OBJECTIVE OF BALLOON STOMP: The objective of Balloon Stomp is to stomp as many balloons as possible in the minute that they are given. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 or More Player 

MATERIALS: Pieces of Paper, 1 Pencil, 1 Timer, and Balloons 

TYPE OF GAME: Party Game 



Balloon Stomp is a fun, action-packed game that is perfect for any age. The players will attempt to stomp as many balloons as possible. On Mother’s Day, this game makes for an interesting game, as the balloons are filled with actions that the preparers must do for her over the course of the next week! Who will win the game? Whoever stomps the most balloons! 


There are a variety of ways to setup the game, depending on the event. This setup will cover the setup needed to play on Mother’s Day. Kids, partners, and/or family members will begin by writing a variety of tasks on the paper, depending on what they are each able to help Mom with throughout the week.  

Once they have written all of their actions, they will cut them so that there is one action on each piece of paper. Each action is placed inside a balloon, and then the balloons are inflated. After they are all tied off, all of the balloons are placed in the floor of a room. For the best results, use a room that does not have a lot of furniture in it as to avoid the balloons getting stuck.  


Before the game begins, a timer should be set for one minute. As soon as the timer begins, Mom will begin stomping as many balloons as she possibly can to get the maximum rewards! She will continue to stomp until the timer goes off. Once a minute has passed, she must stop stomping balloons.  


The game comes to an end after one minute of gameplay. The player, being Mom in this version, will then gather all of the pieces of paper from the balloons. These pieces of paper represent the actions that will be completed for her throughout the week. 

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