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OBJECTIVE OF GIANT JENGA: Try not to knock down the Giant Jenga tower as you remove a block from the tower and place it on the top.


MATERIALS: 54 Giant Jenga premium hardwood blocks, heavy duty carry bag

TYPE OF GAME: Outdoor game for adults



giant jenga

The classic game Jenga is one everyone will have played at some point in their lives. But did you know that there’s a giant version of this classic called Giant Jenga? With its huge blocks and towering tower, this game is double the size and double the fun!


Set up the Giant Jenga game as you would when you play Jenga minus the loading tray. First, grab three blocks and stick them together side-by-side and plop them on a level surface. Then, grab another three blocks and rotate them a 90-degree difference from the first row and place them on top of the first row. The third row should be facing the same direction as the first row. Keep stacking wooden blocks, alternating directions until you set up all 18 rows of the tower.


giant jenga setup

The first player, normally determined by a game of rock, paper, scissors, approaches the tower and picks one block to remove from the tower. The player may not choose a block from the top 3 blocks. Once done, the removed block must be played on top of the other blocks of the tower to continue building it higher. The second player then gets a turn to do the same. The game progresses, turn by turn, until the tower falls.

To make this game a bit harder, employ the touch play rule, meaning if you touch a block, you must remove said block.


There is no winner in Giant Jenga, but there is a loser! The loser is the player that makes the tower fall. Traditionally, the loser must set up the next game once the game ends.

If you must declare a winner, play this game in an elimination format, where a player is eliminated each round until only one player remains standing – the winner!

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