Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever, Never Have I Ever game rules, title

OBJECTIVE OF NEVER HAVE I EVER: Be the last player playing.


MATERIALS: Your hands, alcohol, good friends, and some horrible life decisions.

TYPE OF GAME: Drinking Social Game



Never Have I Ever is a fun and intrusive drinking game which also goes by the name Ten Fingers. The game is verbal and, for that reason, reminiscent of childhood games, with a wet adult twist, booze.

As with any drinking game Never Have I ever should be played responsibly.

While board games have dominated the party game sector for the last couple of years, Never Have I ever is a classic game that is perfect for any type of get-together and has no setup and very few rules to explain. This makes it much more versatile than your standard board games and a great addition to the rotation of play for groups that meet up frequently.

Players grab a beverage and sit in a circle with a group of friends or strangers and get to know each other a little better. This game typically incites fun stories, and players often target other players into admitting to something crazy or embarrassing that they have done.

The game is best with people who make horrible life decisions, just so you have some wild things to call your friends out on. Never Have I Ever has easier Game rules, so no matter how drunk you get, you can keep the game play going. It’s one of the easiest drinking games.


Players hold up their hands. Starting with the youngest player (or any other random determiner, like who has the coolest shoes), the first person will declare “Never Have I Ever…,” admitting to something they have not done.

Players who have done this thing put down a single finger and take a drink. If no one puts their finger down, the player who called the prompt must drink (this is an optional rule but, a fun one!).

Never Have I Ever, Never Have I Ever gameplay, drinking

After the person starting passes their turn, play passes to the left, the next person then declares something they have not done.

Players who have put down all their fingers must take several drinks at once, the amount of which is pre-determined before starting Never Have I ever. They are then eliminated from the game.

Stuck on what questions to ask? Here’s an article with a ton of fun examples, or check out some of our examples below!


Never have I ever…tried to use a fake ID to get into a bar

Never have I ever…lied to two friends about each other

Never have I ever…had a one night stand

Never have I ever…invited myself to someone else’s vacation

Never have I ever…played strip poker

Never have I ever…been in a physical fight

Never Have I Ever, Never Have I Ever gameplay, topics, examples, fight

Never have I ever…canceled on a friend for no reason

Never have I ever…worked at a strip club

Never have I ever…fallen asleep at the wheel

Never have I ever…gone on a blind date

Never have I ever…been blackout drunk

Never have I ever…cheated on a partner

Never have I ever… drank someone else’s alcohol at a bar

Never have I ever…had group sex

Never have I ever…stolen something

Never have I ever…hurt myself trying to be funny

Never have I ever…ghosted multiple friends

Never have I ever…pooped my pants in public

Never have I ever…flirted with a customer for tips

Never have I ever…stood up someone on a date


For those of us who do not drink, you may still play Never Have I Ever. The game rules for the non drinking Never Have I Ever are very similar to the game rules for the drinking version.

To start all the players will sit in a circle together. The first player who can be determined any random way (a great suggestion is who has the coolest shoes), start by stating something they have never done.

As with the standard game rules, players who have done this will put a finger down and drink. After the person starting passes their turn, the game continues with the next player doing the same. The last person who has a digit up wins. It’s an easy game with simple rules, but a ton of fun with good friends.

Safe for Work Topics

For those of you who want to play Never Have I Ever, but want some safe for work options for topics.

Never Have I Ever…been to a foreign country

Never Have I Ever…cut my own hair

Never Have I Ever…had a surprise party thrown for me

Never Have I Ever…pretended someone was funny so they’d like me

Never Have I Ever…cheated in board games

Never Have I Ever…fallen in love at first sight

Never Have I Ever…been in a play

Never Have I Ever…pretended to like something because most people did

Never Have I Ever…left a party without telling anyone

Never Have I Ever…broken a bone

Never Have I Ever…had to break into my own home

Never Have I Ever…stopped working in a group project

Never Have I Ever…played fighting games

Never Have I Ever…lied to get out of work

Never Have I Ever…withheld an answer out of spite

Never Have I Ever…dated a coworker

Never Have I Ever…pretended to be dumb to seem funny

Never Have I Ever…fallen asleep on a plane

Never Have I Ever…asked IT for tips for my at-home computer

Never Have I Ever…tripped someone on purpose

Never Have I Ever…fully completed a video game

Never Have I Ever…watched a let’s play on youtube

Never Have I Ever…finished a game of Life

Never Have I Ever…held a spider/snake

Never Have I Ever…had a life or death experience

Never Have I Ever…donated blood

Never Have I Ever…seen a play on broadway

Never Have I Ever…had to run for my life

Never Have I Ever…been married

Never Have I Ever…been to a concert


A common variant of this game is played in King’s Cup, in which players put up 3 or 5 fingers and the first person with all their fingers down drinks.

One variation on the game states that if a player is drinking alone, they must recount the story of why they are drinking. This typically occurs when they are targeted. This leads to many fun and embarrassing stories. Some even play that if you are willing to tell the story you don’t need to drink.

A fun twist to Never Have I ever that limits your drinking is to have players drink only when they collect ten points. For every digit a player puts down they gain a point, and once all 10 are down they consume their beer or take a shot. then they get to put all 10 digits backup. This keeps the fun going longer!

Another fun version of this game is I Have. This is basically the same game but played in reverse. Instead of saying, “Never Have I Ever…,” players say “I Have…,” followed by something they have done. If a player has not done that thing, they drink and put down a digit. This continues until all players have put all their fingers down.

Example Topics: I Have…

drunk dialed an ex

followed a fad diet

had a paranormal experience

Never Have I Ever, Never Have I Ever gameplay, topic, examples, ghost

went skinny dipping

went scuba diving

participated in a talent show

been the first person on a plane

thrown up at a party

been shot

gotten lost

Kissed my best friend

played video games for over 8 hours

thought something was so funny I peed on myself

lost my phone while holding it

dated a friends ex without them knowing

tried and failed at picking someone up at a bar

left a game after a player starts bosting

searched online for tips on how to pick up chicks

jumped out of a plane

broken my nose

watched the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy in one sitting

play cards with a celebrity

been banned for life from a bar

gotten a tattoo

played a sport in college

forgotten my lines in a play

been fired from my job

slept with a friend’s parent

played in a band

broken someone else’s bone


What topics can I use?

Anything you Like! In Never Have I Ever, no topic is off-limits. Just make sure the rest of the players are comfortable.

It’s always good practice before the start of game play to check if any topics may trigger some players. It’s meant to be a fun game of booze and stories, so always watch out for your friends.

What happens when I put my last finger down?

As sad as it is, In Never Have I Ever, there can be only one person who wins. If you ever put down your last finger, you are out of the game. The one player that remains is the winner.

Also in the drinking version of the game, the player must then take several drinks or finish their drink depending on what the group decided before the game began.

What if someone is lying?

Never Have I Ever is a fun, friendly drinking game. If you know someone is fibbing, it’s best to just let it go and ignore them.

If you are truly worried about it affecting the fun, it might just be best to not play this game with them in the future.

Do you have to play this as a drinking game/What if I don’t want to play this as a drinking game?

While the drinking game version is described above, you do not have to play this as a drinking game.

If you wish to play Never Have I Ever as a regular game just check out the non drinking version described in the above-labeled section.

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