OBJECTIVE OF WINK MURDER: The murderer must kill as many other players as possible by winking at them before the detective identifies them.


MATERIALS: 1 deck of cards (optional)

TYPE OF GAME: Camping game



You don’t need a set of skills to play wink murder; all you need is some stealthiness. Although as few as 4 players can play this game, wink murder is more fun with more players. So, get together a big group of your friends and family and get ready to murder or get murdered by winking.


To set up to play wink murder, simply get everyone to sit in a circle in a designated area with enough cards of a deck for each person in the group. Decide as a group which card is the detective card and which card is the murderer card. For example, the ace of spades could be the detective card and the joker could be the murderer card. Every other card is a citizen card.

Once that’s decided, shuffle the cards and distribute them to each player one by one. Everyone peeks at their card to see what role they will be playing.


If you have no deck of cards at hand, don’t worry – you can still play this family classic. In this case, designate someone as the moderator. The moderator will ask everyone to close their eyes and bow their heads. Then they will choose a detective and a murderer by tapping on their heads.


The detective makes themselves known by standing in the middle of the circle, and the game begins. Everyone must make eye contact with each other throughout the game. The murderer must wink at players to “kill” them. When a citizen is “killed”, they must first count to 5 before they dramatically act out their death. The goal of the murderer is to kill as many people as possible before getting caught by the detective.

The detective’s goal is to find the murderer. The detective needs to guess who the murderer is before everyone in the circle is dead. To avoid having the detective name every single person in the circle in an attempt to cheat the game, place a maximum number of guesses a detective can make, depending on how many players there are.


Wink murder comes to a close when either 1) everyone in the circle is dead before the detective can determine who is the murderer, or 2) the detective guesses the murderer. If the detective is unable to find the murderer, they must play the detective again. But if the detective correctly guesses the murderer, the murderer becomes the next detective.

Nakoa Davis