roulette game rules

OBJECT OF ROULETTE: The object of Roulette is to make and win bids.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Any number players

MATERIALS: A roulette wheel, a roulette ball, a roulette bidding mat, and chips for bidding.

TYPE OF GAME: Betting Casino Game



Roulette is a casino bidding game. There is a dealer who takes bets and rolls the wheel and players who can make bids on the mat. There can be any number of players making bids at a time as long as each player has their own colored chip to distinguish them.

Roulette is a gambling game and is usually played for money. This means there are usually minimum and maximum bids allowed for each bet placed.


The wheel looks different based on which country you are in. In most places the wheel is composed on the numbers 1 through 36 randomly placed throughout the wheel. These numbers are either marked red or black.  There is also a dividing number 0 that is marked green. In American tables however, there is both a 0 and a 00 that are green. This gives the American tables significantly worse odds.


To bid a player will place their chip on the mat. Where they place their chip is placed determines the bet being made and the odds and payouts of the bet. Multiple bets can be placed at once by players as well.

American mats vary slightly than traditional French mats, but the bids remain the same.

Bets and Odds

There are several bets that can be made but we will classify them into three categories today based on their odds. There are even odds, 2 to 1 odds, and larger odds.

Bets with even odds include betting on red (rouge), black (noir), even (pair) or odd (impair) numbers. There is also the low (manque) bet of numbers 1 through 18 and the high (passe) bet on numbers 19 through 36.

Bets with 2 to 1 odds include the first dozen (premiere douzaine) spaces 1 through 12, the middle dozen (moyenne douzaine) spaces 13 through 24, the last dozen (dernier douzaine) spaces 25 through 36, and a column bet (colonne) which is placed on any column of 12 numbers.

Bets with larger odds include line bets (sixain) which is a bet placed on any line of 6 numbers and has 5 to 1 odds. There is also corner bets (carre) which include four numbers and are placed on the intersection of four numbers; these have 8 to 1 odds. There is a street bet (transversal) which includes a row of three numbers; it has 11 to 1 odds. Also included is are split bets (en chaval) which is a bet placed on two numbers; these have 17 to 1 odds. Finally, there are straight up bets (en plein) which are bets palced on single numbers, and these have 35 to 1 odds.

There also the terms inside and outside bets. Inside bets include bets that are made on 6 numbers or less and outside bets are ones that are placed on 12 or more numbers.


Once all bets are made the dealer spins the wheel and rolls the ball in the opposite direction. When the ball and wheel both come to a complete stop the result is announced. All losing bets are taken by the dealer and the winners are paid out.

There are special rules that can be played with. These include the En prison and La partage rules. For en prison rules when a 0 the players have two choices. They can either take half their bet back and lose the other or they can leave the bet for the next spin of the wheel. For La partage rules there is no choice, players just get back half their original bet and lose the other.

There are slight differences between American and other forms of roulette.

In America when the ball lands on 0 or 00 all bets not made on those numbers specifically are lost. They can also use the en prison and la partage rules as well but these occur when either 0 or 00 is landed on.


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