OBJECTIVE OF BAD PEOPLE: The objective of Bad People is to score 7 points before any other player.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 to 10 Players

MATERIALS: Rulebook, 10 Double Down Cards, 100 Voting Cards, 10 Identity Cards, and 160 Question Cards

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game

AUDIENCE: 17 and up


Bad People is a fun party game that gives you full reign to judge whoever you want! The Dictator, the player reading the questions, will choose who they think is associated with the question at hand. Each player will then try to choose the same answer as the Dictator. How well do you know your friends? Play and see!


Firstly, players choose an Identity Card, they are gray in color. Each player will place their chosen card in front of them, faceup for all players to see. This card pairs each player with a picture, mainly for the purpose of voting.

Each player is then given a black Voting Card for each of their opponents and one for themselves. These are used to vote for players throughout the course of the game. Finally, all players get a green Double Down card, and the game is ready to begin!


The last player to make it to the part becomes to Dictator. The player then draws a Question Card and reads it to the group. Each question should be associated with a player in the group. The dictator will then cast their vote. They will place a voting card face down in front of them to show that they have chosen.

Once the dictator has placed their vote, all other players will guess who the Dictator chose. The players will put the Voting Card matching who they think the Dictator voted for in front of them facing down.

When all players have voted, each player will show their vote beginning with the player to the left of the Dictator. Finally, the Dictator will show the group who they voted for. This ends the round. All players will then tally their scores and begin another round! The player on the Dictator’s left becomes the new Dictator.

When scoring, each player that correctly chose who the Dictator chose earns one point. If everybody was incorrect, the answer that is the most popular earns each player one point. Players may choose to use their Double Down card which allows them to earn two points if they chose the right answer.


The game comes to an end when a player scores seven points. This player is declared the winner!

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Nakoa Davis