OBJECTIVE OF CHARADES: The objective of Charades is to have the most points by the end of the game by being the first player to guess the word or phrase the other players are trying to act out. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 or More Players 

MATERIALS: Prompt Cards, a Timer, and a Score Sheet 

TYPE OF GAME: Party Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 10 and Up 


Charades is a fun game of pantomimes, meaning that the players have to act out a phrase or word without no words or phrases coming from their mouth! Other members of the group attempt to guess what the player is attempting to portray. The quicker the players answer, the more points they win!  


Setup is quick and simple. The players will simply choose who is the first player, and everyone else will orient themselves in a circle around them. The game is then ready to begin! 


To begin the game, the starting player will choose a word or phrase that they want to act out. The player will keep this to themselves, and they are not allowed to speak during their acting. The timer will be started, and the player will have a certain amount of time to get their message across. The time is determined by the group before the game begins.  

If a player guesses the player’s word or phrase before the time is up, both players will score a point. If nobody guesses in time, then no players earn points. Once the player completes their turn, the next player will then begin their acting! The game will continue in this manner for as long as the players would like! 


The game comes to an end when the players decide. This can be after a predetermined number of turns, or it can be when they all get tired of the game. The players will then tally their points. The player with the most points, wins the game! 

Charades is a great game you can play whenever you want, including on Mother’s Day! Check out other games you can play on Mother’s Day.

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