A New Dice Game With Classic Appeal

It is not often that a new game is simple enough to become an instant classic while remaining interesting enough to stand the test of time.  In a market dominated by big box productions and high budgets, Freddy Porges has done just that.  What is this new game? Let me introduce you to Triple Snakes.

With creation and playtesting beginning back in 2016, Freddy has spent many years and play sessions improving the game and making it what it is today.  Triple Snakes is a lightly themed dice game in which players are trying to be the first to score 100 points.  Originally based on Yahtzee, Triple Snakes has gone through the wringer being played by countless friends and family members.  With its final rule developed this past summer, Triple Snakes hit Kickstarter with a bang.     

Not only did Freddy meet his Kickstarter goal in just a few days, at the time of this writing, Triple Snakes has raised 7x its initial goal.  Not only does this game offer fun and interesting gameplay for both casual and seasoned gamers, but those who back the Kickstarter at the higher levels will get a Triple Snakes koozie and shot glass.  

Even though this game can be enjoyed with the family, it also comes with rules to make it a drinking game.  The dice, reminiscent of ice cubes, come in a slick carrying pouch that makes the game easily portable.  Perfect for deciding who buys the next round!  

Perhaps the most alluring game mechanism in Triple Snakes is the pursuit of rolling three 1’s.  If a player manages to roll three 1’s, aka Triple Snakes, they can choose to leap frog over their opponents and tie the leader’s score.  Carefully consider your choice to pursue Triple Snakes because if you fail and are stuck with Snake Eyes, your score will fall to zero.

Want to get the game, but you are not so keen on Kickstarter?  No problem! Since the campaign is completely funded, Freddy has committed to making the game available commercially.  It will not be long before the game can be bought online.

If you’ve enjoyed the other dice game classics we’ve published such as Octo and Aces, you just might want to give Triple Snakes a try!

This feature is part of the Kickstarter Lighthouse series beginning here on GameRules.  This article was not paid for or requested by Freddy Porges.  We simply want to shine a light on new and exciting games that fit our style.  We feel Triple Snakes does this, and we look forward to bringing more games to the forefront. 

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