OBJECTIVE OF MEMORIES OF MOM: The objective of Memories of Mom is to make Mom feel appreciated and loved. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 or More Players 

MATERIALS: Paper and Pencils 

TYPE OF GAME: Party Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 6 and Up 


Memories of Mom is the perfect game for those who are deeply sentimental. The players reminisce on past memories with Mom, planning to share them with everyone during the game. This may include funny stories, happy stories, and even sad stories. Players should write whatever stories make them think of Mom, making this the perfect game to play on Mother’s Day and other special occasions.


Setup for this game begins at least an hour or so before the game is supposed to begin. Every player is given a piece of paper and a pencil. At this time, they need to write their favorite memory of Mom, who they will be reading this to during the game. Once they have written all of their memories that they would like to read aloud, the players will keep up with their paper. Once everyone is finished, the game is then ready to begin. 


All players will sit in a circle, with Mom also being included in the group. Everyone will get out their papers, and the first player is chosen. Going around the group, each player will read their memories, expanding on them if they would like to. Once a player is finished, the next player, in clockwise order will begin to read theirs.  

This will continue until all players have read their chosen memories. The players will then give Mom the papers!  


The game comes to an end when everyone has finished reading their writing. At this point, the winner is obvious, it’s Mom. She is then given all of the writings from everyone. 

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