Why Is It Important To Mix The Theme Of Your Online Games

Instead of just sticking to the same genre each time you play your favourite games, why not try and mix things up occasionally to see what you’re missing? It can do one of two things; make you enjoy your favourite theme even more or make you realize there’s so much more out there. 

On this page, we will be taking a closer look at why it’s important for gamers to mix the themes of the games they play online. 

Why should I mix my game themes?

Simply put, players should occasionally mix their game themes to broaden their horizons. Whatever type of game you play, you will often find many different themes, and mixing up from time to time can give you a fresh outlook on things. 

After trying out different game themes, you may even find that you actually prefer playing something other than the typical theme you generally play. Staying for too long on one game and one theme can end up narrowing your abilities as a player, making it hard to progress and get better. 

This is part of the reason why casinos with a variety of online game themes are growing more successful – by diversifying the games you play, you level up as a player and subsequently understand a wider variety of casino games than if you had just stuck with one.

Examples of how themes are used in online games

Take online slots, for example. Today’s best online slots from the iGaming industry’s most notable online casino game development studios and software providers have produced thousands of the world’s best online slot machines. However, their games can usually only be categorized by just a handful of themes. 

Companies specifically use mainstream themes when they design their games to instantly appeal to a broad audience of players when they release their games. Let’s take a closer look at a few examples of some of the world’s most popular slot themes in 2023. They include the following:

  • Wild West-themed online slot machines. Also classed as Gunslinger/Cowboy or American West-themed slots
  • Mythology-themed slots. The most popular mythology slots are Norse/Celtic/Egyptian/Chinese/Greek mythology-themed slots
  • Ancient Civilization-themed slots. Similar to above, but mainly focusing on Ancient Egypt/Greece/Rome/Aztec/Incan civilizations
  • Gold & Diamond Mining-themed slots. Also classed as prospecting-themed slots
  • Fishing-themed slots
  • Leprechaun-themed slots. These games are also often described as Irish/Luck O’ The Irish-themed slots
  • Movie-themed slots. These games are usually based on iconic Hollywood blockbuster movies and are sometimes called branded online slots
  • Sports-themed slots. There are many different sub-themes here, such as football/soccer, cricket, basketball, golf, boxing, and horse racing-themed slots
  • Science fiction-themed slots. These games are also known as time travel/alien invasion/space & stars-themed slots

These are just some of today’s most popular slot themes that players can’t seem to get enough of. In each theme, you can generally find hundreds of different online slots to choose from. 

Honourable mentions

Some of the other popular themes of online slot machine that you may also like to try out at some point are Food/Vegetables/Fruits/Sweets/Candy, Christmas/Holidays, Love & Romance/Valentine’s Day, and Horror/Halloween/Ghosts/Zombies/Monsters/Vampires, to name just a few. 

What other things separate online slots from each other apart from just themes?

Games can also often be categorized by many other things, such as how many reels they have (usually 3, 5, or 6) and their payline structures. For example, Megaways slots have become extremely popular in recent years. 

These are the games that typically have 5 or 6 reels and use Big Time Gaming’s Megaways game engine. They can have anywhere from 324 up to 117,649 or more Megaways (different possible ways to win per spin). 

Other slots may only have 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 25, 50, or 100 paylines, whereas others have a Win Ways format, where there can be anywhere from 243 up to 100,000 different ways to win per spin. 

You can also categorize slots by their bonus features (e.g., picking bonuses or free spins bonuses) and whether they have fixed coin jackpots or progressive jackpots. When you next play slots or any other games, remember to mix things up occasionally to find out what you really love playing. 

Nakoa Davis