frozen t shit race rules title

OBJECTIVE OF FROZEN T-SHIRT RACE: Get your frozen t-shirt fully on your body before the other players.


MATERIALS: Water, freezer, gallon freezer bags, large t-shirts

TYPE OF GAME: Outdoor game for adults



A Frozen T-Shirt contest is the perfect game to play in the middle of the summer when temperatures get way too hot. Everyone will want to get involved with this game to have fun and cool down. A fun but practical game, this game is super easy to set up and play! It will keep the adults and kids entertained!


frozen t shirt equipment

To set up this frozen t-shirt game, you’ll need to first gather old t-shirts and a gallon freezer bag per player. Dunk all of the t-shirts in water, wring them out and fold them. Then stuff each of them into a gallon freezer bag and place the bag flatly into your freezer. The t-shirts must freeze for several hours, so it’s best to get this all prepared and leave them in the freezer overnight the night before!

Some versions of the game require a game area! This means you’ll restrict the area players have to work with by marking lines prior to the race. You can use tape or any other marking lines to make the arena.

On the day of the game, give each player a frozen t-shirt.


frozen t shirt gameplay

At the signal, each player must try to get into the frozen t-shirt before the other players. The first hurdle is to get the frozen t-shirt outside of the bag. Once that’s done, the players will need to unfold the frozen t-shirt. But in order to do that, players may need to dethaw the t-shirts first. There are many creative strategies one can use to dethaw the t-shirt, including using a blow dryer, hot water, a microwave, or even simply the sun. There are no limits to how a player dethaws the t-shirt as long as it works! Players may need to literally break the ice!

Players are not permitted to use sharp objects and the shirt must remain intact.

When the t-shirt is sufficiently dethawed, the players must unfold the t-shirt in order to put it on.


The first player to fully put on their frozen t-shirt wins the game. Although the t-shirt does not need to be fully unfrozen, the player’s head, arms, and torso must be fully in the t-shirt.