OBJECT OF WHAT DO YOU MEME: The object of What Do You Meme is to earn the most points by the time the game ends. 


MATERIALS: 360 caption cards, 75 photo cards, an easel, and game instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game



What Do You Meme is a funny card game allowing for two friends, or the whole crew, to create their own ridiculously humorous memes. With some adult content added in, this game can get too awkward for family quickly! If you are brave, you can take that adventure! 

When shown a Photo Card, every player chooses a Caption Card to match. This creates fun, random, ridiculous, and even vulgar memes to share with the group! This game can take as little or as much time as the group would like. It is perfect for any sort of adult gathering!

What Do You Meme allows for players to order their own personalized expansion packs! This allows for a more personalized experience, and allows for bigger groups to play!


To setup What Do You Meme, simply set the easel up in the middle of the group and have each player draw seven Caption Cards. After that, the game is ready to begin!


To choose the judge, typically Instagram followings are looked at. Whoever has the most Instagram followers starts as the judge. After the judge is chosen, they will sort through the Photo Cards and choose the one that they would like to use for this round. The judge will set this card on the easel for all the players to see. 

All of the players will take a moment to decide and then give a Caption Card, with the best reply of course, to the judge, facing down. Once a card from each player has been given to the judge, the judge will shuffle them and read them aloud. This is where the game gets fun and laughing becomes inevitable. The judge will pick the funniest card, and whoever played that card wins the round. 

The player who wins the round, keeps the Photo Card and earns one point. All players will draw another Caption Card and ensure that there are seven caption cards in their hand. 

The player to the left of the judge becomes the new judge, and it rotates throughout the group. There is no definite time when the game is over. Whenever the group decides it is done, photo cards are added up. Whoever has the most, is the new Meme King/Queen!


Freestyle Cards When a Freestyle Card is played, every player must come up with their own caption for that round, on the spot. Depending on what the group wants to do, they may write answers on a paper or say them aloud. The judge picks the best answer!

If the Caption Cards in your hand are not your taste, you may trade an earned Photo Card for seven new Caption Cards.


There is no definite time when the game ends. Whenever the group decides it is over, Photo Cards are tallied. The player with the most Photo Cards, and thus the most points, wins the game!

Nakoa Davis