Flip Cup

Flip Cup

OBJECTIVE OF FLIP CUP: Chug & Flip faster than the opposing team.


MATERIALS: Plastic cups, lots of beer, playing table at a comfortable height for cup flipping

TYPE OF GAME: (Skill) Drinking



Flip (Flippy) cup is a team and skill-based drinking game which requires at least two teams of two players. To play flip cup (also known as canoe, taps, and tippy cup). Prior to beginning the game, it is a tradition for the players who will start the game to toast.


Before starting, players must pick which side of the table will go first. Teams line up, one team to one side and the other team across the table from them.

This game is a head-to-head race between players. The game starts from one end. After the toast, the two opposing players facing each other race to chug their beers. Since it is imperative players start drinking at the same time, it might be useful to have an extra person referee and countdown so that players begin drinking in unison. For example, they may call out, “1-2-3 DRINK!”

Once the cup is empty of beer, players place it on the edge of the table, so that the lip of the cup slightly hangs over the edge. Players then race to flip their cups over, 180 degrees, so that the cup is standing upright. To flip the cup, use your index finger to flip it from the lip of the cup hanging over the edge of the table.

Once a cup has been successfully flipped, like relay style, it is the next player’s turn in line to chug their beer and flip their cup. This continues until one team finishes all cups of beer and flips them successfully. The first team to do so wins the game.

As many rounds of the game may be played as players choose.


  • Batavia Downs is slightly different from the classic version of the game. It requires a circular table and at least 4 players. Players stand opposite each other and begin at the same time (drinking).  As players finish their drinks and successfully flip their cups, the turn passes to the person to their right (counterclockwise). After a flip, players refill their cups so if the player to their left flips successfully they are ready to go again. This continues until someone is unable to flip their cup before the person to their left flips theirs.
  • Survivor Flip Cup is almost exactly like the original game but after a team loses a round they vote off a member. However, they are still required to drink the same number of cups as their opponents. So, a player must be picked to drink and flip an extra cup.





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