OBJECT OF WEREWOLF: The objective of Werewolf depends on which character you are playing. The villagers’ objective is to save the village and kill all of the werewolves. The werewolves’ objective is to have their number equal the number of villagers. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 7 to 35 players

MATERIALS: Twenty Villager Cards, Ten Werewolf Cards, Eight Wild Cards, Two Seer Cards, Two Doctor Cards, Two Witch Cards, and Two Alpha Werewolf Cards

TYPE OF GAME: Party Game



This intensely competitive card game will keep all players on their toes. As mix of Bullshit and role play games, Werewolf requires a good poker face and a lot of storytelling! The goal is to keep your role a secret, protect your village, or take over the village, depending on your goal. 

Are they trying to kill off the villagers? Are they simply trying to protect their home? Lies, deceit, and accusations make this game intensely fun. This game is appropriate for family events, parties, or any type of get together!


Choose from the deck one Moderator Card, one Seer Card, one Doctor Card, and two Werewolf Cards. Ensure the number of cards in the deck equal the number of players. The remaining cards are all Villagers.  This will make up your character deck. 

Shuffle the cards, and give each player a character card facedown, assigning their character for the game. If there are more than fifteen players, an additional Werewolf card can be added for every four players. The players must keep their character a secret!

The Moderator will begin the game by reading their card, and initiating night time. 


To begin the game, the Moderator will ask all players to close their eyes. All players will slap their knees constantly throughout the night, to drown out any noise. The Moderator will ask players to open their eyes one by one, based on their character role. 

Firstly, the Moderator will ask the Werewolves to open their eyes. The Werewolves are now able to identify other Werewolves and work together throughout the game. The Moderator will then prompt the Werewolves to choose someone to kill. Once they have agreed on a victim, quietly confirmed by pointing, the Moderator will ask them to close their eyes once again.

Secondly, the Moderator will prompt the Doctor to awaken. The Doctor may now choose someone to heal, hopefully not a Werewolf, because it would waste their turn. If the person chosen by the Doctor is the same person that was chosen by the Werewolves, they will survive. After the Doctor quietly confirms their patient, the Moderator will ask them to go back to sleep. 

The Moderator will announce if someone has been saved by the Doctor.

Thirdly, the Seer is prompted to awaken. The Seer may silently point at a player of their choice. The Moderator will give the Seer a thumbs up if the player they chose is a Werewolf, and they will give a thumbs down if the player they chose is a Villager. This gives the Seer information to persuade the Village on who they need to vote to kill. The Seer is prompted to go back to sleep.

The Moderator will inform everyone that it is day time, and they may all open their eyes. The Moderator will then announce who has been saved or killed throughout the night. Any player killed, is removed from the game without revealing their character.

The first day allows for introductions. All players will give a short introduction to who they are and what they do. This is where the lying and deception begins. Remember, Werewolves do not want to be found out. 

Players then discuss who they believe to be the Werewolves in the town as a group. Be cautious of what information you share, as you may quickly become a target. Once someone is accused of being a Werewolf, a second player must support the choice. The accused get thirty seconds to defend themselves. A vote is made.

If the majority vote to kill off the accused, they are removed from the game. Night falls after five minutes of day or after someone has been killed. 

If the Doctor has been killed, the Moderator will still announce for them to wake up to conceal the identity of the remaining players. The Moderator will announce all characters.

This cycle continues until a winner has been determined. When Werewolves’ number matches or exceeds that of the Villagers, the Werewolves win and take over the Village. When all of the Werewolves have been killed, the Villagers win and the Village is kept safe.


The game can be brought to an end by two things. If the werewolves equal or outnumber the villagers, the werewolves win. If the werewolves are all killed off, the villagers win.

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