Alan Lemus

On the run since 2016, after backpacking, Couchsurfing, and Workawaying, around the world, Alan started working as a content writer in 2020 and became a digital nomad (not so nomad since he got stuck in Australia for about a year and a half … but no matter).

While traveling, you can meet all sorts of people, from all sorts of backgrounds, and connecting with people so different from you can sometimes seem impossible. This is where games come in.

Whether with card games, board games, video games, or drinking games, Alan believes games are the best way to connect with others. They can help break the ice, create alliances (or enemies, hello UNO), spark discussions, and ultimately forge friendships. Alan has been learning and teaching others about new games for years, so when the opportunity came to write about his passion for a living, he had to take it. Crystal-clear explanation with a touch of quirkiness is his signature writing style.

Favorite Board Game: Catan

Favorite Card Game: Exploding Kittens

Favorite Drinking Game: Chandelier

Favorite Sport: Darts

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    Playing games for money and gambling have been around for centuries. The first-ever casino was started in a theater in Italy to give patrons something to do during intermission. Ever since then, casinos have taken the world by storm. Nowadays, apart from massive casinos around the world, casinos have even moved into the online space.…

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    Blackjack vs Poker: Differences Explained

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    How to Deal in Texas Hold’em

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