OBJECTIVE OF SEARCH HISTORY: The objective of Search History is to be the first player to earn twenty-five points.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4 or More Players

MATERIALS: 600 Searches, 10 Answer Pads, Score Sheet, and Instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game

AUDIENCE: 10 and up


Search History is a fun modern card game that allows players to take guesses on what phrase will be suggested by a search engine. The leader will read a phrase, and the players have to attempt to guess the correct answer. They may use their own personal search engines, or they may make the best guess! Players earn points for the most popular answers and correct answers. Laughs and jokes are bound to be shared!


Firstly, the deck is shuffled and placed in the middle of the table. Each player will take an answer pad and a pen or pencil. The player with the closest birthday will take the role of leader in the first round.

The leader will take the score pad and keep up with the scores for the first round of the game. The game is ready to begin.


The leader will begin the game by taking the card from the top of the deck and reading a phrase aloud to the players. They may choose whatever phrase they want, but they need to ensure that they do not read the bolded words, as these are the answers. All of the other players will write their names and an answer that they think is the top suggestion from a search engine.

When all of the players have written their answers, they turn them in to the leader, hiding them from all other players. The leader will write the correct answer on an answer card as well. Once the leader has collected all of the answers, they mix them up.

If any of the players answered the correct answer, the leader will read that answer and that player receives the allotted number of points. If there are no correct answers, the leader will read all of the answers aloud to the group.

The leader cannot give any hints about which answer is correct. When the leader reveals the correct answer, points are scored. Players earn one point for each player that guessed the same answer, and two points if they guessed the correct answer.

The round comes to an end, and the game is reset for another round. The role of leader is passed clockwise around the group.


The game comes to an end when a player has scored twenty-five points. This player is declared the winner!

Nakoa Davis