How to Act in a Real-Life Casino

Anyone that has ever watched a James Bond movie will have wanted to visit a casino. The glamor and sophistication of the clientele and the suave patrons are something to aspire to. But if you have ever heard any stories from Las Vegas you will also know that most casinos are not quite like the ones frequented by 007.

Millions more people have gotten into gaming in the last few years as online sites like the Bovada sportsbook and casino have become more popular. But, just like there is a major difference between the Bond casinos of Monte Carlo and the neon palaces on The Strip, an online casino site is not the same as the real thing.

Let’s be honest, online casino gaming is a lot of fun. But you should really visit a bricks-and-mortar casino at some point if you can. That being said, you should also keep a few things in mind to make sure that you fit in.

Know the Rules of the Game

This is something that you can prepare for with your online casino account. Make sure that you familiarize yourself with the games you want to play before you walk through the doors. You don’t want to be the annoying person at the table, asking other players what you should do next.

Most casino-goers will specialize in one particular table game. So, that should be your plan too. If you are not sure about the hands in a game of blackjack or which hand beats which poker, avoid those tables and do your homework. You can always start off with the roulette table – it is much easier to work out how to play.

Dress Accordingly

We started this guide by talking about James Bond and how good he looks in his dinner jacket at the casino tables. You may really want to emulate his fashion choices – but you should know that most casinos don’t have the same dress code. But that doesn’t mean that you can completely forget about your fashion choices.

There may well be some dress code to follow, so make sure that you are respectful of whatever the regulars are used to. It may be that you are fine walking up to the table in your vest and flip-flops. But just make sure of that before you enter and expect to join in.

Don’t Freeload

One of the perks of playing the tables at a real casino is that you are well looked after. If you are buying chips and are joining in on the action you will probably be given the opportunity to get yourself some free food and drink. Just make sure that you are worth the freebies – and don’t freeload.

This should be a reciprocal deal between you and the serving staff at the casino. They will keep you at the tables and gambling by allowing you to enjoy their hospitality. Don’t be a jerk about demanding more freebies – and definitely know when you’ve had enough. You’re not there to get drunk for free.

Don’t Hog the Slots

Up until now we have concentrated on the table games available at casinos, and how you should act while in the hot seat. But all casinos will have some slot machines for you to enjoy as well and they can be a great way of letting off some steam or just taking a break from the main action.

It might be tempting to keep a few slots going at the same time to maximize your chances of winning. But you need to think about the other people in the casino. Hogging the slots means that other people are missing out. You should also ensure that you don’t leave any unattended bags or belongings next to a machine, as it could be seen as an attempt to reserve that slot.

Think About Your Cell Phone Use

A lot of casinos will allow you to use your cell phone inside the building. But that doesn’t mean that you should take advantage of their hospitality. Be aware of your surroundings and avoid having overly long and overly loud conversations. No one wants to hear about your day.

The basic rule here is to think about your fellow casino gamers. You should definitely not pick up a call when you are sitting at a table. If you absolutely have to take it, you should move away, otherwise just keep it on silent. Try to avoid taking any photos with your phone too – not everything has to be documented on your social media.

Tip Generously

Much of the casino etiquette rules can be boiled down to two words – be polite. We know it might all be very exciting but you need to remember that there are other people trying to concentrate on what they are doing – and even more important people actually working in a casino.

We mentioned before the importance of not becoming a freeloader when it comes to food and drink at casinos. One way of doing that is to make sure that you are leaving a healthy tip. It will be appreciated. That goes for the dealers as well – share the wealth if you are lucky enough to get a good win.

Take a Break

It is a fact of gambling life that you cannot win all the time. In fact, it is highly likely that you will lose far more often. But that shouldn’t affect your enjoyment of a casino – and it should especially not cause other casino customers to not enjoy being around you when you are at the tables.

If you are on a bit of a losing streak, maybe take a break and come back another day. You can focus on what is important and come back revitalized. Visiting a casino should be a memorable experience, so as long as you are well-mannered and courteous, that will be the case for everyone.

Nakoa Davis