OBJECT OF RED FLAGS: The object of Red Flags is to be the first player to win 7 cards.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 to 10 players

MATERIALS: A rulebook, 225 red flags, and 175 perk cards.

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game



Red Flags is a party card game playable by 3 to 10  players. The goal of the game is to be the first player to win 7 cards.

If you are looking for a shorter game, you can play two rounds around the table and the player with the most cards is the winner. Or just play for fun, I’m not your mom.

Red flags is about setting your friends up on dates and ruining the dates made by others.


The two card types will need to be separated into their respective decks and shuffled. Once shuffled the should be placed centrally to all players. Each player will then draw 4 white, perk cards, and 3 red, red flag cards.

Now you are ready to make your buddy’s perfect match.

Card Types

There are two types of cards, red flags and perk cards.

Perk cards are the good qualities of a date. They include things like “great hair”, “fun personality”, “crazy rich”. These should be chosen to best fit with the person you are making the date for. Pandering isn’t just recommended, it’s a must.

Red flags are just that, red flags. They are the terrible secrets your date is trying to hide from their potential partner. They include things like, “has a wife and kids”, “is a serial killer,” and “hasn’t watched a single episode of The Office and that’s all they talk about.” These will be played by you on other’s dates, and again I can’t recommend enough you use the knowledge of your friend’s greatest fears to your advantage.


The gameplay is super simple. Every round there will be a judge who does not make a date. That is because they will be the person people are making dates for. Around the table starting with the player to the judge’s left each player will play two white perk cards to make up the good of their date.

After the perks have all been pick and revealed to the judge then the red cards come out. Starting once again with the player to the judge’s left that player will pick a red flag card to play on the date of the player to their left. This continues around the table until all dates have a red flag.

The judge then looks at all the dates and chooses the least offensive one to be in a relationship with. The one picked wins, and the player takes the red flag as a point. Each player draws up to 4 perks and 3 red flags, and the judge passes to the left and the round starts a new.


The game is played until a player wins 7 cards, or until players wish the game to stop.

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