Let’s get this party started!

In my playgroup sometimes, now more often than it used to, we’ll have a substantial amount of new people. This makes picking out a game more difficult, because yes, we could split into multiple groups, but then we could miss out on getting to know the new crew. We have adopted many games that can play a crazy number of people, so when new people come in, we can all play together, even if it is one game before splitting up.


Mysterium just so happens to be one of my all-time favorite games. It plays 2 to 7 players, making it good for both smaller and medium-sized groups. It has an average run time around 45 minutes for my playgroup, not including explaining directions for newbies. The recommended age is 10+ but I think you could get away with a little younger as well. There’s also a system in the game that allows for some difficulty adjustment as well. 

Mysterium is a great game. I love to describe it as Willy Wonka’s guide to a murder mystery. It’s a cross between Clue and Dixit (two other great games) but has a feel all its own. In Mysterium, you and five of your fellow friends play as mediums, while one person plays as a ghost. The basis of the game is the ghost was murdered by one of the suspect’s cards on the table and the ghost will use strange visions (aka weird trippy cards) to have you all pick a suspect, place and weapon. Then if you’re time is not up, there will be a final round finding which one of the suspects is the actual killer. 

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Deception: Murder in Hong Kong is another fun murder mystery game. It has many similarities to Mysterium, but it has a unique playstyle. It can play between 4-12 people, making it more medium to larger groups. It is playable in about 20 minutes but that’s if you follow all the time restrictions set by the game, if you’re playing with new people, I’d give the game a little longer. It has an age suggestion of 14+.

In Deception, you can play as several roles but we’re going to focus on the base game regulars. These include one forensic scientist, one murder, and the remaining players will be investigators. The game starts with the murder committing the crime by secretly telling the forensic scientist the clues and weapons that need to be found to convict them. The rest of the game is the forensic scientist giving clues to investigators to try and find the correct suspect and evidence.

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Ultimate Werewolf is a super fun more party game style game. It’s playable by 5 to up to 68 players, making it great for large or even crazy big parties. The games can last from half an hour to an hour and a half. They only recommend you be 8+ as well.

Ultimate Werewolf is a hidden role game where villagers, some with unique powers and others without, try to find all the werewolves and other badies plaguing the town. Villagers use their powers to find the werewolf while the werewolves eat the villagers. The last one standing wins.

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Finally, we have Cards Against Humanity. I know you’ve probably heard of it and maybe have even played it but if you have an impossible number of guests to please, here’s your answer. This game can play 3 to 20+ players. That’s right there’s no number of players it can’t play. Though it is recommended for 17+ so it’s not exactly the type of game you bring to a family reunion. 

Cards Against Humanity lives up to its name. It’s a game where players fill in cards with crazy, vulgar and sometimes offensive content to make other participants laugh. It can be played to a certain number of wins or just played to pass the time. Either way, it’s a fun game, if everyone in the group agrees and is okay with playing it.

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