OBJECTIVE OF PIZZA BOX: Flip the coin so that it lands on a person’s name or a task.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3+ players, but the more, the better!

MATERIALS: Pizza box or any empty cardboard/paper surface, permanent marker, coin, alcohol

TYPE OF GAME: Drinking game



Pizza Box is a classic drinking game that can be played on any blank surface you can write on. This game is a great way to get to know everyone at the party, and by the end of the night will become a hilarious cluster of rules!


pizza box game rules

Traditionally, Pizza Box is played on… a pizza box! But if you don’t have one on hand, you can also use a random cardboard box or paper and lay it flat on the table. Everyone stands or sits in a circle around the pizza box and writes their names in permanent marker with a circle drawn around it.

Fun tip: don’t tell anyone the purpose of the game and some may end up drawing ridiculously big circles around their names, which will make it much more fun as the game starts!


how to play pizza box

The first player (doesn’t matter who!) flips a coin onto the pizza box. There are three different scenarios that can occur:

  • If the coin lands on a circle with a person’s name, that named person must take a drink.
  • If the coin lands on a blank space, the player must draw a circle around the coin and write a task or dare in it. Examples of tasks include: finish your drink, kiss the player on your right, give out 3 shots, or switch shirts with the player on your left.
  • If the coin lands outside of the box completely, the player must take a drink and skip their turn.

Once the first player has taken a drink or given out a drink is passed to the person on the left. The next player then flips the coin and does the same. But from now on, there is an additional scenario that can occur at the coin flip. If the coin lands on a circle with a task written by a previous player, the player must complete the task.

Continue playing to the left. At some point in the game, the entire pizza box should be covered in tasks and names. This is when the game will get the most interesting!


There is no real end to the game – just continue playing until the players want to move onto another game or get sufficiently drunk. Check out our full list of the best games for large groups for more fun games that everyone can join in!