beer roulette rules title

OBJECTIVE OF BEER ROULETTE: Try not to get sprayed in the nose by beer by selecting an unopened beer that has not been previously shaken.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2+ players and 1 organizer

MATERIALS: A lot of beer

TYPE OF GAME: Outdoor roulette drinking game for adults



beer roulette

If you have a bunch of beer on hand and you’re thinking of a fun but simple game to play, Beer Roulette should be a great option! All you need to set up this game is at least a can of beer per player, but ideally, you’ll have more to turn this into a proper competition and get even drunker! It’s a fun drinking game great for outdoor parties!


Although everyone is going to want to play this game, unfortunately unlike other drinking games, there needs to be one non-player to set up this drinking roulette game. This organizer is responsible for setting up the game. To do so, the organizer must take one beer per player into an area where no players can see them. In secret, the organizer violently shakes one of the beers before bringing the beers back to the players. The beers should be placed on a table or in the middle of the circle of players.


beer roulette gameplay

One by one, each player selects a beer and holds it directly under their nose. When everyone has selected their beer, the organizer counts to 3. At the count of 3, all players must open their can of beer, and one unlucky player will be sprayed with beer from head to toe! This player is out for the remainder of the game. The rest of the players must finish their beers.

Continue playing until only one player remains standing.


The last person standing at the end of the game is the winner! Please drink responsibly while enjoying this exciting game of drinking roulette!