Cards Against Humanity is one of the most popular card games out there. This adults-only card game is dirty, vulgar, and hilarious! Perfect for a board game night for your friend group! But, there may come a time when you have played the game too many times, in which case you may look for something new. These 15 games, like Cards Against Humanity, are slightly different and offer creative alternatives to the classic card game.

So, let’s dive straight into 15 of our favorite adult card games that you need to have on your shelf!

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BAD PEOPLE Party Game - Find Out What Your Friends...
  • HILARIOUS PARTY GAME: Vote for your friends on outrageous and next level...
  • EXAMPLE QUESTIONS: “Who gets paid too much for what they do?"", “Least...
  • EASY TO LEARN RULES: 320 Hilarious Cards, 10 Player Identity Cards (up to 10...

Bad People is the party game for those who want free reign to judge their friends! Deep down, we are all bad people (at least a little bit), so let your badness loose in this entertaining game that is similar to Cards Against Humanity. In this card game, players take turns being the “Dictator,” who is in control of the round.

If you are ready to learn what your friends actually think about you, you should pick up this card game for horrible people.


Here is what you’ll find inside the box of a game of Bad People.

  • Identity cards
  • Voting cards
  • Double down cards
  • Question cards

Every player is given an identity card that they display to show to the other players. Each player is then given a voting card with each player’s identity, including themself.

In each round, the “Dictator” draws a question card from the pile and places it face up so that everyone can see. They then place a voting card face down to vote for the player they correspond most with the question. Examples of questions in Bad People include: “Who is most likely to join a cult?” or “Who is the last person I would hire if I owned a company?”

The other players then place a voting card down according to what they think the “Dictator” put down. If a player is correct, they get a point. The first player to get seven points wins.

Check out our full breakdown of the rules for Bad People for more on this.


F**k. The Game. The Original Aussie Party Game
  • The original Aussie party game, Kickstarted in 2015, Beware of poor imitations
  • Hilariously social game. Swear at your friends without offending them. Adult...
  • Laugh at other people’s mistakes. Even your smartest friends are bound to...

You can tell just by the title of the game that this game is not meant for younger players! If you are looking for a ridiculously crass game similar to Cards Against Humanity, check out F**k The Game! F**k The Game is a fast-paced card game that is competitive and full of swear words. Those looking for something fun to pass the time with friends will love this game!


Start by evenly dispersing all of the cards in the deck to the players. Players then take turns flipping over one of their cards. Depending on the card, players will either blurt out the color of the card or the word written on the card. Here are the rules:

  • If the text is in black: Blurt out the color of the card
  • If the text is not a swear word and is a color other than black: Blurt out the color the text is in
  • If the text is a swear word (other than F**k): Blurt out the swear word, no matter the color
  • If the text spells out F-U-C-K: Do not blurt out the word; say either the color of the card (if the text is black) or the color of the text (if not black)

If a player says the right word, play continues, and the next player flips their card. But if a player says the wrong word or hesitates too long, players slap their hands down on the cards. The first player to do so distributes 2 cards to any 2 players, and the player who answered wrong picks up the rest. The first player to run out of cards wins.


Joking Hazard by Cyanide & Happiness - a funny...
  • Joking Hazard is an extremely not-for-kids party game from the minds of Cyanide...
  • Three or more players compete to build funny and terrible comics.
  • 360 panel cards (including 10 add-your-own-words cards) combine to form millions...

Another hilarious card game for an adult board game night is Joking Hazard. Cyanide and Happiness created Joking Hazard, which is a creative card game in which players create a Cyanide and Happiness comic strip. Just like with Cards Against Humanity, there is a judge who decides which player wins each round. This game is sure to get all players rolling on the floor in laughter and is the perfect game for an adult game night.


Joking Hazard is explicit (to say the least). To start off, the judge flips over a card from the middle pile and then adds a black card from their hand. Players then choose a card from their hand to complete the comic strip. The judge chooses their favorite finishing card, who is the winner of that round. 

Red-bordered cards can only be the final card in a panel. If the first card the judge flips is a red-bordered card, each player must choose 2 cards from their hand to fill in the first 2 slots of the comic strip.

Check out our detailed breakdown of the rules for Joking Hazard.


The Voting Game - The Hilarious Adult Party Card...
  • The voting game is a party game that uncovers the hilarious truth behind your...
  • Play again and again - gameplay varies dramatically based on who you're playing...
  • Warning: not recommended for accountants and other people without a personality

The Voting Game is a fun adult game slightly different from your classic game. So, if you are getting bored of Cards Against Humanity, this is a great alternative. You will really learn about what your friends actually think of you and likely do a lot of laughing in the process. The Voting Game is a super fun and addicting card game for adults who want to have a good time. This game can be played casually or as a drinking game.


Similar to Bad People, players will vote for which player they think corresponds to the question on the card. Each player is given a number that is placed face up. Then, each player is given a white number card for each player at the table (besides their own number), which are your voting cards. One player reads out a question, and then everyone, including the reader, votes. Questions include phrases like, “Which player gives the most awkward hug?” and “Who will marry someone who isn’t even born yet?”. After each player has voted for another player, the reader reads out the votes. The player with the most votes keeps the black card, and the first player to receive 6 votes wins!Check out our article on how to play The Voting Game for a rundown of this game.


Buzzed - The Hilarious Party Game That Will Get...
  • Back to Collge Gifts: Buzzed is the party game that gets you and your friends--...
  • Legal Talk: This game contains mature content and for ages 21+ only. It's most...
  • How To Play: It’s simple — take turns drawing a card from the top of the...

Buzzed is an entertaining (and dangerous) drinking game. This is a great option if you are throwing a house party and want to play a fun card game to get everyone involved. Buzzed can accommodate up to 20 players and is a simple icebreaker drinking game.


This game is extremely easy, so even the drunkest partygoers will be able to grasp the rules. Each player simply draws a card and reads it out loud. The card will designate either the reader or other players in the room to take one or several drinks. Here are a few examples of cards in Buzzed:

  • “Drink if you have a cracked phone”
  • “Drink if you only speak English”
  • “Challenge another player to a thumb war, loser drinks”
  • “All players who have dated another player must drink”


Red Flags: The Game of Terrible Dates | Funny Card...
  • HAVE THE WHOLE TABLE LAUGHING! Players compete to set up the ‘Single’ with...
  • LEARN HOW TO PLAY WITHIN MINUTES! The rules are simple and straightforward. Play...
  • THE PERFECT ADDITION TO ADULT GAME NIGHT: Grab a drink and enjoy some fun with...

Red Flags is one of our all-time favorite adult card games like Cards Against Humanity. In this game, players will attempt to build the perfect lover for the judge while simultaneously sabotaging other players. This game is hilarious, dirty, and loads of fun! So, if you are looking for a top-notch card game to play with your friends, this is an excellent option.


In Red Flags, there are 2 types of cards: Red ”Red Flag” cards and White “Perk” cards. At the beginning of a round, each player should have 4 “Perk” cards and 3 “Red Flag” cards. In each round, there is a judge that all other players will be making the perfect date for. Each player chooses 2 perk cards to create the perfect match for the judge.

Once each player has selected two cards, the player on their left chooses one “Red Flag”, attempting to ruin the perfect match. The judge then reads out each of the matches and chooses the one they would most prefer to go on a date with. The player who made that date (despite the sabotage) gets a point, and the player to the left of the current judge becomes the next judge. We have written a complete breakdown of the rules for Red Flags, so check it out if you are ready to play the game!


That's What She Said Game - The Hilariously...
  • An outrageous party in a box, perfect for your next get-together or game night....
  • Fast paced and hilarious on every turn. Play with different friends for wildly...
  • What’s Inside: 458 Cards—400 White Phrase Cards and 58 Red Setup Cards. Game...

If you and your friends are extremely immature and want to play a hilarious and sexual card game, That’s What She Said is an excellent option! This game is very similar to Cards Against Humanity, but the goal is to create a hilarious innuendo to match the situation on the red cards. That’s What She Said is an absolute classic adult card game for an adults-only game night!


In this game, like many others on the list, a judge is selected for each round. The judge flips over a red card from the middle deck, which has a scenario on it. Here are a few examples of red cards in That’s What She Said:

  • “Things said during a prostate exam”
  • “Things you should never say to your mom”
  • “In the Batcave, Batman turned to Robin and said..”

After the red card is flipped, all players must then choose a white card to correspond with the red card. These cards will have hilarious innuendos written on them that players must try to match up with red cards in the most hilarious way possible!

The judge chooses the card match they find the funniest, and the player who played that card wins the round!


If You Had To... [A Party Game]
  • 250 Cards With Horrible & Hilarious Scenarios
  • Convince The Judge Your Card Is The Worst And Win A Point
  • More Players The Better (Seriously, 10 People Would Be Chill)

If You Had To is essentially a card game version of “Would You Rather”. This is another hilarious adult card game that is perfect as a drinking game, icebreaker game, or just for casual playing. Try to pick the most ridiculous card, and then argue to the judge why your card is the WORST option. This game is both fun and competitive, and everyone will be out of breath from laughter.


This game can be played with as many people as possible. In fact, the creators of the game market If You Had To as the perfect party game for large groups, stating that “10 people would be (too) chill”. To play the game, gather a group of people and give five cards to each player. Then, one player is designated as the judge for the round, and all players choose one card from their hand that they think the judge would least likely want to do. Players can then argue to the judge, stating why their card is the worst. The judge chooses the “worst” card, and the player who played that card wins the round.

Here are a few examples of cards in If You Had To:

  • “Eat all of your meals off of Vin Diesel’s head.”
  • “Pick five friends to sell into slavery.”
  • “Fill your pants with gravy every morning.”
  • “Declare yourself as a sex offender to everyone you meet.”


WHAT DO YOU MEME? Core Game - The Hilarious Adult...
  • Brand New in box; The product ships with all relevant accessories
  • Judge’s Choice: The winner of each round is decided by a rotating judge; Pro...
  • How to Play: Compete with your friends and family to create the funniest memes;...

Are you a huge fan of memes? Honestly, what Millennial or Gen Z person isn’t? “What Do You Meme? is THE game for all you doom scrollers and “Meme Lords”. Just like in Cards Against Humanity, in this game, a judge will choose their favorite card from another player each round. If you and your friends are looking for a hilarious adults-only card game, What Do You Meme? is a perfect choice. 


What Do You Meme? is comprised of caption cards and picture cards. At the beginning of the game, each player is dealt 7 caption cards. The player with the most Instagram followers is then selected as the judge, who chooses an image card for the round.

All other players must then choose a caption for the image to create a meme, placing their selection face down in front of the judge. The judge reads through the captions and chooses their favorite option that matches the meme’s photograph. For a fun twist, you can add your own photographs to the game to create new (potentially viral) memes. The player who has the most photos at the end of the game wins!


Superfight Card Game - Absurd Superpower Arguments...
  • Combine character and attribute cards to make ridiculous fights and argue over...
  • Superfight is party game of super powers and super problems
  • Main starter deck for SUPERFIGHT

Superfight is a fun and exciting game like Cards Against Humanity, except players are building the ultimate superhero. This is a game of arguments, as each player will battle against each other and try to convince the other players that their superhero is the best. Superfight is a hilarious card game with MANY expansions, so it can be played by families, friends, adults, anime fans, and more!


Superfight is divided into 2 different types of cards:

  • White cards: Character cards (person, monster, animal, etc.)
  • Black cards: Ability cards (powers and weaknesses)

In this game, 2 players will face off against each other. Both players draw three white and three black cards, choose one of each for their fighter, and discard the rest. The players then draw one black card from the middle pile and add it to their player. Then, the two players argue over which fighter is most likely to win in a fight. After the fighters have been given sufficient time to argue, the other players vote on the fighter they think would win. The fighter with the most votes wins a point and then carries on to fight the next player to their left. 

There are many fun variations of this game. To learn more about Superfight, check out our complete rule guide.


Drunk Stoned or Stupid [A Party Game]
  • 250 prompt cards to decide who is MOST LIKELY TO... #1 Wake up with half a...
  • This is a savage game with no winners, just losers. It gets real. Prepare to...
  • From the creators of You Laugh You Drink party game

Drunk Stoned Or Stupid is yet another hilarious party game that will show you what your friends really think about you! In this game, the player with the most cards at the end of the game loses! This game is sure to get everyone laughing and will allow you to finally reveal all your hidden thoughts to your friends!


Drunk Stoned Or Stupid is super easy to play, so if you are looking for a simple game to pass the time at a party, this is a great one to break out! 

To start the game off, a player will draw a card from the pile and read it aloud. Then, all players discuss and argue over who deserves to be given the card. If players vote and you are given the card, you have -1 points. Once a player has -7 points, they lose the game. There are no winners in this game! Check out our complete guide to Drunk Stoned or Stupid.


Exploding Kittens Original Edition - Hilarious...
  • HOURS OF HILARITY: There’ll be lots of chuckling. Rib-cracking outbursts. More...
  • EXPAND THE SMILES: This Original version is a recipe for hours of fun. But those...

Exploding Kittens is one of the most popular and inventive card games of the 21st century! This game is competitive, strategic, and hilarious! If you have never played Exploding Kittens, where have you been? This fun game is super versatile and can be played among adult friends, families, partygoers, and more!


Exploding Kittens is one of the more complex games on this list, so if you are looking for a casual and easy-to-grasp card game, this may not be the best option. But it is an incredibly enjoyable game that is loads of fun once you learn the rules. The goal of Exploding Kittens is to avoid “blowing up,” which happens when you draw an “Exploding Kitten” card and you do not have a “Defuse” card. During each turn, players can either play action cards, skip their turn, shuffle the deck, attack other players, or “See The Future.” But during each turn, players must draw a card. The best strategy is to build up an arsenal of cards so that you have defenses against other players targeting you. The last player standing, who has NOT been blown up by an “Exploding Kitten” card, wins the game!

Still a bit confused about how the game works? We don’t blame you! Check out our complete guide to Exploding Kittens.


Secret Hitler
  • A fast-paced game of deception and betrayal
  • Beautiful wooden components
  • Solid game boards with foil inlay

Secret Hitler is an incredibly fun and strategic team game in which the “Liberals” and the “Fascists” compete for power over the German Parliament. In each game, one player is designated as Hitler, who plays a critical role. This is a role-playing game for WWII history nerds or anyone who loves a bit of acting! Secrets will be kept, tricks will be made, and players will attempt to either conceal or learn the identity of Hitler.


Secret Hitler is a game less like Cards Against Humanity than others on this list, but it is an entertaining game for a committed board game group nevertheless! In this game, there will be 2 to 4 Fascists (including Hitler) and 3 to 6 Liberals. The goal of the Liberal team is to pass Liberal policies or attempt to kill Hitler. The goal of the Fascist team is to enact Fascist policies or elect Hitler as chancellor. In each round, players elect a President and a Chancellor. The President then draws 3 policies from the pile of policy cards, discards a single policy, and hands the other 2 to the Chancellor. The Chancellor then chooses one policy to enact. If a Fascist policy is enacted that grants the President executive power, the President can choose to either investigate a player’s “Party Membership,” “Call A Special Election,” look at the top 3 “Policy” cards, or “Execute” a player.

The Fascists win if they manage to enact 6 policies or elect Hitler as Chancellor after enacting 3 Fascist policies.

The Liberals win if they enact 5 policies or manage to execute Hitler.


Search History Card Game: The Game of Surprising...
  • Find out what your friends search for – Prepare to be surprised!
  • We took the most revealing searches from the internet and removed the final few...
  • Complete the prompt with what you’d search for – The most believable answer...

Search History: After Dark is the adult version of the all-ages game “Search History”. This game gets players guessing the top search suggestions by Google for various questions. This creative adult card game will get everyone laughing till they can barely breathe due to the surprising and hilarious searches.


Each player is handed an answer pad and a pen or pencil to write their answers with. At the beginning of each round, one player (the leader) will draw a card from the top of the deck and read one of the three phrases on it, but they must leave out the bolded part of the text. Examples of these phrases are:

  • “Do married couples still…”
  • “In Japan, is it still normal to…”
  • “Is it an offense to…”

Players will then attempt to fill in the blank with what they think is the most likely Google suggestion. Each player writes down their answer on their answer card and puts it face down next to the leader. The leader then writes the correct answer on their answer card. The leader then collects the answers and reads them all aloud (including their own). If any players (besides the leader) get the answer correct, they receive 4 points, and the game continues. If no players get the answer right, everyone attempts to guess which answer was submitted by the leader.