40 Fun And Cute Bridal Shower Games

bridal shower games

Are you hosting a bridal shower? If you are, you may be scratching your head, trying to find the best bridal shower games. There are many bridal shower games out there, but many of them can be pretty cheesy or even boring for guests. That’s where we come in! Here are 40 super funny, cute, and unique bridal shower games that everyone will enjoy playing.


classic bridal shower games

These classic bridal shower games are a crowd-pleaser. These are a mix of common (but non-cheesy) bridal shower games you can play and common board games with a bridal shower twist!


Test everyone’s wedding knowledge. Before the bridal shower, look up interesting wedding facts and write around 10 to 20 of these questions and answers down. Examples include:

  • What is the average cost of a wedding in 2023? Answer: $35,000
  • What % of brides still wear the traditional diamond in their wedding ring? Answer: 70%
  • What is the largest wedding destination in the US? Answer: Las Vegas

To play this game, give everybody a sheet of paper and a pen. Then, go through each of the questions one by one. Once everyone has written down all their answers, reveal the answers! The player with the most correct answers wins.


A scavenger hunt is a great game to play for any event, including a bridal shower. There are many ways to incorporate a scavenger hunt into the shower, but our favorite is to do a purse scavenger hunt to see who is best prepared to help the bride on her wedding day. Examples include:

  • Lip balm
  • Tampon
  • Sewing kit
  • Nail polish
  • Tweezers

Assign each of these items anywhere between 1 to 5 points, depending on how rare it is for someone to have this item in their purse. Then, to play this game, hand every player a sheet of paper with the scavenger hunt items listed. See who can win the most points by ticking off the items using only what they have in their purse!


To set up this game, ask the other half of the couple around 10 to 20 questions, such as:

  • Who paid on the first date?
  • Who is the better dancer?
  • What is the name of the bar or restaurant of your first date?

Record the partner’s answers to these questions to reveal them throughout the game.

On the day of the bridal shower, ask the bride the same questions and see if she can get the answers to match with her partner’s!


This is a super cute game you can play to walk down memory lane surrounded by all your loved ones. Have everybody write down a treasured memory they have with the bride. Then, put all of these memories in a bowl or hat and give them to the bride to read out loud. As she reads each one out loud, she must try her best to guess whose memory it is! This is an incredibly heartwarming game that is sure to bring everyone to tears by the end of it.


What event isn’t complete without a round of charades? But make this bridal shower-themed by writing a bunch of wedding or romantic movies on pieces of paper. Examples of movies include: 

  • Mamma Mia!
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding
  • 27 Dresses

Then, divide the group into two teams and get started! Each team takes turns sending out a player to the front. This player must pick out a card and act out the movie without saying any words. The players on their team must guess the movie within two minutes. If they cannot guess it, the opposing team gets a chance to steal that point! Teams take turns miming the cards, and the team with the most points wins.


Want to see how well everybody knows the couple? Play a game of newlywed trivia to test everyone’s knowledge! Before the bridal shower, ask the couple interesting and obscure facts about themselves. Then, collate all this information into questions and answers to prep for this game. If the questions are too hard, feel free to turn this into a multiple choice trivia quiz that you can print out for each player.

Each player must answer the questions to the best of their ability. The player who correctly answers the most questions wins!


Write down the names of famous wives on Post-it notes and stick them on the forehead of each player. Or have everybody secretly write down someone famous on their own and stick that Post-it onto another player. Examples include:

  • Beyonce
  • Michelle Obama
  • Victoria Beckham
  • Blake Lively

Everyone must then try their best to guess who is on their forehead by going around and asking yes or no questions about themselves.

You can even turn this into a drinking game if you want to get a bit tipsy!


Did you know you can play a version of Pictionary at a bridal shower? To do this, divide everybody into teams of two to four players. Then, it’s time to get started!

A team must write down something wedding-related. And an opposing team must take that and draw it so that their teammates can guess it. All teams get a chance to draw a clue given to them by an opposing team. The team that manages to guess the most words wins!


Another way to incorporate the bride’s partner into this super fun day is to play this game! Before the party, ask the bride for around 10 photos of the couple in various locations. And don’t worry if the couple doesn’t travel much. This works in any location, including a bedroom, a cafe, or a specific local park.

Then, to play, show these pictures one by one to the party. Have all the players write down their guesses of where these photos were taken. The player with the most correct answers wins!


You might be pretty familiar with the wedding shoe game. But did you know you can play a bridal shower version of this game? To prepare for this game, write down a series of questions to ask the bride and groom, such as:

  • Who cleans the bathroom?
  • Who cooks the most?
  • Who is most likely to start a fight?
  • Who made the first move?

After you collect all the answers, it’s time to get the game started. Go through each of the questions one by one and have the players guess the answers. Whoever guesses the most answers correctly wins!


funny bridal shower games

If you want to make sure everyone has a great time during the bridal shower, these funny games are the way to go. These are the games that will have everyone rolling around in laughter in no time.


Probably one of the easiest funny games you can play at a bridal shower is a version of Mad Libs. But, of course, since you’re at a bridal shower, it’s only fitting that the “story” everyone will be filling up with random words is a vow!

Print out a vow, but make sure to leave spaces for random nouns, adjectives, numbers, and verbs. Then, go around the room and ask everybody for a word without revealing the phrase. For example, if there’s a space for a noun, ask a player for a noun, like: dog, tissue, or John.

When everything is filled out, read the vow out loud!


All you need to play this game is rolls of toilet paper – one or two per team should suffice! Divide the group into teams of two to four players. One person from each team must be the model, while everyone else must design a gorgeous wedding dress with only toilet paper! Set a timer for around 5 minutes for every team to design their dresses.

When the timer is up, get the models to strut down the catwalk, and everybody can vote on the best dress!


People always talk about cold feet going into a wedding, so why not turn this into a game? To prepare for this game, you need a bucket of cold ice water. Fill this bucket up with some plastic rings.

Players take turns dunking their feet into the bucket with the goal of removing as many rings from the bucket as possible. The player who manages to get the most rings out within a couple of minutes wins!


This makes for a great Minute to Win It game. Give every player 10 plastic Solo cups and blindfold them. Then, when you blow the whistle, everyone must stack their cups in a pyramid (or like a cake), with 4 cups in the bottom, then 3 cups, then 2, and then 1. Players must then place a cake topper on the very top. But try not to knock everything over!

The first player to successfully place the cake topper on top of the plastic cups wins!


Drink If… is a great ice-breaker drinking game that will get everyone more comfortable with one another. This game functions similarly to Never Have I Ever. Before the game, write down a bunch of scenarios. These scenarios include:

  • Drink if you’ve been on vacation with the bride.
  • Drink if you went to school with the bride.
  • Drink if you have kissed a total stranger
  • Drink if you have ever been married

Check out our list of 250+ Never Have I Ever questions for more ideas. Try to write a mix of scenarios that involve the bride and not.

As you might be able to guess, as you go through the scenarios, whenever a statement applies to a player, they must take a sip from their drink.


Who doesn’t love some Jeopardy? Test everyone’s knowledge of the bride and their partner with this super fun bridal shower game. You’ll need to prep this game beforehand by making a jeopardy board with 6 categories and 5 questions per category. Examples of categories and questions include:

  • Romance movies (Richard Gere and Julia Roberts > What is Pretty Woman?)
  • The groom (The groom’s favorite country > What is Italy?)
  • The bride (The number of wedding dresses she tried on > What is 28?)

To play this, first, divide everybody into three teams. One player chooses a dollar amount and a category. Read out that question and the teams race to answer the question first. A bell for each team comes in handy here! Remember: all answers must be in the form of a question!

It is super easy to make this game by yourself. Head over to DIY board games for more similar game ideas.


To play this game, get some photos of the bride and groom at different ages. Show these pictures, one by one, to the players. Players must then write down their best guesses. On top of these photos, vary the game by asking questions like:

  • How old was the bride when she baked her first cake?
  • How old was the groom when he backpacked Vietnam for the first time?
  • How old was the bride when she got engaged?

The player with the most correct answers wins!


Print out a large poster of the bride’s face and place it on a wall. Then, blindfold the players one by one and have them spin three times before they make their way over to the poster to place a kiss sticker as close to the lips as possible! The player who manages to best “kiss” the bride’s lips wins!


A relay is a super fun way to get those hearts racing in no time. This is a great bridal shower game if you’ve got the entire family involved, including children. To play this relay, set up a chair filled with a veil, tiara, dress, shoes, and bouquet for each team. These chairs go on at the end of the room while everybody else stands on the other side.

Divide everybody into teams of up to 6 players. Teams must line up one by one, with one player acting as the “bride.” The “brides” must stand next to their team’s chair. When you blow the whistle, the first player from each team races to their team’s chair and dresses the bride with one of the items. Then, they must race back and tag the next player on the team, who must run towards their bride and dress them in another item.

Keep dressing the bride as the teams run back and forth. The first team to fully dress their bride and run back to the start/finish line wins!


Another super funny Pictionary game you can play at a shower is Lipstick Pictionary. To play this game, you’ll need a tube of cheap lipstick. But since this game is harder than standard Pictionary, simply it slightly by having everybody guess the same picture.

One player gets up and draws something wedding-related on a piece of paper with a tube of lipstick that they hold in their mouth! The first player to correctly guess the picture is the next drawer.


easy bridal shower games

Bridal shower games don’t have to be confusing and complicated. There are plenty of games you can play that require very little thought or planning beforehand, and the best part is pretty much anyone can join in on the fun!


Everyone’s played musical chairs or hot potato at some point. This game is a fun bridal twist on this classic game. To play, instead of chairs, you’ll need a bouquet. But, of course, you’ll also need a good playlist to go with this game! Once you’re ready to play, have everyone sit in a circle and start passing the bouquet around. The person holding the bouquet when you stop the music is eliminated from the game! Keep eliminating players until only one person remains.


Collect the Rings is a fun game you can play throughout the entire bridal party. As people arrive at the party, give each guest a plastic ring to wear. However, there’s a caveat: you cannot say certain bridal party-related words (such as “bride” or “wedding”). If a player is caught saying one of the taboo words, they must take that player’s ring! The player with the most rings by the end of the event is the winner.


Help the bride out with keeping her marriage fun and exciting with this creative game that gets everyone involved. To play this game, you’ll need a stack of card stock, pens, and maybe some stickers, glitter, and colored markers to decorate the card stocks! Have everybody write down date-night ideas for the couple. Read the ideas out loud before popping them into a box or jar for the bride to take home.


To play this game, every player needs a garter. Then, put some sparkling wine in the middle. From around 10 to 15 feet away, every player must try to fling their garter to lasso around the bottle of wine. The player who manages to ring around the bottle wins the game AND the bottle!


Have you ever played Would You Rather? Play a bridal shower version of this game with Would She Rather. Before the party, ask the bride a bunch of Would You Rather questions. Head over to our full list of Would You Rather questions if you’d like some ideas of what to ask the bride.

Then, at the party, give every player a list with all the questions you asked the bride and have them guess. One point for each correct answer! The player with the most points wins.


Make a list of famous love quotes from movies over the decades. Then, read them out loud one by one and have the guests guess which movie the quotes are from. Whoever gets the most correct answers wins!


Want to write a love story together? Grab a piece of paper and write a sentence to start a love story. Then, pass it on to the next person, who will write another sentence. Keep passing it around until everyone has had a chance to contribute to the story. Then, when the story is finished, read it out loud!


To prepare for this game, write a list of common wedding items, such as a bouquet, venue, wedding dress, wedding shoes, and wedding ring. Either grab a random average figure from the Internet or ask the bride herself how much she paid for each of these items.

Then, to play the game, have the guests guess the price of these items. The player who manages to guess the number or is the closest to guessing the number wins a point. And the player with the most points wins!

Do the guests have a bit of a sweet tooth? Either bake some cookies or buy some plain cookies from the supermarket. You should also provide some frosting, sprinkles, and other decorations for the cookies. For this bridal shower activity, the guests decorate the cookies however they want – bridal-themed if possible!


This is another type of scavenger hunt game that will get everyone involved. Simply prepare for this game by writing a list of items to find on one’s phone. Examples include:

  • A selfie with the bride-to-be
  • A picture of the wedding invite
  • The wedding date saved on your calendar

Give each player a list of the scavenger items, with each of the items worth a different number of points. The player with the most points wins!


unique bridal shower games

Are you getting sick of the same-old bridal shower games? There’s nothing wrong with classics, but there’s also nothing wrong with wanting to try something new. Here are the best unique bridal shower games that’ll get everyone talking.


Likely, the bride and her partner have already started putting together a wedding playlist of some sort. But for this game, ask them to make their own playlist of around 10 songs each. Make sure the songs are different!

Then, at the shower, play the songs one by one and ask the guests who they believe picked the song. The player with the most correct answers wins!


Prepping for a wedding means eating and tasting a lot of cake, of course! Get the bridal shower guests in on the fun by setting up a cake bar in many different flavors. Then, blindfold each player and have them sample each of the cakes. The player who manages to guess the most flavors correctly wins!


Have you ever wanted to make your own bouquet? But instead of making bouquets with flowers, which is a fun classic bridal shower activity, provide all the guests with mystery boxes filled with some odd items! See who can make the best and most unique bouquets.


You might be surprised how much weird and unconventional information is out there on the Internet about some of the most famous celebrity couples! For example:

  • Sarah Jessica Parker wore a black dress when she married Matthew Broderick.
  • Michael Jordan married Yvette Prieto in a 40,000-square-foot tent.
  • Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly drank each other’s blood when they got engaged.

Match the weird wedding facts with the correct celebrity couple! The player with the most correct answers wins.


Prepare for this game by asking the couple different questions regarding the wedding (but make sure they pertain to numbers), such as:

  • How many venues did you look at?
  • How many dresses did you try?
  • How many people did you invite?
  • How many children do you want?

Write down these questions and random numbers next to them, either too high, too low, or accurate. Then, print out this sheet for each player and have the guests guess whether the numbers are too high (over), too low (under), or just right. The guest with the most correct answers wins.


Another super fun activity you can do during the bridal shower is to compile a recipe book. To do this, you’ll need to ask all the guests to come to the party with hand-written or printed recipes to give to the bride. Then, compile these recipes and give them to the bride as a gift!


Every guest must write down the name of a celebrity they would love to go on a date with. Then, put all of these names in a hat or jar. Pull out the celebrity names one by one and all the players can work together to figure out who wrote the celebrity’s name!


Ring Hunt is a great game to play throughout the entire bridal shower. Before the shower, hide around 50 plastic rings all around the venue. The player who finds the most rings by the end of the party wins!


Want to have some drinks and get everybody’s creative side out for the bridal shower? Host a cocktail competition! Provide cocktail ingredients and everyone can make their own cocktails, becoming a mixologist for the day. The player who makes the best cocktail (chosen by the bride-to-be) wins!


This is a fun variation of the newlywed game that is sure to get laughs out of everyone. You’ll need to prep this game beforehand by asking the bride’s partner around 10 to 20 questions about themselves.

Then, at the bridal shower, set the bride up on a chair and ask her questions about her partner to see if she gets the questions right or wrong. However, if the bride gets a question wrong, they must put a marshmallow in their mouth! Every other player participates by guessing how many questions the bride will get right.


How Many Games Should I Have at a Bridal Shower?

This is totally up to you and the crowd! But on average, a bridal shower will have around 3 games that consist of one long game and two shorter games.

How Can I Make My Bridal Shower Fun?

We’re biased, but we believe the best way to make your bridal shower fun is to play some games, of course!

Who Pays for a Bridal Shower?

While traditionally, the bride’s family pays for the bridal shower, there is no right way or wrong way to do this. Whoever hosts can pay, or perhaps even the bride herself!

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