FUZZY DUCK rules title

OBJECTIVE OF FUZZY DUCK: Say “fuzzy duck”, “ducky fuzz”, or “does he?”, according to the direction of play.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4+ players, but the more, the better


TYPE OF GAME: Drinking game



FUZZY DUCK overview

Fuzzy Duck is almost like a tongue-twister game. As the game commences, you’ll find even your friends that don’t swear accidentally say something like, “fucky duzz” or “duzzy fuck.” This game is sure to get everyone laughing out loud. It’s deceptively easy to slip up. And the best thing is that you can play with as many players as you want!


FUZZY DUCK gameplay

All players must sit in a circle. To begin, choose a player to start the game – ideally, someone that is already familiar with the game. The first player says either “fuzzy duck” or “ducky fuzz”. In this example, Player 1 says, “fuzzy duck”. Then, the second player on the left (clockwise direction) can either:

  1. Repeat what the previous player said. In this example, Player 2 would say, “fuzzy duck”.
  2. Change the direction of play by saying, “Does he?”.

If a player changes the direction of play by saying, “Does he?”, the phrase changes too. So, in this example, the phrase would change from “fuzzy duck” to “ducky fuzz”. Then, the previous player would have to go once again and either:

  1. Continue to play in the same direction. In this example, the player would say “ducky fuzz” just like the previous player.
  2. Change the direction of play once again by saying, “Does he?”.

Anytime someone messes up by saying the wrong phrase, they must take a drink or a shot.

Once everyone is familiar with the game, make sure the game moves fast. The faster, the better, and the more confusing it becomes! Penalize whoever stalls the game a second too long by giving them a drink or shot.


The game ends whenever everyone is ready to move on to another game.