OBJECT OF SUPERFIGHT: The object of Superfight is to be the player who has won the most matches at the end of the game. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 or more players

MATERIALS: 160 Character Cards and 340 Powers and Problems Cards

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game



Superfight is a fun, family friendly, argumentative game! Mix character and superpower cards to make the best combination to win a match! Argue why your mix is the best out of all the players’. If the group agrees with you, the match has been won! The player who has won the most matches wins the game.

Expansion packs are available to allow for a larger group of players, longer game times, and a wider variety of characters. If you can argue your case, this game is the one for you!


Setup is simple and quick. Separate the decks into white cards and black cards. Shuffle each deck and place them face down in the middle of the group.


Once the decks have been shuffled and placed in the middle of the group, the first and second player will draw three white cards and three black cards, making sure to keep them secret. These two players will then choose one white card and one black card, placing them face down in front of them. They will then discard the remaining cards into the discard pile. 

These two players will then flip their cards as dramatically as possible revealing their fighters! Each player will then draw one black card and add it to their fighter. Both players then argue to the group as to why their fighter will win the match. The other players vote on who they believe would win the match, determining who earns the point.

The player with the most votes wins the point and moves on to fight with the next competitor. The next player will then draw three white cards and three black cards, choosing one of each to keep. They will then lay their fighter down, drawing an extra black card to add more powers to their fighter!

These two will then battle the same as the first. The two will debate which fighter is more powerful, then the group will determine. This rotation will continue around the group until all cards have been discarded or until the group decides the game is over. The player with the most matches won wins the game!


The end of the game can be decided by the group or when there are no more cards available. The player who has won the most matches wins the game!

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