words and replace them with blanks. Every word will add its own spice to the gameplay! The story about mom can be true or made up — totally up to you.

Under each blank, place the type of word that the key word was. This may be an adjective, a noun, a verb, a number, or anything else. Make sure that you are specific, that way the story makes sense! Once you fill in all the blanks, read the story out loud with the replaced words for some hearty laughter.



Make charades all about Mom this Mother’s Day. Requiring very little preparation, this group game is the perfect choice for the everyday procrastinator. Take numerous pieces of paper, and on them, write Mom’s favorite movies, songs, TV shows, and even reactions. Crumple up all of the pieces of paper and place them in a bowl. 

Set a timer for 60 seconds and choose the first player. One person will have 60 seconds to get someone to guess what they are miming. The whole time, the player must act without saying any words. Once someone guesses, the correct guesser gets a turn. Family members are sure to get a kick out of this game, and there are always tons of laughs while you play.


scavenger hunt

A Mother’s Day scavenger hunt is always fun for everyone involved, so this is perfect for any age group and the whole family! As another simple game, this one will have the children rolling in laughter in a matter of minutes. To play, Mom covers her eyes and ears, and the children go and hide different types of treasures that consist of things that Mom likes.

If they want to keep the treasure secret, the kids can tell their mom how many gifts they have hidden for her. If they don’t mind that she knows, they can give her a checklist of gifts for her to find. The most exciting part of this game is that Mom will most likely be finding gifts for days, constantly reminding her of how appreciated and loved she is! 


memories of mom

Memories of Mom is the perfect game for the sentimental type of family. With some preplanning, it is almost guaranteed to end with Mom’s eyes being filled with happy tears, quickly creating some of Mom’s favorite memories. Ahead of time, give everyone an assignment and a piece of paper.

All participants should be told to write down their favorite memories of Mom so that they create something for Mom to keep. These can be their funniest memories, their happiest memories, or even the best stories that they have heard, the times they had so much fun, or whatever reminds them the most of Mom. The family member may also bring a photo to share.

On Mother’s Day, have everyone read their favorite memories of Mom out loud. Make sure there is plenty of time after the game finishes because there will be A LOT of reminiscing! Laughter, tears, and hugs are guaranteed rewards.


give mom a break

Give Mom a Break is a competitive game where every player has the opportunity to be the winner when the day comes to an end. At the beginning of the day, each player is given five safety pins to put on their shirt. On a side note, if there are small children participating, wooden clothespins can be used instead.

Once the rules are laid out, everyone should begin to watch what they say, or they will quickly lose their pins.

Throughout the day, the players are not allowed to ask Mom for anything! They aren’t even allowed to say the word “Mom.” Anytime a player hears another player ask Mom for something, they will call them out and steal one of their pins. If a player runs out of pins, this doesn’t mean that they are out of the game! They can still try to steal pins from others throughout the day, so keep your eyes and ears open.

At the end of the day, players will tally their pins. The player with the most pins wins the game and the bragging rights of being the most self-sufficient person present!



This version of Two Truths and a Lie is not as scandalous as the typical version. Players will choose two statements that are truthful regarding their Mom (or any other mom in the group), ensuring that they are the most ridiculous truths that they can think of, and they will choose one more that is a lie.

Make sure that you are keeping your best poker face during your turn because you don’t want to just give the answer away. Everybody else has to attempt to choose the correct false statement. This is a perfect game to see who knows Mom best and get to know her a little more as well! 



Want a game to test your knowledge about Mom? Mommy Bingo is one of the best Mother’s Day games to play. With Mommy Bingo, the players will put their knowledge of Mom to the test.

For a more personalized version of this game, make and print customized Bingo cards that have everything to do with Mom. If you don’t have much time or simply don’t have the creative juices to do it yourself, you can find plenty of templates online that you can use to help.

The winner of this game can give Mom the chosen gift. Remember: this day is all about her!

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balloon stomp

Balloon Stomp is an awesome Mother’s Day activity you should play, especially if there are kids around! Before the day begins, have the kids (and the partner) write tasks that they are able to help Mom with around the house. Make sure that they aren’t only writing down the easy ones either. This could include washing dishes, folding laundry (I know, I know), or even breakfast in bed.

After writing down the tasks, place the ideas into balloons. There should be one task inside each balloon. Then, blow up the balloons. And when ready to play, put all of the balloons in a room of the house, preferably one without a ton of furniture.

Set a timer for a minute and have Mom pop as many balloons as she can by stomping on them. Everyone should cheer her on as she goes! Once the minute is up, she will collect all of the tasks from the balloons, determining what will be done over the next week. Whoever wrote the task must complete the task over the course of the week!

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wait on mom

Wait on Mom is a fun game for everyone who wants to participate. Before she even gets out of bed, give Mom a bell and a bag of the kids’ favorite candies. Trust me; this is still about her!  

For the rest of the day, Mom will ring the bell when she wants help with anything. This may be a cup of tea, breakfast in bed, retrieving her shoes, or just a hug. The first kid to answer Mom’s call will get a candy as a tip! Fun for the entire family!


family feud

If you are a part of a competitive family, then this Mother’s Day version of the classic game show, Family Fued, will have everyone on their toes! Before playing Friendly Feud, players may create question cards, all of which are about Mom, creating the perfect game of Mom trivia.

You play this game like a typical game of Family Feud. This game is filled with laughter, hilarious answers, and lots of fun! The players may choose to have an awards ceremony at the end of the game if they wish.


cook off

Ready to give Mom a break and cook her the food of her dreams? Organize a cook-off competition! After all, siblings always love some competition, so with this game, you can finally determine who’s the better cook!

Figure out the parameters and limits of the cook-off before you get started, and then simply get cooking! The cook who is able to best impress Mom with their dish or dishes wins.


breakfast in bed relay

If you’re spending Mother’s Day with other families, boy, have I got the game for you! In this Breakfast in Bed Relay, get everyone involved by putting all the kids in one group and parents in another group. Label one part within the starting area as “the bed” and put items like coffee cups, bowls, and utensils on the other end.

To play, divide the kids into teams and hand each team a serving tray. Then, at the whistle, one player from each team must take the tray and run to the other end to grab one item to put on their tray. They must then run back and place that item in the “bed.” The first team to successfully bring all items to the bed wins!


makeover contest

If the kids love a makeover, the Makeover Content is a great way to spend Mother’s Day. In this game, Mom is the center of attention and gets pampered. And all the siblings (and dad, too, if he wants to join!) take turns making over Mom with some makeup. Don’t forget to take photos of the results so that Mom can choose who did the best makeover! Plus, those pictures will be super fun to look at down the line.


mother may i

If you want to test your memory, a great Mother’s Day game you should play is Mother, May I. If you play this, remember: You’re playing until Mother’s Day is officially over! So, this is the perfect game to play in tandem with other games throughout this special day.

Mother, May I has just one simple rule: Before you ask Mom for anything at all, you must start the question with, “Mother, may I?” And yes, this means, you’ve got to start your question with this phrase, even if it’s something small like getting seconds or going outside. And if you forget to say it, then you’re out of the game! The last person standing wins.


sack race, children, jumping

Of course, a super classic Mother’s Day game you should play if you are spending Mother’s Day with a large group is none other than a Sack Race! Set up a starting line and a finish line, with everybody in a sack at the starting line. Then, at the whistle, everyone races to win! If you want, you can turn the sack race into a relay.

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movie moms

Now for some knowledge about some famous movie moms! This game requires a little bit of prep beforehand, but you can easily set up this game in a number of minutes.

Simply make a sheet with two columns. In one column, list famous moms from TV or movies (examples include Elastigirl, Lorelai Gilmore, Molly Weasley, Morticia Addams, and Marge Simpson). Then, in the second column, list the first names of their fictional kids (examples using the moms previously listed would be Violet, Rory, Percy, Wednesday, and Bart)! Of course, make sure to mix up the moms and kids on the two columns.

Then, print this sheet out and hand it to each player who will try to match up the correct moms with their kids!


bake off

If you’re not much of a cook, instead of organizing a Cook-Off for Mom, why not organize a Bake-Off? This is a better option, particularly, for moms who have a bit of a sweet tooth! Just like the Cook-Off, everyone in the family (minus Mom, of course!) competes to cook the best sweet for Mom.

Since pretty much everyone will need use of the oven, make sure to time everything correctly and plan it out beforehand. The baker who makes the dessert that Mom likes best wins the Bake-Off!


famous moms guessing game

Another super fun Mother’s Day game you should play to test your knowledge is the Famous Moms Guessing Game. You do need to prep for this game beforehand, but don’t worry; it’s super simple! Just write the names of some famous moms on small pieces of paper and fold them up. These moms can be anyone, including actresses, politicians, scientists, and other famous people throughout history! Put these names in a bowl for everyone to pick out.

Then, to play, everyone grabs a name from the bowl and must secretly write this name on a post-it. Each player must then choose another player to stick that post-it onto their forehead. The goal is for players to go around asking questions about the person on their forehead in order to guess who it is!


If you’re spending Mother’s Day outdoors with a large family or with many families, another great field day Mother’s Day activity is Limbo! You don’t need much to set up this game: you just need a rope or stick to determine how low people need to go to pass.

Two people should hold onto each end of the stick or rope and all players need to bend over backwards one-by-one to pass underneath. Just make sure not to fall or touch the stick or rope! At each round, the stick or rope goes lower and lower until only one player remains – the winner!

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Pictionary is a classic game you should absolutely play this Mother’s Day! But instead of the classic, make it Mother’s Day-themed by making your own prompts.

To prep for this, make a list of some Mother’s Day words and phrases that you could draw, such as “breakfast in bed,” “a bouquet of flowers,” or “mom cooking.”

Then, to play, divide everyone into two teams. One person from each team must try to draw each of these words and phrases until their team can guess it! The team who guessed the most correctly wins the game.


how well do you know mom

Do you want to put how well you know Mom to the test? This is the game for the whole family to participate in! Before the big day, prepare a list of questions regarding Mom. Questions can range from, “What’s Mom’s signature perfume?” to “What’s Mom’s favorite wine?” and “What’s Mom’s favorite flower?”

Then, on the day, give everyone a dry-erase board or pieces of paper to write down their answers. Then, the host states the first question out loud. Everyone should write down their answers on their dry-erase board or paper – Mom included. Then, everyone reveals their answers at the same time! Whoever manages to write the correct answer (Mom’s answer) wins a point.

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pass the poetry

If your family is a creative bunch, Pass The Poetry is a great little game to play this Mother’s Day. In this game, every family member writes the first line of a poem about Mom. Then, every player should pass their piece of paper to the family member on their left. Each player will read the previous person’s line of poetry and continue on with the next line. Don’t forget to rhyme!

Keep passing the pieces of paper around the circle until each of the poems returns to their original owner. Finally, read all of the poems out loud to Mom!


Looking for another fun outdoor activity to play on Mother’s Day? Another classic is the Three-Legged Race! This game really puts coordination and teamwork to the test. To play, simply set up some kind of course and then tie Mom’s ankle to a family member. Then, start the timer and race to the finish line! See who can coordinate best with Mom by racing with her one by one. Or you can turn it into an outright race by having other pairs of two competing at the same time!


fashion show - closet

If Mom has a pretty impressive wardrobe, it’s time to take advantage of it with The Mom Fashion Show! In this silly game, everyone has to dress in Mom’s clothes and do a fashion show. All players head into their closet to grab an outfit of their choice, then everyone struts one by one down the runway – with Mom as the judge!

Mom can either choose the outfit that best matches her style, the most creative outfit, or the most hideous outfit – up to you!


picture hunt

A super fun Mother’s Day activity you can play either in person or even over Zoom is Mom Picture Hunt. In this simple but heartwarming game, someone prepares a list of types of photos of Mom beforehand. Then, to play, the host states out loud a type of photo, such as “Mom in a bathing suit,” “Mom in Paris,” or “Mom laughing.” And everyone must try to find a picture of Mom that meets that criteria. The first person to find a picture of Mom with that criteria wins a point.



If you’re a family that loves to sing, why not do some Karaoke for Mother’s Day as a gift for Mom? Plus, I bet Mom would also love the chance to sing her heart out! This is definitely a step up from belting out tunes in the car together. While, ideally, you will have a complete Karaoke set-up complete with a mic, you can also makeshift a Karaoke night with the help of Youtube and a hairbrush as a mic!

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The perfect indoor game to play on Mother’s Day for word-game lovers is none other than Mother’s Day word search. Instead of searching for random words that have nothing to do with this special day, make your own or get a word search that is specifically made for Mother’s Day. You can either play it as a competition to see who can finish the word search or simply play together.

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fish bowl

If you have teens (and older) celebrating Mother’s Day, Fishbowl is the perfect game to have some fun with Mom! First, grab some paper and everyone should write down everything that’s got to do with Mom, such as her favorite movies, celebrities, hobbies, and more! Then, put all of these into a bowl.

And now, to play, split the group into two teams. Fishbowl is made up of three stages:

  1. Players get just one minute to describe the word or phrase they pick up from the bowl. Try to guess as many as possible.
  2. Players get one minute to give only one-word clues about the word or phrase they pick up from the bowl. Try to guess as many as possible.
  3. Players get one minute to act out the word or phrase they pick up from the bowl.

The team who correctly guesses the most in all three rounds wins!


awards ceremony

Organize a Mother’s Day Awards Ceremony to celebrate everything that Mom is. Of course, Mom will be winning all the awards in this ceremony, as the day is all about her.

To play, all you’ll need is a trophy to give to Mom for each award she wins! Or you can reuse the same trophy – up to you! In this awards ceremony, Mom will be winning awards for any category of your choosing, including:

  • Best mom
  • Most organized mom
  • The most loving mom
  • The best-dressed mom
  • The best baker mom

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name that tune

To prepare to play Name That Tune, Mom will need to prepare a list of her favorite songs in secret. Then, to play this game, every player must try to guess these songs. But the catch is, you can only listen to the first 5 to 10 seconds of the song! Alternatively, rather than playing the actual song, Mom can hum it for an extra challenge. The player who correctly guesses the most songs wins the game!

Mia Kim