OBJECTIVE OF HORSERACE: Bet on the right ace or get wasted!

MATERIALS: Beer, Standard deck of card, a table


TYPE OF GAME: Drinking


Horserace is a drinking game that utilizes a standard deck of playing cards. The game is inspired by horse racing, as alluded to by its namesake.

To set up the game, shuffle through the deck to find the four aces, and place them in a horizontal row across the table. These aces are the horses. Deal 8 cards from the top of the deck to form an L with the Aces: the cards should be dealt in a vertical column perpendicular to the row of Aces. Each card in the column is referred to as a “link.” 


Prior to starting the game, players bet on which horse (ace) they think will win. Bets are quantified by a number of drinks and a suit, for example, 4 on hearts. Players must drink half of the drinks they bet before the race begins.

1 Drink = 1 oz (2/3 a shot or 1/12 of a beer)


One player, who can be chosen by any method players choose, in the announcer. After all bets are accounted for, the announcer flips over the top card of the deck. It is only the suit of the card that is significant, the ace of that suit moves forward 1 link.

Each time a horse moves up to a link for the first time, the link card is flipped over by the announcer and the ace of that suit moves back 1 link. Horses that haven’t moved yet cannot be set back 1 link. The announcer continues to flip cards from the deck and the horses gallop forward along the links until one ace passes the final link, across the finish line, to the winner’s circle.

Once the race has finished, the players who bet on the correct ace winning give twice the number of drinks they wagered while losers drink half their wager.

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