OBJECTIVE OF FLIP CUP: Drink and flip all of your team’s cups before the opposing team

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 6-12 players

CONTENTS: 1 Solo cup per player filled all of the way up with beer, 1 long table, (optional) shot of liquor per player

TYPE OF GAME: Beer Olympics

AUDIENCE: Ages 21+


Flip cup is a quick and easy competitive drinking game. Two teams of 3-6 players face off and try to flip their cups the fastest.


To play flip cup, you will need 1 Solo cup per player filled all of the way up with beer. You will also need a long table to play on so that the players can be lined up one after the other.


Line the cups across the table with one team’s cups on one side and the other team’s on the other side. Fill the cups up with beer and have each team member position themselves next to a cup. 


Determine which side of the table will start and begin the game on the count of three. The first player must finish their beer and flip the cup so that it lands upside down. To do so, you must flick the bottom part of the cup with your finger. Once the cup lands upside down, the next player on the team can start drinking. This continues until all players on one team have finished their beers and flipped their cups.

Add A Shot

An optional addition to the game is to also add a shot of liquor to the mix. On their turn, each player must take the shot, drink the beer, and then flip the cup.


The game ends when one team has completed the challenge. The first team to drink all of their beers and flip their cups successfully wins! Keep in mind that it’s an automatic disqualification if you drink or flip your cup out of turn.


  • Batavia Downs is slightly different from the classic version of the game. It requires a circular table and at least 4 players. Players stand opposite each other and begin at the same time (drinking).  As players finish their drinks and successfully flip their cups, the turn passes to the person to their right (counterclockwise). After a flip, players refill their cups so if the player to their left flips successfully they are ready to go again. This continues until someone is unable to flip their cup before the person to their left flips theirs.
  • Survivor Flip Cup is almost exactly like the original game but after a team loses a round they vote off a member. However, they are still required to drink the same number of cups as their opponents. So, a player must be picked to drink and flip an extra cup.
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