OBJECTIVE OF GIVE MOM A BREAK: The objective of Give Mom a Break is to not ask Mom for anything on Mother’s Day. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 or More Players 

MATERIALS: Safety Pins or Wooden Clothespins 

TYPE OF GAME: Party Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 6 and Up 


What else could moms want to do on Mother’s Day besides relax? This game ensures that her list of daily requests gets much shorter! Players attempt to not ask anything of Mom throughout the course of the day. The neediest player will quickly become the loser if they do not watch what comes out of their mouth! 


To setup the game, each player should be read the rules. The players are given five safety pins. If the players are younger, it is recommended to give them wooden clothespins instead to avoid any accidental pokes.  

Throughout the course of Mother’s Day, the players should not ask Mom for anything, unless it is absolutely necessary of course. If a player hears another player asking Mom for something, they will call the needy player out and collect one of their pins. If a player loses all of their pins, they are able to keep playing the game. Once everyone understands the rules, the game is ready to begin! 


Throughout the day, the players will listen closely to see if any of the other players ask for anything from Mom. Anytime they hear someone asking for something, they will rush in and take one of their pins, calling them out on being needy as well. Everyone will quickly realize how much they truly ask of Mom on a typical day.  

The game will continue throughout the course of the day. This will give Mom a break, and it will also keep everyone accountable.  


The game comes to an end at the end of the day. The players will tally their safety pin collection. The player with the most pins, wins the game and the bragging rights of being the most independent player in the game! 

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