OBJECTIVE OF SCAVENGER HUNT: Find as many of the hidden items as possible by solving clues set out by the organizer.


MATERIALS: Paper for clues, 1 scorecard per team, at least 5-10 items to hide, scissors, pen, tape, prizes

TYPE OF GAME: Camping Outdoor game



A scavenger hunt is a great way to have a bit of fun while staying active. The organizer of the scavenger hunt can be creative with the clues and make the hunt more difficult based on how old the audience is. This game can get competitive depending on the winning prize at the end, so let’s gear up!


To start off, the organizer of the scavenger hunt will hide the objects in various locations around the designated area. Once all of the items are hidden, the organizer should write clues that will lead players to those items. For a more complicated game, the organizer can also write clues that lead to other clues; this will make the game longer and more difficult. Each hidden object should also have a clue to help find the next object.


Once the items and clues are distributed, the game can begin. The players can either look for the objects individually, work as a group, or compete in teams. This all depends on how competitive you want the game to be and how many players there are.

The organizer will then hand each team a starting clue that will lead them to the first object or another clue. The players then continue to run around the designated area, looking for the objects, using the clues to guide them.


When a team finds an object, they can check it off on their score card and proceed to the next clue or item. The team should also leave the clue from the object in the same spot so that other teams can find it. When one team or individual has found all of the objects, the game ends and they are deemed the winner. The winning team can get a small prize.

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