With Covid still prevalent, and since our day-to-day “normal” has been changed, virtual hangouts are becoming much more common. You cannot have a fun virtual hangout night without some fun virtual games to play! If you have a competitive side, then we’ve got the online games for you! Whether you have a competitive streak, or if you enjoy team-building exercises, then we’ve got the games for you!  

Many of these fun virtual games work well for remote or hybrid workgroups looking for bonding exercises, or they will work for friends that are trying to make time to hang out without traveling. Zoom and Google Meet are both good options for running game night, allowing everyone to see each other and really get involved in the night! If you are really techy, you may even want to use an immersive video chat to get real-world interactions in a virtual world. Online games to play with friends is fun, most are available for free, but some of the online games you can play just require you to download from the app store.


If you enjoy puzzle games for the challenge, then this virtual game is the one for you! Free online multiplayer puzzle games are perfect for team-building exercises, discussions, and cooperation. If you love the 80’s game, Tetris, then this game will remind you of your childhood days with a Gameboy. Puzzle Game is also available on Kumospace.  

Players are trying to orient pieces in a way so that they create a solid lines that is connected. Players’ progress is scored at the end of each round, and the winners are determined. Who can progress the furthest? Who can build the tallest stack? 


Among Us is an awesome free virtual game that you can play on your pc or your phone. It is a party game that includes both teamwork and betrayal. Players will work together one round to complete tasks that are found throughout the ship. In the next round, they will be working against each other, attempting to kill everyone aboard.  

One player in every group will be the Imposter, and if that seems easy, you are able to increase the number of Imposters in the group. Crewmates will work tirelessly to finish all of the tasks without dying, while the Imposter will fake it until they get one alone. If they are spotted, then reports may be made, and they may be kicked off of the ship into the abyss. They must be careful, strategic, and smart about the decisions they make. `  


As far as online games go, Spies and Assassins are one of the top-tier online group games to play with your friends. This game is perfect to play with coworkers and friends while you may be unable to see them face to face. As players progress in the game, they will attempt to meet the goals of their specific mission, all while sneaking through virtual spaces and implementing sneaky strategies.  

There can be up to seventy-five players in this game, all on different teams and roles. As they approach other players in virtual reality, they will attempt to determine what role the other player plays. Are they from the opposing team or are they, friends? The only way to find out is by using a code word. If other players bump into an assassin, they die, so they should make sure they know who they are getting close to. It is NOT a good idea to keep your friends close and enemies closer! 


Watson Adventures cost more than some of the other games, but this virtual game is worth everything! Watson Adventures hosts live scavenger hunts all over, but in cases where your group is spread all over, they have also created virtual scavenger hunts to make the best of any moment!  

This awesome, team-building game will take you around the world in as little as sixty minutes. Using Zoom, your group is able to communicate and visit a variety of historic locations sprinkled across the globe from the safety and comfort of your home and computer. Follow their clues, find interesting artifacts, and answer trivia questions surrounding them.  


You read that correctly: Mario Kart has returned, and you don’t even need a game station to play it! Playing Mario Kart online is free, easy to play with friends, and there is no download necessary. You are able to compete against seven other players, whether they are right up the road or across the globe.  

There are a variety of rules that can be customized so that each game is different than the last. Players will pick their characters, like Princess and Luigi, of course. Destinations that are available to choose from rotating every two weeks, and they are inspired by actual cities that are found all around the world.  


You Don’t Know Jack is a fun, virtual trivia game that mimics a gameshow type of experience. You Don’t Know Jack was originally a party game in which players would sit around a screen and see who knows jack and who doesn’t know jack about random, irrelevant topics. If you are filled with random information, then this is your time to shine!  

Once players get logged in, they will enter a room using the room code provided by the owner of the game. Players will see one question with two possible answers. The goal is to choose the answer that you think most of the players in the group will choose. Points are scored based on a majority vote. Who knows your team best? Play, and see! 


Bang Bang is another Kumospace virtual game, which makes it completely free and easy to use online. Once all of the players are in the game, the host will tell them to be quiet. To make the game run smoothly, the players should listen carefully to the directions that they are given. One player will receive a message from the host, informing them that they are the killer. The host will then sit out the first round.  

The killer will move about the other players. Once the killer gets close enough to one player, and far enough away so that nobody else can hear, they will whisper “Bang bang. You’re dead.” While the killer moves on to their next victim, the previously deceased must move slowly towards the morgue in a roundabout way. Players may broadcast if they believe they know who the killer is. If they are wrong, they will quickly be dealt with, but if they are right, then they win the game. 


Codenames online takes the popular word game and transforms it into one of the best virtual board games. Very similar to the board game version, players will break into groups and attempt to communicate with one another, all while keeping their conversation secret from the opposing team’s players. This game can be played with strangers, local friends, or people from all around the world.  

Players attempt to get their teammates to choose the correct card, all while giving secret hints by using a variety of codewords. The opposing team may score if the other team picks their card, or the other team may score if they choose the correct card. This game is all about precise communication, knowledge of one another, deceit, and trust! It is a wonderful team-building game, or it can just make for a fun time on a rainy day!  


Online Chess is the perfect virtual game for one-on-one gameplay or single-player gameplay. The best part about it is that it is free to play! The players can play against each other, or they can play against the computer, providing a more challenging environment. Online chess with friends can be played in many places on the internet, but if you are wanting to interact with your peers, you can play Online Chess for free on Kumospace. Just click on the chessboard, select your players, and play as long as you wish!  

The only way to win the game is to trap the King of your opponent, prohibiting them from moving without being attacked. This is where you can yell out “Checkmate!” and win the game.  


This game is one of the best online group game for students and virtual games to play with friends. Rock the Basket is an icebreaker game that can be used for coworkers, friends, or even students that share classes with each other. Players will “grab a seat” in the online reality, and one player will be left standing. The first player to stand can be the host.  

The host will make a statement referring to something in the players’ lives, or really anything they are able to connect with. It may be the way they are dressed, their taste in music or food, or anything really! Any player that identifies with the statement will stand up and find a new chair. The catch is that they must find a chair quickly, or else they will be removed from the circle and act as the host, forcing them to make the call out.  


If you are wanting to host a virtual game night, then you should take the initiative to do so. Although it may feel overwhelming initially, it is relatively easy, and it only gets better with practice. After you choose your platform to video off of, simply choose from any of these amazing virtual games above and enjoy your night!  

Make sure you choose games that fit the vibe that you are going for! Whether it be a coworker bonding night, a party night, or just a hangout, there is a game for every get-together!  

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