DRUNK WAITER rules title

OBJECTIVE OF DRUNK WAITER: Take a shot, turn for 10 seconds, and carry a tray full of drinks to one end and back without spilling the drinks.


MATERIALS: 2 trays, 12 cups filled with water, shot glasses, liquor, wiffle bat

TYPE OF GAME: Outdoor game for adults



You may have played a child-friendly version of this game in your youth sometimes called Tipsy Waiter, but amp up the party by playing a boozy version of Drunk Waiter that will have everybody dizzy and laughing by the end of it. Although this game can be competitive, it’s played more as a drinking game to have fun with your friends and family. AS with all drinking games please play responsibly.


drunk waiter setup

Divide the group into two teams. Each team must line up behind the designated starting line. In front of each team, place a tray with 6 cups filled with water. Give the first person of the two teams a shot glass filled with a liquor of your choice.


drunk waiter gameplay

At the signal, the first team members must take a shot from their glass, or the player chugs a beer. Then they each must spin non-stop for 10 seconds around the dizzy bat. When the 10 seconds are up, the players grab the tray with the drinks and run to the finish line and back to continue the relay. The goal is to not drop the drinks and to be as quick as possible without doing so. If an error occurred and a drink falls from the tray at any point in the game, the cup must be put back on the tray before the player can continue the relay.

When the first player of each team returns to the starting line with the tray of drinks, the second player from each team must take a shot and spin for 10 seconds. Then, they take the tray and rush to the finish line and back. Each player from each team must take a turn one-by-one carrying the tray while “drunk”. 


The team to finish the relay first wins the game!