BOTTLE BASH rules title

OBJECTIVE OF BOTTLE BASH: Throw the frisbee against the opposing team’s pole or bottle to score points.


MATERIALS: 2 plastic or glass bottles, 2 poles, frisbee

TYPE OF GAME: Outdoor game for adults



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Bottle Bash is a fun summer game that is simple in theory but difficult to execute. It requires frisbee knowledge as well as aim, accuracy, and, of course, pure fun! Although you can purchase this game as a pack. If you don’t have one on hand, you can even make your own to Bottle Bash game with the right materials.


bottle bash equipment

Space out the two poles 20, 30, or 40 feet apart, depending on the skill levels of the people playing. The further apart they are, the harder it is to play! Then place a bottle on top of each pole. The four players must then be divided into two teams of two.

The two teams should stand behind their pole when playing Bottle Bash, throughout the entire duration of the game.


bottle bash gameplay

To start the game, Team A throws the frisbee toward the opposing team’s pole or bottle in an attempt to knock the bottle off the ground. Team B, the defending team, must try to catch the bottle and the frisbee before either of them hits the ground. Keep in mind that only the throwing team, in this case, Team A, can win points. Team A can win points as follows:

  • Bottle hits the ground: 2 points
  • Frisbee hits the ground: 1 point
  • Bottle and frisbee hit the ground: 3 points

After that turn, Team B becomes the offensive team and gets a chance to start scoring points.

When throwing the frisbee, there are a few rules to keep in mind:

  • The frisbee must be “catchable”. In other words, players may not throw the frisbee too far or too high for the opposing team.
  • The frisbee cannot be thrown too low, either. In fact, the frisbee must be above a designated “Low Disc Zone” near the bottom of the pole of the other team.

As for the defensive team, here are two rules to follow:

  • Be behind the pole at all times! This means you cannot catch the disc before it hits the pole or bottle.
  • If a frisbee is thrown too low, the frisbee does not need to be caught. However, the bottle must still be caught if it falls! If the bottle is not caught in time, even though the frisbee was in the “Low Disc Zone”, the offensive team wins 2 points. If the defending team catches the frisbee in time no points are awarded.

The two teams alternate turns.


The first team to win 21 points with a difference of 2 points (think: ping pong) wins the game!