It’s Valentine’s day today and if you are looking for a fun game to play tonight with your partner or maybe something for your couple’s group, look no further. These three games all revolve around couples getting to know each other better and strengthening communication, while also being a little spicy and fun.

The games in question are all card games. We have Tonight, Let’s Talk (specifically the date night pack), Love Language, and The { } And: Couple’s Editions.


Tonight, Let’s talk: Date Night Edition, is a card game that is meant to promote open communication between partners. The game consists of a deck of open-ended and deep questions for you and your partner to take time and discuss. It will ask you about things in your past and have you reminiscing about good memories and working through tough times.


Love Language is another card game. It consists of a deck of 150 question cards, but this one is unique in the fact that the cards are separated into 5 different categories. The categories are family, intimacy, couple, individual, and past/future. The game helps you explore parts of your relationship you had never even thought to ask and can be very eye-opening. It also helps identify what love language your partner uses so you can learn to love them better and make them feel even more appreciated in your relationship.


The { } And: Couple’s Edition is another card game but instead of asking others you ask yourself. This is a great game for larger groups as players sit around each other and draw 12 cards each. Each player then takes turns asking the question out loud and then answering it for themselves. This allows people to ask questions at their own speed or even skip questions altogether. The {} And also has two other versions of this game for both just starting out couples and long-term couples. They even have one for groups of just friends, because everyone deserves to get to know each other better.


Love is once again in the air and this year communication is key. The games above really set that tone allowing for players to really dive into their wants and needs and also explore the same for their partners. If players are looking for a more casual, at their own pace, experience they should check out The { } And. If wanting to get to know each other more intimately and explore parts of their relationships they may not have experienced before, Love Languages is their game. And if players are truly looking for a deep and honest dive into the nitty-gritty of their relationship, I highly recommend Tonight, Let’s Talk.

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