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As the weather warms up, you’re going to want to move your house parties outdoors. Your backyard offers a fresh breeze, warm sun, and a barbecue. But to take your next kid-free party to the next level, you’ll want to organize some fun games to play as well! These 10 best outdoor games for adults are sure to keep you and your guests screaming in laughter and excitement. 

Games are not just for kids – these games are proof that adults can have just as much fun as their children! Since it’s a kid-free party, crack open a beer, and let’s start playing these awesome outdoor drinking games!


beer pong outdoor games adult

No outdoor adult party is complete without a the classic party game of Beer Pong. Beer Pong is a classic drinking game that can be played both indoors and outdoors. But since it can get quite messy, it’s the perfect game to play at your outdoor party!


  • 12 solo cups
  • Table
  • 2 ping pong balls
  • Beer


You can either play this game as singles or as doubles. Set up a 6-cup triangle of solo cups on each side of the long end of the table, and fill each of the cups up a third of the way with beer. The goal of the game is to get the balls into the opposing team’s cups.

The first player or team throws the 2 ping pong balls one by one, aiming for their opponents’ cups. If a player manages to sink a cup, the opposing player or team must take the ball out and drink the contents of the cup. Then, the cup is taken out of the triangle.

The opposing team then gets a turn at attempting to sink the first team’s cups. Alternate play until all of one team’s cups are emptied and removed from the triangle. The remaining team wins the game!


frozen t shirt equipment outdoor games adult

The Frozen T-Shirt Race is a game best played in the height of summer! This game is a huge relief when the sweltering sun is at its peak. Everyone will want to join in and play this simple but exciting game as soon as you bring those t-shirts out of the freezer!


  • Water
  • Freezer
  • Gallon freezer bag
  • T-shirts


Before the party, you first need to set up the game by dunking the t-shirts in water, soaking them completely. Then wring them out, fold them, and put them into gallon freezer bags. Put the t-shirts into the freezer overnight.

Give each player a frozen t-shirt at the start of the game. And at the signal, each player must try to wear the frozen t-shirt faster than the other players. Players can get as creative as they want in their attempts to dethaw the t-shirt. Whoever manages to fully wear their frozen t-shirt first wins the game!


giant jenga outdoor games adult

Jenga is a classic game that you’ll find in almost any household, but ramp up the party by introducing Giant Jenga to your friends and family! While you play it the same way as traditional Jenga, the giant blocks are sure to get a laugh from everyone.


  • 54 Giant Jenga blocks


Set up the 54 Giant Jenga blocks as you would normal Jenga: 3 by 3, alternating each row by turning the 3 blocks 90 degrees. When it’s all set up, you’re ready to play!

Players take turns taking one block out of the Giant Jenga tower with only one hand at a time. To make the game even harder, play with the rule that you must take out the block that you touch! Once removed, place the block on the top of the tower. Then, the next player does the same. Continue play until the Jenga tower topples over. The player that topples the Jenga tower loses the game!


beer roulette outdoor games adult

Another drinking game to add to the list of games to play at your kid-free outdoor party, Beer Roulette will get your guests drunk while having fun. This game is the best game to play for those beer lovers, as it’s guaranteed that you’ll be drinking perhaps one too many beers!


  • Beer


One person not playing the game must take one beer for each player into a room. This person must secretly shake one of the beers and put all of the beers into a cooler or back into the pack before bringing them back out.

The players must select a beer and hold them right under their noses. At the count of 3, each player opens their beers. The person who gets sprayed is out! The rest of the players must drink their beers. Then play continues with one less person. The last remaining player wins the game (and is probably pretty drunk at this point)!


bean bag ladder toss equipment outdoor games adult

What happens if you don’t have the set up for a traditional cornhole game? Or maybe you’re looking for a spin on the classic outdoor yard games… In that case, Bean Bag Ladder Toss is a great option and a hoot to play at any party. All you need is a ladder and beanbags!


  • Ladder
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • 6 beanbags, 3 of each color


Set up the ladder on one end of the lawn and designate points to each rung of the ladder. For example, you can designate the bottom rung to 10 points, the next rung 20 points, and so on. Place the beanbags around 30 feet away behind a designated throwing line, which you can mark with a chair or a string.

Divide the players into two teams. The first player of the first team throws the beanbag toward the ladder with the aim of getting the highest possible point. The beanbag must be thrown entirely between the rungs in order to count. Then the first player of the second team throws their first beanbag. The third player to throw their beanbag is the second player of the first team. And so on.

As the players throw the beanbags, keep track of the points being accumulated for each team. Once all of the beanbags are thrown, the team with the highest number of points wins!


drunk waiter setup outdoor games adult

Ready to play a team relay game that is sure to make your guests dizzy with laughter? Drunk Waiter is a classic childhood game with a twist! Test everybody’s waiting skills as they carry a tray full of drinks! A fun game and one of the best outdoor party games.


  • 2 trays
  • 12 cups filled with water
  • Shots of liquor (optional)


Divide the group into two teams and place one tray with 6 cups filled with water on top beside each team. The teams line up behind the starting line.

To start the game, the first player from each team spins for 10 seconds. Afterward, they must grab the tray with drinks and run to the finish line. The trick is to try not to fall over! At the designated finish line, the players must run back to the starting line with their trays in order to pass them on to the next team member after they have spun for 10 seconds. Continue playing until all of the players have had a turn. Any cup that falls off the tray must be put back on the tray before the player can continue. The team that finishes the relay first wins!

Optional: If you want to amp up the fun, have all contestants take a shot of liquor before spinning!


ring toss setup

Bring back the classic outdoor games of Ring Toss to your outdoor parties! This game, while simple, will have your guests all riled up. Bring out the competitive side of your guests while still having fun with some perfect lawn games.


  • Even number of rings
  • Ring toss target


Place the ring toss target on one end of the yard. Divide the group into two teams and give each team an even number of rings. The objective of this game is to be the first team to win 21 points! 

The first player of Team A throws a ring to the target, aiming for one of the stakes. The middle stake is worth 3 points, and the outer stakes are worth 1 point each. The point(s) awarded should be noted down. Then, the first player of Team B throws a ring to the target. The two teams alternate until one team reaches 21 points.


bottle bash equipment outdoor games adult

While perfect if you have a Bottle Bash setup on hand, you can even set this up with some of your household items. This simple game involves a frisbee and… you got it, bottles! It sounds pretty insane, but the game is even weirder. Just what you need to get the party going! It’s bound to be your new favorite outdoor game


  • 2 plastic bottles
  • Frisbee
  • 2 poles


Space out the poles between 20 to 40 feet, depending on the players’ skill levels. Put the bottles on top of the poles. Then divide the group into 2 teams of 2. But don’t worry if you have more people wanting to join; they can play the next round!

Each team must stand behind their pole and must stay there throughout the duration of the game.

Team A throws the frisbee toward the opposing team’s pole or bottle in an attempt to knock the bottle off the ground. The defending team must try to catch the bottle and the frisbee before either touch the ground. Team A, the offensive team, wins 2 points if the bottle hits the ground and 1 point if the frisbee hits the ground. Then Team B gets a chance to win points by becoming the offensive team.

The two teams alternate until one team reaches a score of 21 with a difference of 2 points.



Who doesn’t love a classic relay race? And since this party is held outdoors, what better relay to organize than a Picnic Relay Race? Cater to the adults’ abilities to set up a table in this classic relay race with a twist. This is one of the most fun outdoor games!


  • 4 plates
  • 4 sets of silverware
  • 4 napkins
  • 2 picnic baskets
  • 1 picnic blanket
  • 2 wine glasses


Divide the group into two teams and line them up behind the starting line. Give each team a basket filled with all of the materials for the game. At the signal, the first player of each team grabs their team’s basket and runs to the finish line. At the finish line, the players must set up a picnic by laying down the blanket and setting up a picnic for 2. Once set up, the players must put everything back into the baskets and run back to the starting line.

The players must tag the next player in their team to do the same. The first team whose members manage to set up and pack away the picnics first wins!